Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CASTING NEWS - She's Back!!! (Part 2)

AMC is once again bringing back Cady McClain in the role of Dixie. The stint is a short one and she will be in a storyline with Tad. Considering the short term aspect of it, it may be safe to assume she appears to Tad as a ghost, but that information has yet to be released. Stay tuned for information as it develops! Dixie is set to reappear in early March.


bikeral said...

i loved the character of dixie and i am doing backflips with the news that she is coming back. i hope it's as a living breathing person and not a ghost. i don't care what story line they use just get her back. i have been watching amc since the late 70's and yes i am a male, married and my wife knows to leave me alone when i turn on amc. bring back such people as jesse, angie, brooke and now dixie makes the show more exciting to watch, good going to the producers.

Anonymous said...

The revolving door continues.

Little Libby said...

I really like the character (Dixie) but I feel Cady jerked AMC around for years but when they did the same to her, she was all "bent out of shape." I think she and Rebecca Budig should both be retired.

I'm okay with Dixie and Greenlee but not the actresses playing their roles.