Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Want to Thank You..

From the cancellation of AMC back on April 14, to now, I have been overwhelmed, humbled, amazed and grateful, to name a few emotions, at the outpouring I have received from readers.  The letters, the message board posts, the Facebook posts... all of it.  It's amazing, you're amazing and  I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the love, support and everything else you have shown me over the years.  I haven't made a final decision on the future of the PVB, this is just me being grateful and wanting to show it. ~ Kathy

Happy Birthday Matthew Cowles!!!

Happy Birthday Matthew Cowles!!!  As Billy Clyde Tuggle, he was one of the greatest villians in AMC history!   He celebrates his 67th birthday today.

Happy Birthday Melissa Claire Egan!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Melissa Claire Egan!!!  She went from good girl to total freakin loon as Annie Novak McDermott Lavery Chandler... did I get them all?   :)   Melissa celebrates her 30th birthday today!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Prospect Park Update!!

Soaps in Depth online is reporting that Prospect Park has named the website that will air new episodes of AMC and OLTL!   Beginning in January 2012, you can tune into (The Online Network).  PP states that it's goal is to provide viewers with a full programming selection of first-run, long form content on an anytime, anywhere basis via on-line formats and additional emerging platforms such as Internet-enabled television sets.  Here's looking at you PP!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

SNL Spoofs the End of AMC!!

REMINDER: AMC Guys on The Talk

This week some AMC hotties will appear on The Talk for a series they are calling All My Meals.  During the segment, one of our AMC men will cook up their favorite dish and then have a sit down with the women on the show to talk about the end of AMC.  Look for Jacob Young (JR) on the September 26 show.  Michael E. Knight (Tad) will appear on September 28.  And Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) will be featured on the September 29 show.  The Talk is on at 2:00 pm EST weekdays on CBS.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My AMC Top 10

Looking back through the years I have loved AMC, there have probably been more favorite moments and storylines than I can count.  How can I possibly narrow it down to 10?  It wasn't easy.  There are so many storylines I have loved.  So many characters.  So many couples.   Here we go, in no particular order.

1) Erica and Dimitri's romance.  This is the stuff of fairy tales.  To me Dimitri was Erica's one true love.  Sure I've liked her with others, and I like her with Jack.  But Dimitri?  He was it.  The mysterious Count Andrassy, living in that big castle (which happens to be located in Pine Valley, PA - possibly next to the ocean).  Dark and gothic.  And so romantic.  How could Erica not fall in love with him?  Especially after they started out hating each other, sort of.   Dimitri was poised to take over Enchantment from Erica, but Erica would not go quietly.  She wasn't going to lose her company to Dimitri.  Sparring turns to romance and the rest is history!  Well, there's also deception, infidelity, drug addiction, miscarriage and all kinds of other good stuff thrown in.  Legendary!

2) Jenny and Jesse run away to NYC.  This was very early on when I started watching and it hooked me in big time.  The friendship these two shared was beautiful.  It wasn't marred by either one of them having a romantic notion.  It was pure and sweet, despite the seediness that forced them out on the run at the hands of Liza Colby.   Liza found out about Jenny's father Ray's crimes and threatened to expose them all to Greg.  Liza also falsely accused Jesse of rape.  With all this on their minds, the two ran away and spent the summer in NYC.  

3) Stuart and Marian hook up, fall in love, and get married.  Classic!  Pure gold.  Marian is trying to help Liza by seducing Adam and taking photos, thus giving Liza reason to divorce him.  What she didn't know was that she was actually seducing Stuart!  I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to find this clip!   It's one of the best, where a drunken Marian describes what an amazing lover "Adam" is to Opal. 

4) Natalie gets thrown in a well and Janet takes over her life.  Doppelganger stories aren't exactly rare, but this one was better than the average story and beautifully played by Kate Collins (Natalie/Janet).  Forever jealous of her more sophisticated and charming sister Natalie, Janet had all she could stand when Nat was getting ready to marry her love, Trevor.  Janet kept hearing her mother's voice putting her down so she decided she would just become the favorite daughter by kidnapping Natalie, stashing her in a well and marrying Trevor herself, as Natalie.  They even consummated their union, resulting in Amanda.  Mayhem ensued for years afterward.

5) Angie and Jesse are reunited at the train station.  It was so exciting to me when Angie returned to Pine Valley, and then to find out that Jesse would be too?   That was too good to be true!  Angie and Jesse (along with Jenny and Greg) were the reason why I got so hooked on AMC back in the day.  I had no problem going along with the explanation for why Jesse was gone for 20 years.  As a soap fan, you kind of have to accept the unacceptable and just go with it.  Most of the time I can do that, and just bask in the joy of having a favorite back.  This was one of those times.

6) Bianca gets Miranda back.  Keeping with the reunion theme here, after a very long story of the baby switch between Babe and Bianca, at long last Bianca gets her baby.  Having been pushed out a window by JR, who was certain the baby was his daughter Bess, Bianca is in a coma in the hospital.  Erica believes that Bianca is going to give up fighting for her life because she believed her daughter Miranda was dead and she could be with her in death.  But Erica wasn't going to sit back and let that happen.   With Jack and Tad's help (and a little divine intervention from Fr. Clarence), Erica got Miranda back, brought her to the hospital and all but demanded Bianca open her eyes and see her baby.   And she did!

7) Erica and Brooke's rivalry.  Through the years one of the things that always gave me great joy was watching Erica and Brooke spar (with Adam and Palmer's rivalry a close second!).  These two fought over everything from business matters to men, but mostly about men.  But through it all they had a grudging friendship and uneasy respect for each other.  

8) Alec tries to drown Arlene in liquor.  The relationship between Alec McIntyre and Arlene Vaughn was one of my favorite twisted relationships ever.  Alec was married to Hayley, Arlene's daughter, but that didn't stop him from bedding Arlene, on his wedding night to Hayley no less!   But Alec soon realized that sleeping with his mother in law was a bad idea and she could ruin everything for him (namely getting control of Enchantment).  Arlene got wise to his plans and wanted in on the action but Alec wasn't about to share so he plotted a way to get rid of her.   With Arlene laying in bed, he joined her, letting her believe they were going to make love but then he grabs her around the neck and literally pours liquor down the alcoholic Arlene's throat.  I will never forget my jaw hitting the floor while watching that scene!  So did Mateo and Hayley's when they walked in on the scene and stopped Alec from killing Arlene.  I think he's still in prison for that!

9) Noah and Julia... start to finish!   One of my favorite couples of all time.  Their love story was epic.  After fleeing from the hospital with a several facial laceration, Julia ended up being rescued by Noah.  At first the street hood plotted to make money off her by turning her into a prostitute, but he soon realized she was much better than that and so began a journey to true love.  I still remember my own outrage when Julia was raped by Louie Grecco and then watching Noah go from worry, to rage, to tender loving care as he bathed Julia after her ordeal.  *sigh*  They just don't make love stories like that anymore.

10) Liza, Tad and Marian.  Seriously one of my all time favorite storylines and it pretty much single-handedly gave Tad the nickname Tad the Cad.  Not that he wasn't already a playboy, but this was really taking it to a whole new level.  Lonely Marian caught the eye of young Tad while he was working at the Glamorama and the two began an illicit affair.  Tad didn't seem to mind bedding mother and daughter, but it was going to blow up in his face, big time, when Liza found out.  And it did.  But history does repeat itself when, years later, Liza slept with her daughter Colby's boyfriend Damon!

So there you have it.  Those are my Top 10.   Granted I could have picked a top 50 and still not been done.  There are so many more truly wonderful storylines and moments.  Hell I didn't even mention many of my all time favorites like Myrtle, Phoebe and Langley (oh did I love Langley's affair with Opal!), Adrian, Simone, and so many more.  Or memorable moments like Cliff and Nina's wedding, Ryan and Gillian's wedding, Reese and Bianca's wedding.  All the Crystal Ball's.  Brooke losing Laura.  Erica's breakdown at Mona's funeral.  Bianca coming out to Erica.  And David David David!!!  With so much to cover in 41 years of shows, it's hard to narrow it down!  Give it a try, I bet when you think you have your ten,  you'll end up crossing some out and adding others in too :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kate Collins Addresses Cancellation/Continuation

In a new interview with Kate Collins (Janet), Time Out Chicago asked her about her recent return, AMC's cancellation on ABC and the possibility of she would return if it does make it to the internet next year.  Go Kate!

Happy Birthday Justin Bruening!!

 Happy Birthday Justin Bruening!!  Justin made his return appearance as Jamie Martin this final week of AMC.  He also stars in the pilot for the new Wonder Woman, currently looking for a TV home.  He celebrates is 33rd birthday today.

Happy Birthday Larkin Malloy!!

Happy Birthday Larkin Malloy!!  AMC's dearly departed Travis Montgomery celebrates his 57th birthday today.  In addition to occasional guest spots on TV, Larkin is currently an acting coach.

AMC Finale Article - New York Post

OK, I admit it, I'm posting this link today because I was asked, as an AMC "expert" to contribute to the article!   I'm absolutely honored to be a part of it.  I wrote quite a bit for the piece, of course, knowing it wouldn't all be used (and they didn't even use my best stuff!  lol).  But I am very excited to have been included.   So enjoy!  LINK

Thursday, September 22, 2011

REMINDER: The View Pays Tribute to AMC

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (September 23, 11:00 am EST on ABC) The View devotes the entire hour to paying tribute to AMC.  Susan Lucci (Erica) will be the special co-host, with special guests throughout the hour including Agnes Nixon, Vincent Irizarry (David), Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), and Cameron Mathison (Ryan).  As well as a special reunion of beloved couple Jenny and Greg, Kim Delaney and Laurence Lau!

Another Michael E. Knight Interview

I guess that is one thing we can thank the cancellation for, we get to hear a lot from Michael!  The notoriously interview shy star has been talking up a storm lately.  His interview with Michael Fairman is absolutely epic!   MEK talks about his offer from Prospect Park and a little about his plans, he talks about his legacy as Tad, and some of my favorite parts of this was where he talked about Susan Lucci (Erica).  Michael mirrored a lot of things that I have said myself in regards to Susan

AMC Finale Viewing Party in Chicago!

As previously reported, a viewing party will be held at Sidetrack in Chicago on Friday, September 23.  General admission tickets are $25, benefiting Season of Concern.  The event starts at 11:00 am CST with Chrishell Stause (Amanda), Terri Ivens (ex-Simone), Brian Gaskill (ex-Bobby Warner), Matt Borlenghi (ex-Brian Bodine), and Jeffrey Carlson (ex-Zoe/Zarf) all in attendance!  Bobbie Eakes (Krystal) was previously scheduled to appear but has had a change in plans.  After a live viewing the final episode there will be a meet and greet with the stars and a Q & A session.  For all the details, check out the Season of Concern website.

David Canary Reflects on his Time on AMC

David Canary (Adam/Stuart) gave a lovely interview to my hometown newspaper, The Cleveland Plain Dealer this week where he reflected on his time in Pine Valley and the cancellation.  He's just amazing, and has always been a personal fave.

Michael E. Knight Speaks on the End of an Era

Beautiful words by Michael E. Knight (Tad) were published today on The Daily Beast.  It's hard to believe there are only 2 more shows but my memories of Tad the Cad will last a lifetime!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Farewell AMC - Tribute

Wonderful tribute.  


Finale Promo

The end of an era indeed....

Happy Birthday Debbi Morgan!!!

Happy Birthday to Debbi Morgan, the beautiful and talented woman behind Angie Hubbard, who has been nothing short of amazing all these years.  I will miss those dimples!   Debbi heads to Young and the Restless after AMC's run on ABC and will first air on October 7.   She celebrates her 55th birthday today.

Happy Birthday Sarah Glendening!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Sarah Glendening (Marissa)!!   Sarah is proof positive that sometimes a recast goes right!   She celebrates her 29th birthday today.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Two AMC Actors Sign with Prospect Park!!

News just came out that Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara) are the first two AMCers to sign with Prospect Park and the continuation of AMC online!   The start of production for AMC should be announced soon.  Who else will follow suit?  Stay tuned, this whole thing has turned into a soap opera itself!


Preview of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eva LaRue!!

Or click HERE.

Susan Lucci on CBS Sunday Morning

In case you missed it...

You can also click HERE if the video doesn't work.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The End Draws Near...

This week, there are really no spoilers to post.  With the final week of shows upon us, no one is giving much of anything away.   And isn't that how it should be anyway?  I hope we get some good surprises along the way.   

I've gotten a lot of emails over the past few weeks asking me what is going to happen to the PVB once AMC ends it run on ABC.  Will it stay?  Will it go along with the show?  Am I going to continue once AMC is in the internet?   I wish I had a solid answer for you.  The fact is, I really don't know what I'm going to do.   When AMC was canceled way back in April, it seemed so hard to imagine that it would be gone, and so would the PVB.  But I came up with the best solution, which was to keep the PVB online for the history, archives, family trees, etc.  I would update the blog as stars from the show got new jobs and things of that nature, and then that would eventually taper off and it would just be an AMC history page.  I felt good about this resolution, I made peace with the cancellation of the show and was ready to move on.  

Then the Prospect Park deal happens and I'm at a loss.  It all sounds so hard to believe.  Can it be done?  What are the details?  Will it cost money to watch now?  Is it going to be a daily show for an hour like it has been?  Or will it go to being a weekly show?   Who's going to be on it?  Could it really work?   And frankly, none of these questions have yet been answered and we're all still wondering.  But I keep coming back to the fact that I made peace with it ending and moving on.  So honestly,  it's difficult to really say for sure what will happen with the PVB until we know what AMC will be in the future.  For now I'm going to go with my original plan and keep it going for updates on actors and what happens with the PP deal.  

AMC has been very very good to me.  But part of me wishes it had just been laid to rest with dignity.  If it comes back on the internet with just a handful of actors, it will be a whole different landscape, a whole different show.   And since it won't be back (reportedly) until mid January, how many fans who say they will follow it actually will?  Once you have that long without it, the habit is broken.   There are so many questions that I cannot answer other than to say, for now, the PVB will go on as I described (updating on what new jobs the stars get and updates on the PP deal).  But if you are ending your time with AMC when it ends on Friday and want to keep in touch with me, you can friend me on Facebook or follow me on my food blog.  I cannot thank you all enough for the love, support, and friendship you've shown me through the years.  Even the arguments have been a learning experience!  I couldn't have kept the PVB going all these (almost 13!!) years without you.  This week I'm trying to look at it as a celebration.   A celebration of a show I have loved since 1979.  I hope you will join me in that celebration.   I have so many beautiful memories of not only storylines and moments from the show, but times I've had and the lifelong friends I have made because of it.  Thank you All My Children, from the bottom of my heart, for everything.     

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Susan Lucci on CBS Sunday Morning!!

Tune into CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow, September 18 for an interview with Susan Lucci (Erica) on the set of AMC.  Susan will talk with correspondent Mo Rocca about her time in Pine Valley and what's next for the daytime diva.  CBS Sunday Morning airs on CBS from 9:00 - 10:30 am EST.

Friday, September 16, 2011

REMINDER: Soapnet Celebrates AMC THIS weekend!

Just a reminder that this weekend Soapnet will air it's two marathon tributes to AMC.  Saturday, September 17 at 7:00 pm EST, it's all about Erica!   The I Love Lucci marathon kicks off on Saturday, September 17 at 7:00 pm.   And then on Sunday, September 18 beginning at 5:00 pm EST, it's the Last Chance for Romance marathon.  For details on what episodes will be airing, click HERE.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

GMA's AMC Tribute!

In case you missed it this morning!  Click HERE if you are unable to see the whole screen.

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Actors Have Been Approached by PP!!!

Cameron Mathison (Ryan) revealed this morning on Good Morning America that that actors have now been approached by Prospect Park and are in the process of making deals.  During the segment on AMC's end at ABC, Cameron said that there are some odd and ends to be worked out but things are looking good!   Unfortunately they haven't yet posted the video online for this segment but they did post Cameron's screen test which is pretty darn cute I have to say!  LOL

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AMC Men Hit The Talk!!

In a pretty direct and blatant jab at ABC for replacing AMC with a cooking show, CBS's The Talk will feature some AMC hotties during the week of September 26 for a series they are calling All My Meals.  During the segment, one of our AMC men will cook up their favorite dish and then have a sit down with the women on the show to talk about the end of AMC.  Look for Jacob Young (JR) on the September 26 show.  Michael E. Knight (Tad) will appear on September 28.  And Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) will be featured on the September 29 show.  The Talk is on at 2:00 pm EST weekdays on CBS.

Eden Riegel to Exit Y&R!!

Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca) is leaving the role of Heather on Y&R in the not to distant future, she confirmed via Twitter:
Apparently my run on Y&R is soon coming to an end. It was a fun ride!
It seems as though Y&R has let four actors go recently, including Tristan Rogers (ex-GH).

Happy Birthday Shannon Kane!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Shannon Kane!!!   AMC's Natalia celebrates her 25th birthday today!

Monday, September 12, 2011

JR and Karina!

Isn't he the cutest!?   Don't forget to tune into the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars next Monday, September 19 at 8:00 pm EST on ABC to cheer on JR Martinez (Brot) and Karina Smirnoff!

Epic Susan Lucci Interview

TV Guide released a brand new interview with Susan Lucci (Erica) today and it's a great one.  She talks about everything from her beginning days at AMC up to the final days, and everything in between.  She's one of a kind!

Special SOD/SOW Pays Tribute to AMC

Hitting newsstands on September 20 is the All My Children tribute issue of Soap Opera Digest/Soap Opera Weekly.  The issue boasts 96 pages of everything Pine Valley including interviews of stars past and present, a look back at memorable stories and wedding and pictures galore!   You won't want to miss out on this.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spoilers for the Week of September 11

This weeks spoilers are now posted.  It's hard to, as Opal would say, wrap my hairdo around the fact that there are only 10 shows left.  One more week of posting spoilers, if there even are any for next week.  With everything so up in the air as far as Prospect Park's deal to put AMC on the internet, it's hard to be excited about what the future holds.  But for now, let's take it one day at a time.  This week we have the aftermath of the explosive confrontation at David's lab, Maya has a big decision to make, JR hits rock bottom, Angie gets something she was praying for, and Brooke returns!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob Young!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Jacob Young!!!   AMC's JR Chandler celebrates his 32nd birthday today!!

RIP Mary Fickett

Beloved AMC star, Mary Fickett (original Ruth Martin) has passed away Thursday at her home in Callao, VA.  She was 83 years old.  Mary had been ill for some time and bedridden for several years.  A true legend, Mary paved the way for soap stars, being the first ever daytime actor to win an Emmy.  Her hometown newspaper has a beautiful tribute to Mary that I highly recommend.  She will be greatly missed.  AMC ends it run on ABC on September 23 and the September 21 show will be dedicated in Mary's memory.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Internet for Lucci? reports today that Susan Lucci (Erica) has turned down the offer by Prospect Park to continue with AMC.  Reading this item made me angry, very angry.  I wasn't even going to post it.  All I could think of what that someone has it out for Susan (um hello Mr. Frons).   Here is a woman who has taken pay cuts, who has stood by the show through thick and thin when she really didn't have to, who uprooted her life in NYC where she has lived her whole life, and who towed the line, was fed lies and went out on her book tour repeating those lies (that the show was safe).  And now?  Now I'm supposed to believe that, as Deadline reports, "she tried to gouge the producers for more money while also asking to work fewer hours and get a commitment for a primetime series."  Sell that load of bull somewhere else.  I'm not buying it.  She may have turned down the offer, I'm not saying that isn't true, but all this other stuff?  No.  I don't believe it for one minute.  Could this be retaliation for Susan daring to tell the truth about Mr. Frons in her book?  And if Prospect Park doesn't do something to secure Susan, can AMC even continue?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spoilers for the Week of September 4!!

With only 14 shows left (Monday is a repeat), things are heating up big time!  JR is hitting rock bottom, Ryan and Zach come to blows, David assures Cara he'll be there for her, Angie has surgery and awaits her results, Cara's test result is a shocker and Verla Grubbs comes back to Pine Valley!

Sydney Penny and Cameron Mathison Star Together!

Sydney Penny (ex-Julia) and Cameron Mathison (Ryan) will be starring together in a new Lifetime original movie, The Wife He met Online.  Via ABC Soaps In Depth, Cameron is excited to play a little bit of a departure from Ryan in this mystery thriller movie.  He says, "It's a cool character not that dissimilar to Ryan, but at the same time, I'm going to try to add some differences."  No airdate is available at this time.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Chrishell Stause Guest Stars on Body of Proof

Chrishell Stause (Amanda) guest stars on the 6th episode this season on ABC's Body of Proof.  In the episode, roughly scheduled to air on October 25, Chrishell plays a party planner who's boyfriend is the victim of a murder.

Eva LaRue Dishes Sarah Michelle Gellar's Role!

In a new interview with The Examiner, Eva LaRue (Maria) dishes on her final performance as Maria and the role her good pal, Sarah Michelle Gellar (ex-Kendall) will be playing when they have their scenes together on September 21.  Says Eva:  "It was cheesy brilliance! Sarah actually plays a psych patient who thinks she is Erica Kane's daughter. I can't wait for fans to see it!"  Sounds perfect!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The View Tributes AMC!!

TV Guide reports The View will devote their full hour to paying tribute to AMC on September 23 the last day of AMC on ABC.  The promises interviews, footage of the final day of production and special guests including Agnes Nixon, Susan Lucci (Erica), Vincent Irizarry (David), Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) and Cameron Mathison (Ryan) among other stars from the past and present!   Tune in September 23 at 11:00 am EST on ABC.

All My Life Being Released on Paperback

Susan Lucci's best selling auto-biography, All My Life, is being released on paperback on September 13.  And there's an added bonus to the book, a new chapter that emotionally talks about AMC's cancellation, how she found out, and Prospect Park's purchase of both AMC and OLTL.  She reflects on Brian Frons intentions about the move to LA and lets loose on Charles Pratt, probably the most hated writer in daytime history.  One key line, "If Chuck Pratt’s intention was to come on board and mess with the history and integrity of our show, I believe he was successful in his efforts.”  That's my girl Susan!   I have absolutely loved how vocal she's been, it only makes me respect her even more.  

Reflections on the Final Day of Taping

A few articles have come out over the past few days of AMC stars reflecting on the last day of taping for ABC.  Up first, Susan Lucci (Erica) spoke with and tells them how she had to keep her emotions in check while they worked.  She echoed what a lot of us have been saying since the news of the cancellation... "It just didn't seem real."  And while it's still unclear as to whether or not she'll be making the move when AMC goes online, she is thrilled how Agnes Nixon and Lorraine Broderick have ended the show with several cliffhangers.

Also sharing some insights, Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) spoke with The New York Post about that final day.  He too echoed what many of us have said,  "You never really think it's going to go away."  Isn't that the truth!   He too is unclear and unsure what the future holds for AMC online but he is excited about a new online series he is starring in for Disney called CeReality, a spoof on soaps which premieres this month. 

It's A Pine Valley High Reunion!!

Next week Carol Burnett returns as Verla Grubbs!  And she's in town for the Pine Valley High School Reunion.   According to TV Guide, Verla comes to town to snag her old flame, Sam Brady (Jason Kincaid will be reprising his former roll!) does her best to keep him away from Opal!  Sounds like fun!  Interesting side note, AMC's Casting Director Judy Blye Wilson put out an urgent request to locate Jason Kincaid for this storyline.  It was Bill Timoney (ex-Alfred) who was able to track him down and get him touch with AMC.