Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of May 30!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted. Please note that due to last weeks pre-emptions, some of the spoilers listed for this week may actually happen next week. And another note, AMC will be re-broadcasting David and Greenlee's wedding on Monday, May 31. Also this week, Erica is not well, Liza steps up her plot to break up Damon and Colby, JR taunts Annie, Marissa looks for help from her daddy and Greenlee's guilt is overwhelming her.

CASTING NEWS: Liza Goes Too Far!

This week, Liza hires an exotic dancer to sleep with Damon! Michelle Pierce plays the role of Jasmine, the exotic dancer in question beginning June 7 for a few shows. Michelle has previously been seen on NCIS, Rules of Engagement, and Criminal Minds to name a few! What I keep wondering is when Liza is going to go all Marian on this situation and try to bed Damon herself!

Happy Birthday Tonya Pinkins!

Happy birthday wishes to Tonya Pinkins! AMC's Livia Frye celebrates her 48th birthday today!

Friday, May 28, 2010

COMMENTARY: Rate the Plane Crash

Last Friday's show had me on the edge of my seat. I loved the letter Erica received from Palmer and the beautiful flashbacks we were treated too. I love that AMC is still finding ways to honor James Mitchell.

But when Erica had to rush home and disregarded the pilot's order to have the plane inspected, I as a little annoyed. Then that plane started to shake and Erica's panic set in and so did mine! Even though I knew she was going to live, I found myself getting a little teary eyed as she tried to call Bianca, and then yelled out for Jack after the pilot told her to brace for impact.

And that is where my interest in the story died.

What happened after that has been an exercise in the ridiculous. Mountain man Caleb came into the wreckage and pulled the pilot to safety. All the while Erica is asking him questions and trying to get information to no avail. The man is utterly silent. When he comes back for her, he carries her out of the wreckage and then starts to sift through the debris. He finally let's her know that he had borrowed an ATV and took the pilot to a nearby hospital. But what we don't know is why did not do the same for Erica and he's not telling us.

And then, ridiculousness piles on even higher as he seems to blame her for the plane crash. Just how is the plane crashing Erica's fault? OK, we can say that her
rush to get home and not have the plane inspected could make her somewhat at fault, but douchey mountain man doesn't know that! For that matter, we could blame the pilot for listening to her and we could blame David for paying to have the plane tampered with! All that is besides the point. Caleb doesn't know any of it.

Here is a woman who has just survived a plane crash, could be in shock or could be hurt and Caleb treats her like a absolute crap. He won't help her, he will hardly talk to her, he's just a grouchy old coot (which makes me even more suspicious that he may be a long lost Cortlandt!). And then he tosses her luggage over a cliff ala Jack Colton. But this is no Romancing the Stone!

I'm all for the thin line between love and hate start to a romance. I've loved it when AMC has done it with Erica before. And I have no problem with the attempt to make that kind of magic again (remember how much Erica hated Dimitri when they first met?). But Caleb is doing nothing to endear himself. Erica should hate this man for the way he's treating her. And I don't mean just because he doesn't know who she is and expects her to chop wood or whatever else.

It's early on and my opinion of this is certainly subject to change. But if that's to happen we better find out a damn good reason why Caleb saved the pilot and not Erica. Why he blamed her for the loss of his cabin and his dog (um, yeah.. named Dog?). And why he is a better match for Erica than Jack!

What do you think?

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Happy Birthday Alicia Minshew!

Happy Birthday wishes to Alicia Minshew!!!! AMC's Kendall celebrates her 36th birthday today. Look for Kendall's return to Pine Valley later this summer!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday's Show on Friday, and a Repeat on Monday

Just a few little scheduling notes to pass along. Due to the pre-emption today, ABC will show today's (Thursday, May 27) show tomorrow (Friday, May 28) at the regular time. And on Monday, AMC will be a rerun of Greenlee's wedding to David.

Happy Birthday Lee Meriweather!!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Lee Meriweather!!! AMC's current Ruth Martin celebrates her 75th birthday today!! Lee will be appearing on AMC for Jake and Amanda's wedding!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Say Good Bye to Soapnet!

ABC will be transitioning Soapnet, the 24 hour soap cable soap channel, into yet another Disney channel, Disney Junior. The new Disney will feature programming geared towards preschool age children and their families. The change is set to take place in 2012. I can't say this comes as a surprise at all (relive my Soapnet rant from last year by clicking here). Soapnet has steadily declined it's soap related programming, opting for tired Lifetime movies and ill fated reality shows. Once Soap Talk was canceled, it was the beginning of the end. What shame. The only channel devoted to soap fans will soon be nothing but a memory.

Get Amanda's Wedding Look! has all the info on how you can achieve Amanda's look for her wedding to Jake! The hair, the make up, the whole nine! Now, if they can only tell me how to get Amanda's body to go with it all!

An Evening with Denise Vasi and Friends!

If you're headed to LA for the AMC Fan Club Weekend in September, make extra plans to hang out with Denise Vasi (Randi) and some of her AMC pals! Denise will be hosting a special event for her "DVoted Circle" friends with special guests Stephanie Gatschet (Madison), JR Martinez (Brot) and Cornelius Smith, Jr. (Frankie). The event will be held on Friday, September 24 from 4:00 - 7:00 pm at the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys, CA. Tickets are $75 (non-refundable) and include desserts, beverages and a whole lot of fun! Visit Denise's official website to purchase your ticket!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt Borlenghi!!

Happy Birthday wishes to new dad of twins, Matt Borlenghi!!! AMC's former Brian Bodine celebrates his 43rd birthday today! Matt has recently joined the cast of the websoap, Proper Manors.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of May 23!!!

This weeks spoilers are posted and ready for all you spoiler hungry people out there! I don't know about you, but even knowing that Erica was going to live, watching the plane jerk and her panic really was scary! This week we see the aftermath of the crash, Greenlee's guilt, Annie's lust, Amanda's joy, Colby and Damon gettin it on and much more!

Happy Birthday Mary Fickett!!!

Happy Birthday to AMC's original Ruth Martin, Mary Fickett! Now retired, Mary celebrates her 82nd birthday today.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pinter's Part Ways

Mark Pinter (ex-Roger Smythe) and his wife of 23 years, Colleen Zenk Pinter have parted ways. Colleen has filed for a dissolution of marriage on the grounds of infidelity and abandonment. Wow, that doesn't sound good! Colleen has had a rough year with ATWT being canceled, she was sited for DUI last month, has been fighting oral cancer for the last few years (and is now in remission) and now this. The couple have 6 children (she has a child by Michael Crouch; Mark has three children from his first marriage. Together, they have two).

Happy Birthday Olga Sosnovska!!!

Happy Birthday wishes go out today to Olga Sosnovska, Bianca's first true love Lena. Ahh the Polish minx! One of my faves. In 2004, Lena and Bianca shared daytime's first same sex kiss and made history! Olga celebrates her 38th birthday today.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Week from the Soap Blog Coalition!!!

Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens weighs in on General Hospital once again throwing all of it's eggs up into the air as the cast and crew scrambles to facilitate the latest brain fart ridonkulousness of one James Franco. (Daytime Confidential)

What did the nominees have to say about being honored for daytime's biggest prize? Check out On-Air On-Soaps Daytime Nomination Special with reactions from the stars on their 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Noms! (Michael Fairman Soaps)

This week the PVB is flashing back to the first wedding of Ryan and Greenlee. Fake pregnancies, deception, turrets, a pool and the Reverend Lovejoy! We got it all! (Pine Valley Bulletin)

As the World Turns' Henry and Barbara made the boredom in Oakdale evaporate and Mary Montanari wants this sizzling couple to hop off that twirling globe that is Oakdale and float off on a cloud to experience complete bliss when the world stops turning and the show goes dark. (Soap Opera Examiner)

Was the One Life to Live musical event music to your ears? Did it make you GLEE-ful? Serial Drama's Louise dishes on the good, the bad and the awesome (interpretive dance!!!). (Serial Drama)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FLASHBACK: May 19, 2004

Six years ago today, Ryan and Greenlee entered into marriage that they called a business deal. Kendall and Ryan were on the outs and so were Kendall and Greenlee after Greenlee exposed Kendall's fake pregnancy in court. Kendall, trying to protect Bianca, had been getting help from Ryan by faking a pregnancy to throw everyone off Bianca's track. It was really Bianca who was pregnant after being raped by Kendall's husband, Michael Cambias.

Kendall was not absolutely positive she could trust Ryan, even though he went above and beyond for her, but her feelings for him were still there. So when Ryan and Greenlee rekindled their friendship, Kendall was not happy and she wanted to get Greenlee out of FUSION. Ryan to the rescue! Being Cambias heir, Ryan went to Greenlee with a proposal. If they marry, she will then have controlling interest in FUSION because Cambias now had controlling interest. Greenlee, who had been falling in love with Ryan, happily accepted!

On a beautiful spring day, Ryan and Greenlee were set to marry at a castle. It was a perfect fairy tale... until Kendall showed up in a wedding gown! Kendall decided she was going to marry Ryan, not Greenlee so she locked Greenlee in the turret of the castle and made her way to Ryan, asking him for forgiveness and telling him that she had already spoken to Greenlee and that Greenlee was ready to back out if Ryan truly wanted to marry Kendall instead. Ryan was actually in love with Kendall and believing that Greenlee was OK with the change, he agreed to marry Kendall instead and the two danced together before the said their vows.

Ahh but Kendall's plans were about to be ruined! Having brought Simone with her, she sent Simone off to call the pilot so they could leave before Ryan and
Greenlee got married. At least, that's what devious Kendall told Simone! But Simone heard Greenlee's screams from the turret and after much convincing, Greenlee finally got her to believe what Kendall was really up to! So they raced to the courtyard where the wedding was to take place. When Ryan heard what really happened to Greenlee, he was furious! Oblivious Kendall thought she was still going to marry Ryan so when Ryan told the Reverend it was Greenlee who he was marrying, Kendall threw a fit and attacked Greenlee!

As the women fought, Simone and Ryan tried to break them up. But it wasn't until they all fell into a pool that things got a point where Ryan could actually break them up. He grabbed Greenlee and carried her out of the pool, leaving Kendall there in shock that he had actually chosen Greenlee over her.

Simone took a dejected and wet Kendall home. Full of disbelieve about what happened, Simone tried to be comforting and listen as Kendall tried to come to grips with what she had done. Simone gave her these words of wisdom on how to get past it all, "Time and therapy, girlfriend. Time and therapy."

Ryan took Greenlee back to the turret to dry off and they discussed all that happened. Realizing they still wanted to get married, they headed back down to the courtyard after drying off and changing clothes. Luckily Greenlee brought a white halter top with her so she could marry in white! After Ryan found Reverend Lovejoy, the pair said their "I do's" But living happily ever after was not in the cards and another flashback, for another day!

Jake and Amanda's Wedding Featured in Bridal Guide! has a really great feature on the remarriage of Jake and Amanda! Check it out for bachelorette party ideas, song ideas, a Jake and Amanda photo gallery and a Q&A with Chrishell Stause (Amanda)!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AMC Sexy Photo Shoot for Star Magazine!!!

CASTING NEWS: Lee Meriweather Makes Appearance!

Lee Meriweather (Ruth) will be making an appearance on AMC next week, for Jake and Amanda's wedding! Back in January, Ruth and Joe (Ray MacDonnell) decided to retire to Florida. Hopefully this is one of many visits one or both will be making to Pine Valley!

Happy Birthday Leven Rambin!!!!

AMC's former Lily, Leven Rambin, celebrated her 20th birthday yesterday, May 17. And don't forget to catch Leven's new show, Scoundrels! It premieres on ABC, Sunday June 20 at 9:oo pm EST.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of May 16!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted! It's an intense week as Amanda fears she's becoming like her mother, JR tries to reconcile with Marissa while lusting for Annie, Jack and Erica make some love,Greenlee and David plot, and Erica finds herself in peril!!

CASTING NEWS: Shannon Kane Off For Summer

Looks like Natalia may get an out of the country modeling shoot to go on since Shannon Kane will be off AMC for part of the summer while she's off filming the movie S.W.A.T: Fire Fight. No word on when exactly she goes, or when she will be returning. Poor Brot! I hope he finds a woman who appreciates him in Natalia's absence!

CASTING NEWS: So Long Janet, Come Back Soon!

This week marks the end of Kate Collins' short return as Amanda's crazy as a soup sandwich mother, Janet. She's shipped back to Oak Haven on Wednesday, May 19. But not before giving Amanda a case of the raging paranoia's!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

CASTING NEWS: AMC Hires a New Bianca!!!

Well that didn't take long! AMC has cast Christina Bennett Lind as NuBianca. The soap newbie is a New York based theatre actress who has had a few walk on's at ATWT, but this is her first full time soap gig and her first time on AMC, after having auditioned three other times! She begins airing on June 14 when Bianca returns to Pine Valley frantic about her mother's disappearance (which is tied into the casting of Michael Nouri). Of landing the role, Christina told TV Guide, "I can only hope I do half of what Eden did with the part. She played it with amazing grace and dignity. Now I need to breathe my own life into it."

When Bianca returns, for now, it will be without Reese or the children, but AMC plans to keep the Bianca and Reese relationship going and have kept communications with Tamara Braun open.

This Week from the Soap Blog Coalition!!!

Prom Night is upon the denizens of Llanview, PA, and excitement is bursting over, as one of the most anticipated events in a high schooler's life is set to play out over three, dramatic, explosive, melodic, "Starr X'd" episodes of One Life to Live, beginning this Friday, May 14. (Daytime Confidential)

Drew Garrett (Ex-Michael GH) gives his reaction to his Daytime Emmy Nomination, and how he has been moving on since he was let-go by the series. (Michael Fairman Soaps)

The Serial Drama girls react to the 2010 Emmy nominations, with lots of confusion, question marks and the occasional snicker at certain snubs, and one HUGE question (please imagine them asking this in shrill hysterics): Where on earth is David Canary's nomination?! (Serial Drama)

The WubTub Blog looks at snubs and hugs for this year's Daytime Emmy nods. Also, Lante cupcakes and a look at Wednesday's General Hospital. Who does NuMorgan remind the Wubqueen of? Hint: He wore a "Jets" jacket! (Wubs)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And the Winner is.....

The winner of the PVB contest for the beautiful Rachael Ray dutch oven is... Knitforjoy!!! Winner was chosen at random from all those eligible (all entrants had to be a follower of the PVB and make a comment on the contest blog)

Thank you so much all who entered and I hope to bring you more exciting contests in the future!!! Keep following the PVB!!!

This Years Daytime Emmy Nominations!!!

Nominations are in and the best news of all is at long last, Agnes Nixon will be receiving the very well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award!. The CBS Early Show gave us only a handful of categories, but the rest have also been announced. Here they are!

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Daytime Drama:

Sarah Brown (GH)
Crystal Chappell (GL)

Bobbie Eakes
Michelle Stafford (Y&R)

Maura West (ATWT)

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Daytime Drama:

Peter Bergman (Y&R - formerly Cliff on AMC)

Doug Davidson
Jon Lindstrom (ATWT)

Michael Park
James Scott (Days- formerly Ethan on AMC)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Daytime Drama

Beth Chamberlin (GL)
Julie Pinson (ATWT)
Carolyn Hennesy (GH)
Arianne Zucker (Days)
Bree Williamson (OLTL)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama

Billy Miller (Y&R - formerly Richie, AMC)
Bradford Anderson (GH)
Jonathan Jackson (GH)
Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake)
Brian Kerwin (OLTL)

Outstanding Younger Lead Actress

Christel Khalil (Y&R)
Marnie Schulenburg (ATWT)
Molly Burnett (Days)
Shelly Hennig (Days)
Julie Berman (GH)

Outstanding Younger Lead Actor

Drew Taylor Bell (B&B)
Drew Garrett (GH)
Dylan Patton (Days)
Scott Clifton (OLTL)
Zack Conroy (GL)

Outstanding Daytime Drama

All My Children
The Bold and Beautiful
General Hospital
The Young and the Restless

In total, AMC received 10 nominations. To see all the nominations, click here!

Happy Birthday Jamie Luner!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Jamie Luner!!! AMC's Liza Colby celebrates her 39th birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday Christian Campbell!!!

Happy birthday wishes to Christian Campbell!!! AMC's former Bobby Warner celebrates his 38th birthday today!!! Christian recently sat down for an in depth interview with Broadway world to discuss his career and his newest project, Magnetic North. Check it out at!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daytime Emmy Noms Announced May 12!!!

The 37th Annual Daytime Emmy nominations will be announced tomorrow, May 12 on the CBS Early Show! Here is a list of the pre-noms from this year to whet your appetite for who may or may not be getting a nomination.

Daytime Emmy's will be held on Sunday, June 27 at the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, NV with CBS to broadcast the event live beginning at 9:00 pm EST!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Laurence Lau!!!!

Happy birthday wishes go out today to Laurence Lau!! AMC's Greg Nelson celebrates his 56th birthday today! Hey PTB, isn't it time to bring Greg back to Pine Valley?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of May 9!!!

Check out this weeks spoilers! JR wants Marissa back, but David might have something to say about that, Amanda frets about her future, Greenlee takes a pregnancy test, Erica plays dirty and Madison gives in to David's blackmail!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bobby Steggert Gets Tony Nomination!!!

AMC's former Sam Grey, Bobby Steggert, has received a Tony nomination for Featured Role in a Musical (Ragtime)!! The Tony's will be held on June 13 at Radio City Music Hall and will be broadcast live on CBS beginning at 8:00 pm. He also received two Drama Desk nominations this year, one for his role in Ragtime and one for his role in the off-Broadway production of Yank! Bobby played Sam from March 2005 until December of the same year.

Happy Birthday Michael E. Knight!!!

AMC's Tad, Michael E. Knight, celebrates his 51st birthday today!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday Night Lights Returns to NBC, May 7!!!

As previously reported, Michael B. Jordan (ex-Reggie) is one of the new cast members on this season of Friday Night Lights. The show premieres this Friday, May 7 on NBC at 8:00 pm EST. Michael plays the role of Vince Howard, a troubled young man who Coach Taylor grooms to be the star quarterback at East Dillon!

Happy Birthday Kate Collins!!!

AMC nutball Janet from Another Planet, Kate Collins, celebrates her 52nd birthday today!!!

This Week from the Soap Blog Coalition!!!

General Hospital has been on a roll with the build up to Michael’s testimony. Daytime Confidential’s Regan Cellura weighs in on the storyline’s culmination. (Daytime Confidential)

Last week was a tough one for AMC fans so this week the PVB rates the farewells... Adam and Palmer's. What did you think, were our grades fair? (Pine Valley Bulletin)

The writing for GH characters when a new (or old) actor takes over the role changes so dramatically that the Serial Drama girls have had fun imagining how the Lucky/Michael scenes would have gone down with Greg Vaughan and Drew Garrett. The fact that this was the highlight of the week on GH says a whole lot, none of it good. (Serial Drama)

I have been shedding a few tears these days upon discovering Tea has just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and the prognosis is not good. I have fallen in love with this character aptly portrayed by the accomplished Florencia Lozano. (Soap Opera Examiner)

Sunday Surgery with the Wubs! Flat Megan has her adventures in Missouri (and with poodles), more great May scoops and General Hospital dish. (Wubs)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rating the Farewells

Last week we bid farewell to two very important people. Well one farewell and one hope to see you soon! First up, the Palmer tribute. I'm just going to throw this right out there, I cried through the whole thing. What a moving and special tribute to such an amazing character with rich and full history. James Mitchell has always been one of my very favorite's on AMC. Bringing back Taylor Miller as Palmer's daughter Nina and Gillian Spencer as Palmer's one time love, Daisy was very important. More than anyone, they needed to be there. And yes, I've heard the complaints.... Petey should have been there. JR should have been there. They weren't. It is what it is. Shows like this are a gift. And like a gift, you're not always going to get what you want, but you can still appreciate the effort.

The lovely tribute included different people sharing their memories of Palmer. Adam was even welcomed into this group even though he was very much not someone who loved Palmer. He did have a certain amount of respect for the man though. And losing Palmer meant he had to face his own mortality. It's a hard thing to face, for anyone, but especially someone who is larger than life like Adam Chandler. With Brooke at his side, he stayed just long enough to give Nina a keepsake of him and Palmer. Then he took his leave so that his family could remember the man they loved and light a candle in Palmer's memory.

Honestly, nothing I can say can give you a feel for how personal, how moving and how special this tribute was. To me, it was one of the best. He was even greeted in heaven by his niece, Dixie. Eh, as not a Dixie fan, I can say even that was nice. And it was very nice to be surprised. AMC sure kept that little tidbit under wraps. All in all, I'd give the Palmer tribute an A.

And a little funny... Dixie presumably is in heaven, which is where she welcomed Palmer. But a few days later, David indicated that Palmer might be somewhere, well a little more toasty. As he was telling Greenlee about his plan to buy the hospital, he mentioned how in his day, Palmer would have probably pulled a similar move. He said, "He's probably smiling up at us right now as we speak, enjoying my power play." Smiling up at you is he? Well I'm sure David's not the only one who thinks Palmer might have ended up with a pitchfork and red horns! Takes one to know one eh David?

And then, only a few short days later, it was time to say goodbye to another important piece of AMC history, Adam Chandler. David Canary had opted to not make the permanent move to LA when the show left NYC. It's a blow, a big one, to the whole fabric of Pine Valley. Adam realized he loved Brooke, but couldn't have her. He was married. But then found out his wife cheated on him with his own son and bada bing, bada boom he was in the free and clear. He could have the woman he wanted. He had no further obligation to Annie. He left her fast, and found Brooke fast. And as he explained everything to her, it became clear that there was still so much love between them. And they slipped out of town together.

Adam's exit was quiet, but not undeserving of him. How can it be undeserving when one of the most beloved past characters came back for him, left with him and got their own happily ever after? Isn't that what we always hope for with our favorite characters? Adam and Brooke, together forever. I can't make one disappointing comment about that. And there is also the possibility of not just one, but both of them returning from time to time. That in and of itself is something to celebrate! But oh will he be missed!

I give the Adam exit, a B. I'm glad he got to say good bye to Erica, and I'm glad Brooke got another scene with Erica before leaving. I'm glad Adam and Brooke are together. We even got to see Stuart again! I think really, the only thing that I would have liked would be for Adam to say good bye to his family, especially his grandson. But as I said above, it is what it is. And the fact that it didn't seem like a final farewell was what I liked best!

An Exciting Giveaway!!

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