Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spoilers for the week of October 31!!

Spoilers are up!  It's a week of revealed secrets... Zach finds out about the digitalis, and in turn, Ryan finds out.  Caleb finds out about Asher and then disaster strikes!  Ryan finds out who paid Nick Pearson.  Jesse and Angie get good news and Jesse finds out the sex of the baby.


Joseph said...

Hmmm...The Asher reveal is actually coming pretty fast by Pine Valley standards. I expected them to drag that out until Asher was 40 (at which point, "Erica" would still be 40 and "Krystal" would still be 39).

Little Libby said...

I really loved the scenes with Caleb and Erica at the hospital. I was so against Caleb (while on the mountain) but since he's "cleaned up", I'm really loving him.

And, I'm beyond sick of JR. He IS a terrible father and I hate that he can buy off any elected official he wants.