Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from the PVB and AMC!!!!

Here's wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year!!!! Thanks for being a part of the PVB family!!! xoxo

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The 40th Anniversary of AMC - Sneak Peaks!!!!

It's less than a week away now! Enjoy these behind the scenes look see!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Picture This: The Crystal Ball 2000

10 years ago, an estranged Hayley Vaughan (Kelly Ripa) and Mateo Santos (Mark Consuelos) spotted each other across the dance floor at the Crystal Ball. In that moment, they forgot all the obstacles that had kept them apart over the last year. This memorable moment capped off the 30th Anniversary Celebration for the show.

This year, Ripa and Consuelos return to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of All My Children. Let's hope for an equally memorable moment from this Pine Valley Super Couple.

What are your favorite Hayley & Mateo moments?

Spoilers for the Week of December 28!!

It's another short week this week, but that doesn't mean there will be a lull in activity! Check out this weeks spoilers for all the dirt, including Greenlee waking up!! David almost getting busted, Ryan playing right into Annie's manipulative hands and much more!!

CASTING NEWS: Bon Voyage Zach!!!

December 29 marks Thorsten Kaye's (Zach) final air date on AMC. As previously reported, he opted not to make the move to LA when the show relocated this month. This week, Zach and Kendall decide to leave Pine Valley. But it's not the last we'll see if Kendall. Alicia Minshew (Kendall) will be back after her maternity leave. For how long has yet to be announced.

Happy Birthday Eva LaRue!!!!

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Eva LaRue!!! She celebrates her 43rd birthday today!!! Watch Eva on CSI: Miami and on the 40th Anniversary of AMC shows airing January 4 and 5!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

The PVB would like to wish all our faithful readers a very Merry Christmas!!! And what would Christmas be without some eye candy? Well, ok, these guys aren't even on the show anymore, but who cares! LOL

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Congratulations Amelia and Thad!!!!

Former AMCer, Amelia Heinle (ex-Mia) and husband Thad Luckinbill (both of Y&R) have welcomed a daughter!!! On December 17, Amelia gave birth to Georgia March. The little girl joins big brothers Rowe (2) and 13 year old August (from Amelia's previous marriage to Michael Weatherly). Congrats!!!!

Rachael Ray's AMC Garage Sale!!!!

Tune into The Rachael Ray Show on Thursday, December 24 to see, as the PVB previously reported, twice, to see the AMC Garage Sale!!! AMC sold off props and memorabilia that the show wouldn't be taking with them when they move to LA with all proceeds to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Check local listings for time and channel!

Happy Birthday Susan Lucci!!!!!

TV's reigning Diva of Daytime, Susan Lucci (Erica) celebrates her 63rd birthday today!!!! Happy Birthday Susan!!!!

Happy Birthday John Callahan!!!

Very happy birthday wishes go out to John Callahan (ex-Edmund). He celebrates his 56th birthday today!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas from Pine Valley 1986

Enjoy this special Christmas greeting from the 1986 Cast of All My Children. The PVB shared the clip with some of our partner alums, and Carmen Thomas-Paris (ex-Hillary Wilson) had this to say:

"Yes, as we used to joke, my “Hair” had it’s own storyline!!!"

See who else you can spot in this video. I love the Corltandt family shot.

Happy Birthday Amanda Baker!!!!

The PVB wishes a very happy birthday to Amanda Baker!!! The former Babe celebrates her 30th birthday today!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of December 21!!!

It's another short week in the Valley, but the action heats up! Check out this weeks spoilers. Ryan gets a message from Greenlee that prompts him to move on for good, with Erica! Zach and Kendall are reunited. Liza faces a difficult decision where DA Willis is concerned and Fr. Clarence makes his yearly visit!

Happy Holidays to all!!!!! Thanks for another great year with the PVB :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Week from the Soap Blog Coalition!!!

One Life to Live's cast decked the halls at O'Neals in New York City on Monday. Erika Slezak and Patricia Elliot showed up along with executive producer Frank Valentini, head scribe Ron Carlivati and many more! (Daytime Confidential)

GHOFS discusses Rick Springfield's upcoming autobiography entitled "Late, Late, Night". (GHOFS)

The PVB's "Where Are They Now?" feature has been resurrected!! Check out our exclusive interview with William Mooney, AMC's Paul Martin! (Pine Valley Bulletin)

The cast of General Hospital and their fans contributed their time last Saturday to Habitat For Humanity's 'The House That General Hospital Fans Built' event in Los Angeles. Check out the pictures and recap of the event! (Scrubs Hub)

General Hospital has been great...every Wednesday, at least. The Serial Drama girls don't get why quality episodes only come once a week, but they don't want to jinx anything by complaining about it. (Serial Drama)

A new "Where Are They Now" videos series kicks off with writer Thom Racina who talks about his soap career, living with Brad Pitt and the future of daytime. (We Love Soaps)

This weekend in LA, Habitat for Humanity hosted "The House that GH Fans Built" and Alberta Wubs, Lobster Mascot for Wubs Net was along for the build! See photos and catch up on other GH news in the Sunday Surgery. (Wubs)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When a Rose is Not a Rose

Opal's sense of style has always been, well, questionable. One of my favourite looks was Opal's cornucopia hat from Thanksgiving 2001:

Pictured (L to R): Cady McClain (ex-Dixie), Jill Larson (Opal), Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca) and Julia Barr (ex-Brooke)

In honour of Jill Larson's 20th Anniversary as Opal Sue Gardner Purdy Cortlandt, share your favourite Opal memory below.

Trivia: This episode also marked the premier of Jonathan Bennett as an all grown-up JR Chandler, who would "loose his virginity" to con-man Frankie Stone (played by Bennett's then real life girlfriend Elizabeth Hendrickson)

Picture This: Joey & Tad (1988)

Look what a difference twenty years can make!

Tad (Michael E. Knight, r.) certainly has not changed much, but check out little Joey, played by Michael Scalera for six years, longer than any other actor in the role.

Joey grew up in front of viewer's eyes, when all of a sudden at Thanksgiving 1988, the little boy grew up into a googly eyed teen played by Michael Brainard.

What is your favourite Joey/Tad moment?

I can tell you one thing, the Mikey Barlowe story definitely does not top my list.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AMC Nominated for WGA!!!??

The Writers Guild of America nominations were announced yesterday and AMC was among them. The writers included in the nomination are: Jeff Beldner, Joanna Cohen, Kate Hall, Chip Hayes, Michelle Patrick, Rebecca Taylor, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh and Charles Pratt, Jr. Nominated for Outstanding Daytime Serial, AMC shares the category with ATWT, OLTL and Y&R. The awards will be handed out on February 20, 2010 at simultaneous events at the Hudson Theatre in NYC and at the Regency Century Plaza Hotel in LA. Congrats to all the nominees!

(updated 2/23) Y&R took home the award. Congratulations!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where are They Now? William Mooney (ex-Paul Martin; 1972-82, 1984, 1985, 1995)

A year ago, the PVB sat down with William Mooney (ex-Paul Martin) to talk about his role as Legal Eagle Paul Martin and his early career in Broadway. Mooney was famous for being one of the first soap characters to simultaneously portray the same role on two different soaps.

Check out what he has to say about those golden years HERE.

Spoilers for the Week of December 14!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted! There is lots going on this week too! Annie goes to trial and represents herself, David has a party and reads off his last will and testament, Zach comes to Kendall's rescue and much much more!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The View, Part V!!

No one crosses Canary!!! LOL

For details on seeing all 5 installments and the whole View dedicated to AMC, click here.

There is Something About Mary

Anna Stuart (ex-Mary Smythe) will be featured on Martha Byrne's new web-series Gotham. No news on what role she will be playing.

For more on Gotham, check out their Facebook.

The Wind Beneath My Winds

Charles Pratt's destruction of Aidan Devane (Aiden Turner) is probably the best (or worst) example of character assassination in Pine Valley History. The one-time town hero has been turned into a deranged kidnapper weeks shy of Turner's departure from the program.

Let's look back at the Aidan we all remember, and love:

Maureen Gorman: Despite the the fact that this was probably the worst pairing of the decade, Aidan showed his true good-guy side by standing by Maria Grey (Eva LaRue, l.) as she struggled with amnesia. Aidan met Maria after she was mugged in the park. Maria and Aidan ran away together when he was framed for the murder of Fiona Sinclair. It seemed like nothing would break up this new couple, except of course for Maria's memory.

Heroes, Inc: Aidan teamed up with Private Investigator Tad Martin (Michael E. Knight, l.) when Edmund Grey received a mysterious phone call about an imminent murder in Pine Valley. The culprit turned out to be none other than casino owner Zach Slater, who had planned a real-life murder mystery game to avenge the death of his brother, rapist Michael Cambias.

Lily in Wonderland: When autistic teen Lily Montgomery (Leven Rambin, l.) fell into a world of mathematics after witnessing Edmund's death, Aidan was the only person who could pull her out of her fixation. Patient and kind, Aidan refused to give up on Lily not because of his determination to avenge his friend's death; but rather, so that Lily could have a second chance of leading an independent life.

Purple Heart: Darfur experienced a genocide so terrible it can be compared to Hitler's reign over Europe in World War II. Nonetheless, Aidan volunteered to save Dr. Jake Martin (Ricky Paull Goldin, l.), who was being held captive while volunteering with Doctors Without Borders. Despite the fact that he was set to marry Greenlee duPres, Aidan put his life on hold to save a man he barely knew.

What are your favorite memories of Aidan? Feel free to share in the comments section.

Friday, December 11, 2009

CASTING NEWS - Jill Larson Back on Contract!

Just as she celebrates her 20th year on AMC, Jill Larson (Opal) hopefully will be celebrating many many more. She's been placed back on contract status and will be making the move to LA with the show! What's your favorite Opal moment? Off hand I have to say I loved when she and young Petey (then played by Mitchel Federan) came to the Venetian Ball dressed as aliens because she thought it was a Venusian Ball!

Top 40 AMC Moments!

Can you pick your Top 40 AMC Moments of all time? Oh my... that might be rough. Let's see, for me there was Jesse and Jenny spending the summer in NYC, Liza finding out about Tad and Marian, Natalie down the well, Angie and Jesse's wedding - both of them, Noah bathing Julia after Louie raped her, Ryan and Gillian's wedding - the real one, Edmund taking Sam from Maria to give back to Kelsey, Marian describing to Opal how great sex was with Adam not knowing it was really Stuart, and Erica shaving Dimitri among many others!! As we get closer to AMC's 40th Anniversary, is counting down their picks for the Top 40 greatest AMC moments. Check it out by clicking here.

CASTING NEWS: Turner and Bonner Final Airdates!!

December 21 marks the end of Aiden Turner's stint as the sexy special ops agent, Aidan Devane. As previously reported, Aidan was let go before the move to LA.

December 21 also marks the end of BethAnn Bonner's short term stint as Aidan's partner in crime, Kat.

CASTING NEWS: Fr. Clarence Pays Zach and Kendall a Visit

Well it wouldn't be the Christmas season on AMC without a visit from Fr. Clarence, the mystical, sometimes good, often times angel of death AMC has come to rely on as the voice of holiday reason. This year he will interact with Zach and Kendall. Look for Malachy McCourt to reprise his role and appear to Zach next week.

Did You Miss The View today?

If you missed today's episode of The View, and their hour long tribute to AMC, fear not! You can catch it on Soapnet on Saturday, January 9 at 6:00 pm EST or on Sunday, January 10 at 11:00 pm EST.

The View Part IV - Who Stole Melissa's Mug!?

Another hilarious installment of The View's celebration of AMC! And don't forget to watch The View today for a whole show dedicated to AMC!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flashback: Soap Opera Digest 1996

Long before Bailey and Damon came to Pine Valley, there was Kelsey Jefferson (TC Warner) and Bobby Warner (Brian Gaskill), two teenagers who became parents way too young. Just like baby Stuart Colby, Kelsey and Bobby put Sam up for adoption hoping that he would have the life that neither parent could provide (though Bobby had a trust fund and was heir to the Cortlandt Electronics fortune, and Kelsey came from a long line of doctors including her grandfather and father).

The December 6, 2009 issue of Soap Opera Digest had a flashback photo of the "engaged and underage," lovers. Warner took the opportunity to tell the PVB some of her memories from that storyline:
"Little Sammy was two twin girls (Meghan and Alison Tuma), and very happy little girls to say the least! It was very hard to capture a sad moment from the girls faces during the many phases of being passed from the Greys to me, and back to the Greys. Even when Kelsey would be listening to the walk-man and ignoring the child, they still were happy girls!

One time, when they were being passed back and forth at the airport scene when Kelsey fina
lly resided in giving Sammy back to the Greys and Bobby took Sam away - they cried! Each time they were in Brian's arms, they started to get cranky (they were tired that day... normally they were happy in Brian's arms).

If you remember in that scene, I wasn't holding the child. In the script, Kelsey was supposed to be holding the child. The girls cried each time in Brian's arms; we had to do our dialogue between cries.... That was tough! The Directors and Producers used the moment and went with it!
That scene helped win Warner a Soap Opera Digest Award, and garnered Eva LaRue (soon to be Maria Grey again) an Emmy Nomination for Best Supporting Actress for arguably the performance of her career so far.

For more on TC Warner and what she is up to now, join her Fan Club.

As for Kelsey, now that Scott Chandler (l. Daniel Cosgrove) is back in the Valley, wouldn't it be fun to see her come back and "claim" her "true love?"

Just saying.

Countdown AMC's Top 40 Couples!!!

While we move closer and closer to AMC's 40th Anniversary on January 5, takes us down memory lane with a countdown to the top 40 couples in AMC history. I personally have so many!! Jenny and Greg, Angie and Jesse, Nina and Cliff, Adrian and Belinda, Erica and Dimitri, Brooke and Adam, Palmer and Daisy, Edmund and Maria, Palmer and Opal, Leo and Greenlee, Ryan and Gillian and many many more. But my all time fave couple? The couple to top all couples... at least for me is Noah and Julia! Who are your favorites? Check back on each week as another 10 couples are revealed.

Taylor Miller Interview!!!

Melissa Parker of Our Prattville, from Prattville, AL wrote in to let us know that she caught up with Taylor Miller (ex-Nina) to talk about life before and after All My Children. With Nina set to return to Pine Valley in conjunction with AMC's 40th Anniversary in January, the interview is indeed timely! Check it out here!

Laura Bonarrigo Back to OLTL!!!

Laura Bonarrigo (ex-Rebecca Fowler) will be reprising her role as Cassie Cramer on OLTL in February. The actress previously played the role from '91-'99, with occasional appearances through the years. On AMC, Laura played Rebecca, Natalia's mother and the woman Jesse hid out with while he was on the run.

No Head Writer Named Yet

Although it's been a little less than a month since the axing of Chuck Pratt as Headwriter at AMC, there has not yet been an announcement as to who will be replacing him. Rumors ran rampant soon after the ouster, stating that former AMC scribe, Lorraine Broderick (Head Writer '95-'97, Associate Head Writer '81-'87, '88-'91, Co-Head Writer '87-'88, Script Writer '79-'81), has been once again tapped to take the position. But AMC has since denied this is the case, although has confirmed that she is once again part of the AMC family, as an associate writer. Stay tuned for more info as it comes in!

Susan Lucci Highlights Christmas Parade TONIGHT!

As previously reported, Susan Lucci (Erica) was named Grand Marshall of this years Hollywood Christmas Parade. Tonight (Dec. 10) it airs on MyNetworkTV at 8:00 pm EST. Check local listings for channel location.

This Week from the Soap Blog Coalition!!!

As the 00’s come to an end and we look forward to the 2010’s Daytime Confidential pauses to look back at the best of the past decade. Vote for your favorite soap couple, lead actor and actress of the past ten years! (Daytime Confidential)

This week at The Hub we're looking back 4 years to Jason Thompson's first air-date as Patrick Drake and the creation of Scrubs! (Scrubs Hub)

The Serial Drama girls are disappointed that the writers completely missed the mark on Rebecca Shaw. If they had written her as a total crazy from the outset, she would have been fantastic! But, no, they chose to make her both annoying and useless. As ever, thanks for nothing, GH! (Serial Drama)

The rodent population in Genoa City has dramatically multiplied in recent days but it is becoming nearly impossible for me to decide which rat I want to keep as a pet or which one I want to see crushed in a trap. (Soap Opera Examiner)

The View Part III - Dr. Evil!

The saga continues!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Celebrate AMC with the NY Times!

The NY Times is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of AMC on Sunday, January 10 with a Q&A session featuring legendary AMC creator Agnes Nixon, Susan Lucci (Erica), Debbi Morgan (Angie), Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and AMC EP Julie Hanan Carruthers. This is a definite must event for diehard AMC fans who won't want to miss a reading of one of AMC's original scripts with Agnes Nixon reading the part of Mona Kane. The event will be held at The Times Center, 242 West 41st Street New York City. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased by clicking here.

CASTING NEWS: Damon Sticks Around!!

On recurring status since October when Damon came to Pine Valley to see Bailey and found himself a little family, ABC has put Finn Wittrock on contract. He will continue on with AMC after the move to LA.

Part II - The View... Who Stole Cameron's Shirts?

Too funny!!

CASTING NEWS: Palmer Cortlandt Back in Pine Valley!!!

Well this is the news I've been waiting for! One of my all time fave characters, Palmer Cortlandt, played by the wonderful James Mitchell, will be returning to AMC for the 40th Anniversary show on January 5. Palmer was last scene in 2008 when he went off to Europe to try and recover the funds he lost when the stock market crashed. The reality is that James himself relocated to Los Angeles.

CASTING NEWS: Chrishell Stays!!!

As the rumors swirled this week that AMC had put out a casting call to recast Amanda, Chrishell Stause addressed the rumors via her Twitter page, "Hey guys to address the rumors-I just got word that I WILL be recurring with AMC while in LA." Great news!!! Now lets hope Amanda grabs hold of her senses!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Susan Lucci Goes on a Tirade!!!!!

Watch The View every day this week to find out what happens! And then tune in on Friday, December 11 for a full our dedicated to AMC!!!

Pratt's Last Day, As Seen Via Pratt Falls

Love you girls! LMAO Thanks for getting one last "curses" in there :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of December 7!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted. As usual, it's jam packed with all kinds of crazy. Aidan is crazier. Annie is always crazy. Madison is loony tunes. Adam is nuts. Kendall is being held captive by a loon. Zach's sixth sense is short circuiting and he doesn't realize his wife is being held by a nutball. Amanda has totally lost her mind and learned nothing from past mistakes. The list of loony goes on and on!

Alicia Minshew, Cover Girl!

Alicia Minshew (Kendall) graced the cover of the November issue of Pregnancy magazine, looking absolutely radiant. In the article, Alicia talks about how quickly she knew she was pregnant, how much she is loved the miracle of it all and even managed to air her inner turmoil at ending up with the wrong baby, ala a typical soap opera baby switch! “I turned to my husband and said ‘Oh my God, what if they give us the wrong baby?’ And then my fear set in of what has happened on every soap opera with baby swap. I’m going to have to have my husband and my mom keeping an eye on that baby 24/7. I’m going to have to draw a little circle on her foot or something.” To read more, click here. As previously reported, Alicia and Richie welcomed their daughter, Willow Lenora, on November 4.

New Role for Abigail Spencer!!!

After a recent stint on the American Movie Classic hit drama, Mad Men and a guest spot on ABC hit drama Castle, Abigail Spencer (ex-Becca) has landed a role in the NBC pilot, Rex is Not Your Lawyer. The drama, which stars David Tennant as the lead, Rex, centers around a lawyer who suffers from a panic disorder and trains his clients to represent themselves. Abigail plays Lindsey, Rex's fiancee.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

This Week from the Soap Blog Coalition!!!

The holidays magnify the dysfunction in our favorite soap families. Tune in for Daytime Confidential's Top 5 Dysfunctional Families countdown. (Daytime Confidential)

The ouster of Chuck Pratt hasn't come soon enough. This week the Pine Vally Bulletin takes on the destruction of Amanda Dillon. (Pine Valley Bulletin)

As the World Turns' "fountain of youth" storyline conjures up images for Soap Opera Examiner's Mary Montanari. Find out what they are! (Soap Opera Examiner)

The Wubqueen went to NYC for a fun filled adventure seeing Nancy Lee Grahn! The Wubs has never been to a real General Hospital event (not counting Malls) and this was just great. Read all about it. (Wubs)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Commentary: The Destruction of Amanda Dillon

This commentary may contain spoilers for shows airing this week.

Even though Thanksgiving came early this year with the ouster of Master of Destruction, Mr. Pratt, we still have a few weeks left of his dreck that has to air. And in that dreck is the destruction of Amanda Dillon.

My head is seriously spinning at all the nonsense that has come out of the storyline between Amanda, Jake and David and in the end we are left with Amanda, the stupidest woman on earth, David the most evil man who ever lived, and Jake the biggest pushover ever. Even though Amanda's ultrasound gave a rough estimate of the conception of Trevor, it was Frankie who administered it and last time I checked, he was not a) an ultrasound technician or 2) an OB-GYN. Assuming that Amanda had an OB at the time she was pregnant with Trevor, wouldn't she have had other ultrasounds? Other tests? Wouldn't that doctor have changed due dates, conception dates, etc during the course of that pregnancy? And wouldn't you think that someone like Amanda who had 3, count em THREE likely candidates for baby daddy get a freakin DNA test!?

Shoot, I'm already worked up. OK.... count to 10, deep breath. Find your happy place.

In the worst idea that has ever been broached on a soap.... well, worst is a little strong but it's up there, David decides that he wants a sibling for Trevor and basically blackmails Amanda into being the oven for his new bun. Sick. Disturbing. Twisted. But even more sick, more disturbing and more twisted is the fact that she and Jake agree to it! WHAT!? Are you all sniffing glue? Contracts are drawn up, legalities are discussed and there it is. In order to have a life with her husband, Amanda must first get knocked up and have another baby with David. Hey I can't make this shit up. It's really what is happening.

Conception day is upon us ladies and gentlemen. And it's all supposed to be clinical with Amanda getting artificially inseminated. This artificial insemination is taking place at some out of the way clinic in another city, in the dead of night. Of course, they run out of gas on the way and Amanda starts to panic that if they don't make it to the appointment, she will have to wait another month before she can be inseminated, thus stretching out her incarceration at David's house even longer. So David steers the conversation towards sex in the car and Amanda decides that this is the what she needs to do to make sure she gets good and knocked up. So they do the deed and Amanda feels like a cheap whore. Hey if the Manolo fits.

Amanda can't get over her guilt. She acts like a rape victim whenever she's around Jake. He's getting suspicious. She acts like she's about to become unglued at any second. She keeps running to the bathroom to hurl because she can't stand that she betrayed Jake. I want to feel sorry for Amanda. As much as I love her, and adore Chrishell Stause, I want to feel sorry for her, but I can't. I just can't feel sorry for her. She made her bed, er... back seat, and now she has to live with it.

It doesn't take her long to spill the beans to Jake. It's like a pounding in her head every day, "back seat sex with David" "back seat sex with David" "back seat sex with David" playing over and over. She can't function without awful flashbacks of mounting David in the back of his car and riding him to conception town. And then, after she tells Jake what they did, Jake can no longer function without the same picture in his head. I want to say poor Jake. But quite frankly, he agreed to this idiocy. No, he didn't agree to Amanda boinking David high school style, but he did agree to her having his baby. But whatever sympathy I can muster in this dreck does go to Jake. Plus he got in a well deserved shot at David.

And then we find out that David has a problem with his swimmers. Seems they are too lazy to move towards conception. His doctor believes his motility problem is so severe that not only will he have a hard time getting Amanda pregnant, but it's unlikely he has gotten her pregnant before. Well, this is a new problem for David because he knocked Krystal up way back when, with twins no less. And then he knocked up Krystal again a little over a year ago. But now that this problem is
known, it calls into question the paternity of Trevor. At long last, a DNA test is done! Secretly of course. Far be it from David to let on that there might be a problem.

The DNA test reveals David's greatest fear, not only is Trevor not his, but he's Jake's! Oh happy day. Oh wait, David's not going to tell anyone. In fact, instead of telling Jake and Amanda, who's lives are already in ruins, partly their own doing and partly David's, he instead decides to tell Amanda that he's dying of pancreatic cancer and only has a few months to live.

This crapola can't end fast enough! Please deliver us from this and put us out of our misery. Make it all a bad dream, nay nightmare. Wake us up from these dismal happenings in Pine Valley. Someone save us! Someone save these 3 characters.... 3 of my absolute faves mind you, from the abomination of this storyline!

The View Celebrates AMC!!!!

Tune into The View on Friday, December 11 when the talk show dedicates it's whole hour to All My Children to celebrate AMC's 40th Anniversary and their move out west! The show will feature guest appearances by Susan Lucci (Erica), Debbi Morgan (Angie), Michael E. Knight (Tad), Cameron Mathison (Ryan), Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), Vincent Irizarry (David) and AMC creator, Agnes Nixon. There will be some surprises too. December 11 is AMC's last day of filming in their NYC studio.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AMC Alums in Movies!!!

Yesterday I went to see New Moon and before the movie it was like old home week from AMC! Every trailer they showed had a former AMCer in a prominent role. Starting with, When in Rome. Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo) stars in this movie and although she's not in the trailer, Alexa Havins (ex-Babe) also appears in the movie. It will be released January 29, 2010.

Next up is Letters to Juliet, starring Amanda Seyfried (ex-Joni). She has come a long way from shy Joni Stafford! This movie looks really sweet. It's being released May 7, 2010.

And to finish up our tour of former AMCers on the big screen, Alexandra Daddario (ex-Laurie Lewis) stars in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, being released February 12, 2010. On AMC, Laurie and Joni were best friends, vying for the affections of JR and Jamie. But look at her now!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of November 29!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted. And oh my, David is sinking to an all time low and that's saying a lot! Plus, JR has a relapse, Jake walks out, Zach turns to Liza, Liza faces devastating news and more!