Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicolas Surovy!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Nicolas Surovy!   AMC's Mike Roy celebrates his 66th birthday today!  And while Erica's marriage to Mike was deemed invalid (because she was never truly divorced from Adam), he remains one of her great loves.   Do you remember what number husband he would have been?

Go Inside Eva LaRue's Wedding!!!

ET covered Eva LaRue's (ex-Maria) recent wedding to Joe Cappuccio.  Check out the stunning bride and the fun wedding!!!

Possible CASTING NEWS: Thorsten Kaye!?

At least for a brief time, but maybe longer?   That remains to be seen.   Carolyn Hinsey of SOD is reports from her Vegas blog:
A few AMC stars asked me how Thorsten Kaye is doing (great!) and are pleased he is coming back to film Kendall's return in July. Can't AMC write a juicy story worthy of his talents and work out a deal where Thorsten flies back and forth to LA? "We're working on it," whispered an exec. 
Sounds good!  Get to it execs, get Thorsten back!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Plans of the AMC Stars!!

Third Times a Charm for Eva LaRue!!

As previously reported, Eva LaRue (ex-Maria) married businessman Joe Cappuccio this past
Saturday, June 26, in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.  Well ok, it was previously reported that they were to wed in Thailand, but things change!   The bride wore a won shoulder gown Oday Shakar gown that she helped design.  The couple were set to wed last year, but ended up calling it off and remained apart for 8 months.  After reuniting in November it wasn't long before the wedding was back on!  Congratulations to both Eva and Joe!  Eva was previously married to John O'Hurley from 1992 to 1994, and then to AMC co-star John Callahan (ex-Edmund) from 1996 to 2005. The happy couple will be featured in the new issue of Life & Style magazine.

Emmy Winner David Zyla!!

AMC's Emmy winning Costume Designer, David Zyla, has an interview with the Solessence Beauty Blog that posted today.  In it he talks about how he got his start, his success in the business and his recently published book, The Color of Style.   It's a testament to David's talent as Costume Designer that the longest thread on the PVB Message boards is all about the shows fashions!

What Happens To Ryan??

Cameron Mathison (Ryan) had an interview this morning with Twin Cities Live and mentions that he's been filming Ryan in the hospital lately, from a life changing ordeal. Hmm... what happens to Ryan?? And how will it affect Greenlee?

Monday, June 28, 2010

COMMENTARY: The Daytime Emmys

I'm thrilled that the Daytime Emmys found a home on network television this year. And I think it's really fun that the show was held in Las Vegas. But this years telecast suffered from the same problem as last years. While last years show was on the CW network, it was, in essence, a two hour commercial for CW. This years show was more like a two hour commercial for Las Vegas. The acts that still perform there came out to pay tribute to Dick Clark. Not that he doesn't deserve a tribute, but still it was Vegasy. Cirque de Soleil was there to help present an award. The Vegas production of The Lion King was also on hand. Heck even David Copperfield made an appearance lest you forget it's Vegas baby!

This is where the Emmys falters. They work so hard at trying to make an entertaining show that they forget what they are actually there for and WHO should be doing that entertaining. I cannot be alone in my desire to see our daytime stars being the ones who entertain. Every year, ABC Daytime puts on a big show in NYC for Broadway Cares where the stars come out and sing, perform, dance, do all kinds of things. THIS is what the Daytime Emmys should showcase. Highlight our daytime stars. Isn't that what the Daytime Emmys should be about? And I'm not just talking about the soaps. Regis sings. Whoopie is a comedian, as is Ellen. If they have to have performances, get the people of daytime to perform!

And isn't this what Soapnet should have been concentrating on all along? Featuring Daytime performers? Now Soapnet is on it's last legs, having all but forgotten what it was created for in the first place (wouldn't Soapnet be the ideal home for the Daytime Emmys???). Last year, while the Daytime Emmys hung in the balance of no broadcast, Soapnet did not step to the plate to show it. That still boggles my mind. If the Emmys get a telecast next year, I'll be very surprised.

But there were highlights. Some very lovely highlights in fact. Maura West winning Outstanding Lead Actress for As the World Turns was one of my favorite moments of the night. True, I've never seen her act. I only know her name from seeing it in the soap mags and at awards shows. I don't even know her character name. But when she won and the camera panned to her daughter crying with joy for her mother, and then Maura herself calling daughter Catherine up to the stage to be with her... well I'm a sap. I openly admit that. And I cried right along with them. It was such a sweet moment and a precious moment as Maura ended mentioning all her children by name and saying, "Catherine and I will curtsy for them" and she and daughter both bowed down into a beautiful curtsy. Lovely moment.

Of course, the tribute to Agnes Nixon was the biggest highlight of the night for me. How she had gone this long without receiving a lifetime achievement award is something I cannot fathom. But she has it now and the tribute paid to her was beautiful and heartfelt. Susan Lucci (Erica) was chosen to give the award and it was the perfect choice. I love when Susan said, "I would not be who I am today, I would not be here today if Agnes Nixon had not created the feisty Erica Kane." So many people were filmed thanking Agnes for all her contributions to daytime. It was so lovely, so in case you missed it, here it is again:

By contrast, the tribute to As the World Turns, going off the air on September 17, 2010 after 54 years, was an shameful embarrassment. If it lasted all of two minutes I'd be surprised. How about cutting out The Lion King segment and remembering what the Daytime Emmys are for!

How Cute are They?

Expectant parents Justin Bruening (ex-Jamie) and Alexa Havins (ex-Babe) attend the world premiere of the new Project Natal for XBox 360. The couple is expecting their first child, a girl, in August.

And Now the Guys!

Finding full length pictures of the men is definitely not as easy as finding them for the women! Maybe the photographers think we don't want to see what the guys are wearing, but hello... we do! The men of AMC are already so handsome, but add a tux, or a beautifully tailored suit and they are downright drool worthy!

As you can see, Walt's tux arrived unscathed! Walt Willey (Jack) is downright dashing!

Doing a little creative editing, here's a pic of Cameron Mathison (Ryan) on stage presenting the award for Outstanding Younger Actor.

Our loan male nominee of the night, Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) looked very Bond, James Bond in his white dinner jacket with black pants.

JR Martinez (Brot) was featured during the "Daytime Gives Back" segment. He looks amazing and I always love his smile!

Jacob Young (JR) certainly knows how to look great! Love the shiny tie.

What can you say about Vincent Irizarry (David)! The grey, the purple, the handsome? OK, a tie would have been nice (Cameron too for that matter!), but Vincent looks positively yummy IMO!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Wins for AMC, But They Look Great!!!

AMC may not have won any Emmys tonight but Diva Blackwell has a few things to say about our stars knowing how to dress for the occasion! The color of the night was definitely silver and gold and many of our ladies shined. (remember you can click on any picture to enlarge it)

The stunning Bobbie Eakes (Krystal), nominated tonight for
Outstanding Lead Actress, wore a beautiful silver gown and you can see just a hint of a red shoe. She looks amazing!

Rebecca Budig
(Greenlee) a presenter tonight, also in silver, shined! Her ensemble was a bit more casual, but the up do and the awesome shoes
completed a great look.

Chrishell Stause
(Amanda) was interviewed backstage about working on a soap. This girl can wear a burlap sack and look gorgeous but this dress is no burlap sack! Is it two shades of gold or both silver and gold? I can't tell in the pics. Her hair is fantastic too!

Not to be outdone and pulling in not just color but a pattern too, Denise Vasi (Randi) is always a stunner.

And check out those kickin shoes!

No Emmy night would be complete without Susan Lucci (Erica)!! I'm a sucker for a black gown and tonight, Susan's did not disappoint! Love the bodice, love the mermaid bottom. Love her hair! Love her head to toe.

Jamie Luner (Liza) also opted for black (much like Liza lol). The look is simple but elegant.

Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) looked like a Grecian goddess in this pale yellow gown. Her hair, from what I could make out in the pic, looks stunning!

And even though she was on the road with Walt's tux, Stephanie Gatschet (Madison) certainly did not forget to pack her own dress. What a knock out!!! I love the broach on the bodice, I love the color with the black at the bottom.

Bravo ladies of AMC!!!

Spoilers for the Week of June 27!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted. And it's a doozy of a week as Palmer's will is read and we see how it affects just about everyone in town! Also this week, Colby gets good news, Tad gets arrested, Jesse gets suspended, Angie's condition continues to get worse and much more!

It's Daytime Emmy Night!

So what are you wearing? I'll, of course, be in a new zebra striped gown. I get a new one every year you know :)

To prime us for the evening, here's a classic. Call me a sap, but I cry every time I see it! How can you not love Susan!?

The Daytime Emmys will be broadcast tonight, June 27 at 9:00 pm EST on CBS.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stephanie Gatschet and Walt Willey's Tux?

If you're on Facebook or Twitter, maybe you too have been laughing your butt off today at the hilarious antics of Stephanie Gatschet (Madison)! Seems Walt Willey (Jack) asked her if she could bring his tuxedo to Las Vegas for the Daytime Emmys since he has been traveling and wouldn't be back in time to get it. She obliged and chronicled her drive from LA to Vegas, Walt's tux in tow! Check it out, you won't be sorry!

J.R. Martinez Opens Up!

Check out this amazing interview the LA Times writer, Greg Braxton did with J.R. Martinez (Brot) as he opens up about life in Iraq and in Pine Valley. One of my fave parts is a quote by AMC's Executive Producer, Julie Hanan Carruthers, she says of J.R., "Never in our wildest dreams would we have envisioned getting someone who not only is as talented as J.R., but who has demonstrated such commitment and dedication."

Early AMC Daytime Emmy Wins!!!

The Daytime Emmy Creative Craft Awards were held last night, June 25 at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles and was hosted by Y&R's Christian LeBlanc. The awards handed out were vast and hopefully it was a sign of things to come Sunday as AMC took three of those awards! AMC won for Outstanding Achievement for Costume Design, Outstanding Achievement for Lighting Direction, and Outstanding Achievement for Make Up. Congratulations to all the winners!!! And catch the Daytime Emmy telecast Sunday, June 27 at 9:00 pm EST on CBS.

Happy Birthday Rebecca Budig!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Rebecca Budig!!! AMC's Greenlee celebrates her 37th birthday today! In addition to AMC, Rebecca can currently be seen in the movie Please Give.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bobbie Eakes Arrives at the Daytime Emmy Reception!!

Bobbie Eakes (Krystal) arrived at the 2010 Daytime Emmy Reception yesterday, June 24 at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles looking stunning!! She is sheer perfection from head to toe... .the hair, the make up, the earrings, the amazing dress and the awesome shoes! Can't wait to see how she tops it on Sunday! (click photo to enlarge)

Happy Birthday Michael Sabatino!!!

Happy birthday wishes to Michael Sabatino!!! AMC's former evil Dr. Jonathan Kinder celebrates his 55th birthday today. Michael most recently played Lawrence Alamain on Days of Our Lives.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeffrey Carlson!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Jeffrey Carlson!!! AMC's former Zarf/Zoe celebrates his 35th birthday today!! Since leaving AMC in 2007, Jeffrey has mostly done theatre work including Golden Age at the Philadelphia Theatre Company this past April.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CASTING NEWS: AMC Gets a New Hottie!!

AMC has cast Trent Garrett in the contract role of Asher Pike. He will be involved in the Damon/Colby story. Call me crazy, but with a name like Asher Pike, he sounds like a bit of a blue blood. This has Adam Chandler written all over it! Bring in a rich hottie to distract Colby from the troubled boy. He begins airing on August 13. He's previously been seen on 90210 and appears in the movie Slightly Single in LA with former AMCers Jonathan Bennett (ex-JR) and Lacey Chabert (ex-Bianca).

New Fan Sites for AMC Newbies!

Well Finn Wittrock (Damon) isn't exactly a newbie anymore, but hey the title worked so I went with it. ha. PVB reader Jenny wrote in to tell me about her new Yahoo Group for fans of Finn and another for fans of Christina Bennett Lind (NuBianca). Check them out and best of luck with you groups Jenny!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bid to Win an AMC Set Tour!!! has a brand new listing, a Set Tour of AMC!!! The auction ends on Friday, June 25 and includes a visit to the AMC set for you and a friend and photo opportunities with available cast. Travel and accommodations are not included. Hollywood Charity Auction is a non profit organization that raises funds for Minorities in Broadcasting Training Program. For more information on the organization, visit

Cameron Mathison in the Twilight Zone!!

Cameron Mathison (Ryan) got to hang out behind the scenes at the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Eclipse special, which airs this Friday night at 10 pm EST on ABC.

CASTING NEWS: Wanda Dejesus is Mayor Blanco

Last week we met Pine Valley Mayor, Iris Blanco, and found out she's in David Hayward's hip pocket! She is being played by veteran actress Wanda Dejesus. She has previous appeared on the soap Santa Barbara and among her vast credits, was a regular on CSI: Miami. She is also the long time love of (one of my faves) Jimmy Smits.

Rebecca Budig Appears in "Please Give"

Hitting theaters this past weekend, Please Give is the latest movie by writer/director Nicole Holofcener and is receiving rave reviews! The movie centers mainly around Kate, played by Catherine Keener, who runs a resale furniture shop. Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) has a small but memorable role as a character known only as Big Back. For more information on the movie, check out the official website or the Facebook page.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of June 20!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted and Erica's back!!! This is good news and bad news for David and Greenlee. Damon's "father" comes back to Pine Valley, Jack proposes, Bianca is drugged and FUSION is shut down!

CASTING NEWS: Robert Curtis Brown Returns!

This week, Robert Curtis Brown returns as Paul Miller, the man Damon thought to be his father. With Tad deciding he wants to formally adopt Damon as his son, Mr. Miller returns to Pine Valley to have a little discussion with Tad. Adopt a legal adult? That seems a bit odd. Damon is over 18 right? And excuse me, but where is Hillary during all this!

Aiden and Edyta Appear at Mohegan Sun!!!

On Wednesday, June 23, Aiden Turner (ex-Aidan) will be appearing at Mohegan Sun as a special guest of Dancing with the Stars partner Edyta Sliwinska and her husband, dancer Alec Mazo. The free event begins at 7:00 pm at the Shops of Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT. For more information, please call (888) 226-7711.

Abigail Spencer Premieres in HawthoRNe!!

The second season of the TNT original series, HawthoRNe, premieres Tuesday, June 22 at 9:00 pm EST with a new cast member, Abigail Spencer (ex-Becca)! As internist Dr. Erin Jameson, she sits on the hospital board and stirs up a little trouble within the inner workings of the staff. Abigail was also been cast to star in the potential new NBC pilot Rex is Not Your Lawyer, but it seems the show was not picked up.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Scoundrels Premiere's June 20!!!

This Sunday, June 20, ABC premieres Scoundrels, which stars Virginia Madsen and David James Elliot as the head of a family of thieves! Leven Rambin (ex-Lily) stars as their daughter Heather. Jessalyn Wanlim (ex-Rachel) also appears. The show airs Sunday nights at 9:00 pm EST.

This Year's Daytime Emmy Reels!

The Daytime Emmy's are NEXT WEEK and AMC has three nominations in the main categories (10 nominations total). Here is what was submitted for Emmy voting.

For the Outstanding Drama Series nomination, AMC submitted the show where everyone and their brother came to Chandler Mansion gunning for Adam.

Bobbie Eakes (Krystal) nominated for Best Lead Actress submitted the show where Krystal admits to Tad that Marissa is Babe's twin sister and that she sold her after she was born.

Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) nominated for Best Supporting Actor submitted the show where Jake learns that Amanda slept with David.

Best of luck to all our AMC nominees!

Happy Birthday Robin Christopher!!!

Before she was Skye Quartermaine on GH, she was Skye Chandler on AMC. And today, Robin Christopher celebrates her 45th birthday! Learn more about Skye on her PVB bio!

Happy Birthday Alana De La Garza!!!

Happy birthday wishes to Alana De La Garza! AMC's former Rosa Santos celebrates her 34th birthday today. I met Alana at one of the AMC Fan Club Luncheons when she was on AMC, and have to say this is a woman who can stop traffic! She was so beautiful I couldn't stop looking at her. She didn't really catch on as Rosa, unfortunately but she did catch on as ADA Connie Rubirosa on Law & Order!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday James Patrick Stuart!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to James Patrick Stuart!! AMC's former Will Cortlandt celebrates his 42nd birthday today! Today James does a lot of voice work, but he can be seen in the upcoming movie, Something Wicked, as Bill, a state trooper. Bill is Susan's husband... Susan was played by the late Brittany Murphy. This was her final film.

Monday, June 14, 2010

AMC Stars Interview

I just caught this video online and thought it was so cute, I had to share! Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) was by far my fave. He's so funny and so natural and ahh I just love him!!! It's also our nice glimpse of NuBianca, Christina Bennett Lind. Chrishell Stause (Amanda) is interviewed with Ricky. Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) are interviewed with Christina. Click here for the video, and be patient, it takes a little time to load.

I Hear a Collective Awww!!!

How adorable this is!? Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and daughter Leila attended the premiere of Toy Story 3 at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA on Sunday, June 13. Toy Story 3 opens nationwide on Friday, June 18.

Happy Birthday JR Martinez!!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to JR Martinez!!! AMC's Brot celebrates his 27th birthday today =)