Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Commentary: The Starting of a Brand New Day

It's a brand new day at AMC. The birds are singing. The sun is shining. Mr. Pratt and his almost complete annihilation of AMC is gone. Like the Six Million Dollar Man, we can rebuild it. Most of the steps taken to do that are steps in the right direction.

Brooke is back. An absolute no brainer. Brooke faded into the Martin attic
back in 2006 when AMC decided not to renew Julia Barr's contract. At the time, the actress didn't want to stay on in a recurring capacity. Fans were in an uproar that such a classic as Brooke (and Julia) could be discarded the way she was. Quite honestly, the uproar never ceased. It got quieter now and then, but Brooke has always been missed, has always been one of the first mentioned when talk of characters returning happens. Many fans rejoiced when it was announced she would be on the anniversary show. And then popped the corks on the champagne when, shortly thereafter, it was announced she would be returning to AMC in February. Right now, the term of her return is short. But it's a step in the right direction. I hope she has sharpened her claws because I want to see some classic Erica/Brooke catfights! Meow!

Jack is back. Fans cried foul when Jackson Montgomery was basically forgotten
about. His marriage to Erica fizzled. He had a brief affair with Erica's prison BFF. And then, nothing. He was gone. Liza was brought back as a lawyer so he wasn't even needed for lawyery stuff. Walt Willey has classically said on many occasions that he will leave Pine Valley when he leaves in a pine box. Well he didn't leave that way, but still he was gone. And while I'm one of the few who is really digging the Erica/Ryan May/December romance, I think she truly belongs with Jack at this point. The diversion of Ryan has been fun. And seriously, when I'm 63 I hope I can attract a smokin hot younger dude too! But it's time for Jack to return, remind Erica about their love and show her that Ryan was exactly what I said... a diversion until the real man of her dreams was back. Their history, their long long history pretty much makes their story simple. Two hearts that lost their way and need to find a way back to each other. Personally speaking, I think that Erica and Jack should never have gotten divorced. I can't even remember why it happened now (although I'm sure someone will remind me lol). It's time for Erica to settle down. It's time to make Jack and Erica the anchors.

Greenlee is back. Nice lead in huh? Jack is back and he needs to be back with Erica. That leaves Ryan alone. Or does it? Rebecca Budig has returned to the role of Greenlee. She clearly never lost her love of Ryan. How could she? She woke up a year later believing it was still her wedding day. She's just as much in love as the day she "died." And I definitely believe that Ryan never fell out of love with Greenlee either. Sure he grief sexed Kendall over and over and over again. And now he's trying to move on for good with Erica. Not going to happen. Greenlee will be back. And I'm sorry Ms. Kane, you don't stand a chance!

And alas, Dixie is back. I can't even pretend to be happy about
this development, my Dixie hate is rather notorious. But I am happy for the fans who have wanted this. Death by poison pancakes has been the thorn in the side of many, Cady McClain included. And then, out of nowhere, it was revealed that the Satin Slayer did not poison the peanut butter that was put in the pancakes that were to be fed to Babe but that Dixie ate instead. So who wanted Babe dead? No one knows. The story was dropped. Should we assume that Alexander Cambias was lying? Is Dixie's return going to center around finding out what the real deal behind her death was? Is she a ghost? Has David been hiding her too? What's the deal!? We'll find out in March!

So how do you get back the fans you lost when you hired a hack who ruined your show? Well you bring back the characters people love. The tried, the true. You get back to honest storytelling from a character driven point of view. You stop changing characters personalities to accommodate idiotic plots. You get rid of characters no one cares about... like Bailey and Damon. Yeah OK, Bailey's going and Damon isn't. It's a head scratcher for sure. But he's a young guy and maybe something will develop between him and Colby.

The new writing team is said to be announced within the next few weeks. With my optimism in full swing, I have high hopes that this too will be a step in the right direction.

For the first time in several years, the future of AMC looks bright. I feel good. I have hope. I want to see what's going to happen. Yeah, a new day is dawning at AMC. It's no longer the winter of our discontent. It's springtime in the middle of January! Break out your shades and pass me a Margarita!


Sonja said...

It didn't really make any sense, but what happened to Jack and Erica was that Erica had that little affair with Jeff Martin after they "drawn together" upon finding out that Josh had not been aborted after all.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you mention the attic. That's where me and my mom have always said they send those who just disappear. Can you imagine the cobwebs? LOL

I'm so with you on Bailey and Damon. WTF...who cares about them. They are nothing to Pine Valley. Let Liza have Little Stuie and be gone. Is Damon a love interest for Colby? please...what they need to do is get Petey back. They had a gold mind on their hands with him. Get him back ASAP!!

Dixie...I get so sick of the revolving door with this chick. And if Greenlee pulls her crap again I'm done with her. She's always been one of my favs and I hope she stays this time. But Dixie...depends upon the story line and how they bring her back. Did the Satin Slayer really kill her? Who knows.

Brooke should have never been let go. I'm just glad they brought her back and it sounds to me like she might only be coming back to help Adam depart PV. But at least if they dont' keep this fixture in Pine Valley she can go out with dignity.

As for Jack I'm glad he's coming back and they need to do everything possible to get him and Erica back together. You are so right, Ryan is a done with it. Now that Joe and Ruth are gone they need a Matriarch and Patriarch for Pine Valley and Erica and Jack so fit that. Yes Erica can still be Erica but they need a cohesive couple to lead the entire town.

Kathy said...

Thom, I almost called Erica and Jack the new Ruth and Joe! I actually had it typed and then deleted it and went with "anchors" instead. Funny! Great minds :)

As for Julia Barr... it remains to be seen how long and for what purpose she is coming back. I don't want to jump the gun on the whys :)

Nancy said...

I am so looking forward to a new dawn in Pine Valley. It's great to see all my favorites come back. They should not have left in the first place. Now the writers need to do their job AND do it well! Did someone say Adam is leaving? No more David Canary? I do hope i misunderstood that. He is an icon! Who will run the business and be as successful as him? JR? Hmmmmmm - not sure about that. Somehow that touch of class would be gone.

Janet said...


Anonymous said...

Every day I check the bottom of the opening screen shots to see who gets the writing credit and every day it's still that prat Pratt.

Any word when he'll be off the screen?

I agree with Thom, but I gotta say, I hated every second of Annie's screen time when she was first on the show and now that she's paired with Adam, I can't take my eyes off of her. She's an absolute delight and makes nuColby look like a true soap hack. Maybe Damon's got some chops...?

Although I was hoping the same for Randy and Frankie, that they'd grow into their characters and become enjoyable, but hose two still make me hit the ff button faster than Speed Racer on an icy track.

*takes a sip of her margie and hits the publish button*