Sunday, February 27, 2011

Performer of the Week - Colby

This week was Colby's week to shine!  She started out strong, standing up to big brother JR for his lack of family leadership.  She told him off but good and personally I think he needed to hear it.  Colby was kidnapped and held hostage by JR's maniacal girlfriend that he thought he could talk down from her mania.  Colby called him out on his ego, his belief that he could get Annie under control, how the family business is going down the tubes under his leadership and the how the family is falling apart.  She said it best when she said, "You are in so far over your head, it's actually pathetic, because you think that you can be Dad, but you will never ever be Dad."  Go Colby!  It's about time someone put JR in his place.

But that was just the beginning for Colby this week.  After receiving a call from Damon, Colby went to talk to her mother only to be discouraged from the possible reconciliation that Damon was proposing.   Liza brought up her own volatile relationship with her mother, Marian, saying that there are some things that can never be forgiven.  Confused, Colby wanted to know what her relationship with Marian had to do with what was going on with Colby and Damon.  Liza backpedaled but Colby kept pushing and eventually Liza mentioned Tad and their past, confusing Colby even more.  

Determined to find out what Liza was comparing her and Damon to, she went to seek out some answers and luckily she ran into loose lips Opal.  With only a few pointed questions, Opal revealed to Colby that Marian had slept with Tad while Liza was dating him.  Did history repeat itself?  It couldn't be.  Colby didn't want to believe it.  But she had to know so she went to confront her mother.

It was the confrontation that many have been waiting for, myself included.  How would Liza explain herself?  She can't, there is no justification.  There is no excuse good enough to explain how a mother slept with her daughters boyfriend.  The performances of both Natalie Hall and Jamie Lunar were stellar.   From Colby's disbelief that her own mother could hurt and betray her so completely and profoundly, to Liza's horror all over again at what she had done.  I felt for Colby, who was so hurt she wants Liza out of her life, declaring, "You're not my mom anymore."  And then I even felt for Liza who, with nowhere to turn, turned to Tad for comfort and understanding.  He tried to assure Liza that Colby would forgive her just as she had forgiven Marian, but Liza didn't think it would ever happen.  

Colby's devastation is extensive.   Will she ever be able to look at her mother as a mother again?  Will Liza be able to make this up to her daughter?  It will take a lot of work on Liza's part. With Natalie and Jamie portraying this duo, I can only imagine how great it will be to watch it unfold.

Spoilers for the Week of February 27!!

Spoilers for this week are now posted!   Kendall needs to watch her back!  Colby takes to the airwaves.  Erica and Jack are at a crossroads.  Griffin and Cara's mother hits town.  And Greenlee makes a deal with the devil!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Daytime Emmy Pre-Nom's Announced!!!

I make no secret of the fact that I think this process is stupid.  But that doesn't change it so here are the Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations for AMC!

Outstanding Lead Actress:  Alicia Minshew (Kendall), Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) and Debbi Morgan (Angie)

Outstanding Lead Actor:  Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) and Michael E. Knight (Tad)

Outstanding Supporting Actress:  Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) and Chrishell Stause (Amanda)

Outstanding Supporting Actor:  Cornelius Smith Jr. (Frankie) and Jacob Young (JR)

Outstanding Younger Actress:  Brittany Allen (Marissa) and Natalie Hall (Colby)

Outstanding Younger Actor:  Finn Wittrock (Damon)

There's a few no brainers here, a few head scratchers and a few omissions!  Check out SOD Online for all the nominees from other shows!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

COMMENTARY: Let's Talk Couples

New ones, old ones, potential ones... let's dish!  Up first, a new couple who can potentially end up my fave couple... Scott and Madison.  

The closer they get, the more I love them.  Having Daniel Cosgrove back as Scott has been a revelation!  He's gone from fast forward material to the one I want to watch.  I love this chemistry with, well, with everyone!   But I am truly loving the Scott/Madison dynamic.  But is it destined for failure?  It was Greenlee who pushed Scott towards Madison to keep her and the baby she is carrying away from Ryan.  Scott agreed to it and Greenlee helped him get out of prison.  Ever since, Scott's been trying to be a more stand up guy.  But what he really needs to do is come clean with Madison before it's too late.  Hell it might already be too late.  The two are falling for each other.  But when Ryan and Madison find out all the deception going on behind their backs, might it just push Ryan and Madison back together?

Which brings us to Ryan and Greenlee.  

To hear some fans talk, you'd think that everyone on planet earth hated these two as a couple.  Well that is just not true.  They aren't my favorite couple together, although I like them both apart.  And I don't hate them as a couple, but I really did like Ryan with Madison and Greenlee with David before David went from just being devious to the devil incarnate.  Greens though, she went into her latest marriage to Ryan carrying the huge secret that Madison is having his baby.  Things are eventually going to blow up.  And really, let's face it, it's pretty much a no brainer that they aren't even married.  The Rev. Ricky has proven to be anything but what he says he is.  So they won't even have to get divorced when Ryan finds out Greens knew about his latest progeny.  And really, does Ryan need another kid?   For that matter did Tad?  

As of today, Tad is engaged to Cara to throw off INS.  This opens up a whole interesting can of worms.  Clearly they are going to end up getting married.   How is Jake going to feel about that, Cara being his ex-wife and all?  I'm reserving judgment for now on Cara and Tad as a couple because I'm just thrilled Tad has a storyline.  And I kind of like Cara anyway.   So we'll see how that one plays out.

Jake and Amanda are the quintessential couple.  They've got it all and that, as you all know, is the kiss of death on soaps.  So here comes the conflict!  It was Amanda who called INS on Cara in the first place.  She didn't know it could potentially put Cara in a lot of danger, she just wanted the saucy wench away from her man.   This is going to blow up and it's not going to be good.   Amanda needs to trust their love and her husband.  Just because Cara is back doesn't mean a damn thing.  Jake is true blue and she knows it.  

JR and Marissa are done.  I can't see her ever taking him back again.... then again, he did way worse to Babe and she kept going back for more, so who knows!   But I keep hearing little rumblings about a deep friendship that Marissa and Bianca are going to form.  Bianca hired Marissa to handle her divorce from Reese, an unfortunate development IMO.  So Tamara Braun didn't want to come back as Reese, why not recast?  I really hate when TPTB undo things that broke ground on the show.   So now not only the first legal abortion on television was undone, but now the first gay marriage on soaps is being dissolved.  It's a shame.  But that frees up Bianca and Marissa already is single... might there be something developing between these two?   I'm hoping!

And the rest we shall save for another time.  Then again what is there left to say?  Colby and Asher?   Snore.  Caleb/Erica/Jack?  Meh.  Put Caleb with Opal and leave Jack and Erica alone, they can self destruct all on their own, without outside help.  As always, I adore Angie and Jesse.  I am interested in seeing something develop between David and Liza.  I might be down with Kendall and Griffin eventually.  I'm liking how it's going slow and let's face it, he is not hard to look at!  I'd definitely like to see Krystal get a story and some lovin!  And JR?  Dude needs to be single for a while.  So who did I miss?  Frankie and Randi?   Really... did I actually miss them?  Is there anything to say?

CASTING NEWS: Ray MacDonnell Makes a Visit!!

Ray MacDonnell will be reprising his iconic role of Dr. Joe Martin in early March when he and Ruth come to Pine Valley for a wedding!  Can't wait to see them!!

Happy Birthday Thorsten Kaye!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Thorsten Kaye!!!!   He celebrates his 45th birthday today.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Leven Rambin Guests on One Tree Hill!!

Look for Leven Rambin (ex-Lily) to begin her recurring role this week on One Tree Hill!!  She plays a young pregnant woman that crosses paths with Brooke as she explores the adoption option.  One Tree Hill airs on Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm EST.  Leven's stint at CSI: Miami begins airing February 27, 10:00 pm EST on CBS.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

CASTING NEWS: Lee Meriweather Returns!

Lee Meriweather has confirmed via Twitter that she will be appearing as Ruth Martin around the second week of March!    Hmmm, might she be in Pine Valley for a wedding?

Spoilers for the Week of February 21!!

Spoilers are now posted!!  Don't you just love sweeps??  So much going on!    Tad and Cara get engaged, Kendall gets a letter from Zach, Amanda's in hot water with Jake, Ryan, JR and Greenlee head out to find Emma, and Colby learns the truth!!


CASTING NEWS: Griffin and Cara's Mother Comes to Town!

Look for the debut of Elena Campbell-Martinez very soon.  She plays the role of Leticia, Griffin and Cara's very overprotective mother.  Elena has a long list of credits including most recently guest spots on Criminal Minds and Brothers & Sisters.

It's Mystery Birthday Time!!!

This lovely woman celebrates her 75th birthday today and when she was on AMC, she was bad to the bone!   Think you know who it is?  Scroll down and highlight the black box to find out!

Happy Birthday Marj Dusay (ex-Vanessa)!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Michael Nader!!!


Happy Birthday wishes to Michael Nader!!   He most recently appeared on the February 9 Oprah Show to surprise Susan Lucci!   Michael celebrates his 66th birthday today! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cameron at the Grammy's!

I don't watch the Grammy's mainly because I don't like any of the music and since the Ramones got their Lifetime Achievement Grammy the day before, I was off the hook for watching it this  year.  But it was definitely fun to see Cameron this morning talking about it!   

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spoilers for the Week of February 14!!!

Spoilers up!  This weeks marks the end of Melissa Claire Egan's run as Annie.  Technically her final airdate is March 21 but this week Annie goes on the run with Emma and won't be seen again except for some pre-taped scenes that will air in March.  Also this week, do Ryan and Greenlee actually get married?  *shrug*  Ricky is up to something.  Cara is in trouble.  Marissa is pissed.  And it looks like Bianca and Reese's marriage is over.

CASTING NEWS: Ella Thomas Joins AMC!!

As more and more information comes to light about Zach's death, it is revealed that Rev. Ricky may just have had something to do with it!  This week we find out that he's been working with the mysterious Diane, played by Ella Thomas, and they are definitely up to no good where Zach's death is concerned!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soapnet Valentine's Marathon!!

It's a big old love fest Sunday, February 13 on Soapnet as they take us down memory lane with some of ABC Daytime's greatest weddings.   Beginning at 3:00 pm EST, Soapnet will air Angie and Jesse's remarriage (which originally aired on May 21, 2008) and will continue with another Angie and Jesse remarriage episode at 4:00 pm (original airdate May 23, 2008).  At 5 and 6 pm, Soapnet will show a classic OLTL wedding and a classic GH wedding.  Don't miss it!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake Vaughn!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Jake Vaughn (Spike)!!!   Jake celebrates his 5th birthday today!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Michael B. Jordan!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Michael B. Jordan!!!  What a long way he's come from his days as Jack's adopted son Reggie!!   Michael not only stars on one of my favorite shows, Friday Night Lights, but he's also been recurring this season on Parenthood as well as Lie to Me.  He celebrates his 24th birthday today!


Happy Birthday Colin Egglefield!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Colin Egglesfield!!  The super hot actor played the very doomed character of Josh Madden, Erica's abortion come to life.  Despite the rewriting of history I couldn't help but love the guy!   And since leaving AMC he's gone on to star in the new Melrose, several movies and most recently did a guest appearance on Hawaii 5-0.  Colin celebrates his 38th birthday today!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Forget Oprah Tomorrow!

Don't forget, Wednesday, February 9 is all about soaps on Oprah!  And check it out, here is Susan Lucci with all of Erica's husband's!

We have one of the actors who played Phil Brent (sorry, I can't tell which one it is!), Charles Frank (Jeff Martin), Michael Nader (Dimitri Marick - YAH!!!!!),  David Canary (Adam Chandler - double Yah!!!), Richard Shoberg (Tom Cudahy), Walt Willey (Jack), Larkin Malloy (Travis Montgomery) and Nicolas Surovy (Mike Roy - who she wasn't even technically married to!).   Can't wait!!! 

The Oprah Show is syndicated, please check local listings for time and channel.

New AMC Interview... Ricky, Jordi and Lindsay!

Our friend Michael Fairman wrote in to let us know about the new interview he has posted with Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake), Jordi Vilasuso (Griffin) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara).  And what a great interview it is!   Check out it out by clicking here.

Favorite line, when Lindsay is told how Tad's wife Dixie died, "Well, I don’t want to eat any pancakes on this show!" 

Happy Birthday Julia Barr!!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Julia Barr!!!  Julia celebrates her 62nd birthday today!!  Hey, isn't it about time for Adam and Brooke to come back to Pine Valley for a visit? 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wednesday is Soaps Day on Oprah!

Tune into The Oprah Show on Wednesday, February 9 for a show of soap stars!!  Oprah reunites Genie Francis and Tony Geary (Laura and Luke) from General Hospital and then it's on to Erica Kane and all her husbands!   Susan Lucci and all eight of her AMC husbands will be guests on the show, in addition to Michael E. Knight (Tad), Debbi Morgan (Angie) and Darnell Williams (Jesse).  Quite a few years ago I recall Oprah doing a show like this with Susan and all of Erica's men.  Now there's even a few more to add to the list!   Here's a classic clip from that Oprah show!

The Oprah Show is syndicated, please check local listings for time and channel.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spoilers for the Week of February 6!!!

This weeks spoilers are posted!   You certainly can tell it's sweeps with the tons of spoilers there are for a short week.  Yes this is repeat week and ABC Daytime will be showing reruns on Friday, February 11.  AMC's will be the repeat of Erica and Jack's Boca Raton wedding from May 24, 2005.  But before that we have tons of action!   Kendall's life is in grave danger, Annie is nuts and now everyone knows it, Cara admits she loves Jake and JR is arrested!??

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Brittany Allen!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Brittany Allen!  AMC's former Marissa celebrates her 25th birthday today!!  (posted on the wrong day oops)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Melissa Claire Egan Final Airdate!!

As previously reported, Melissa Claire Egan is leaving the role of Annie Novak McDermott Lavery Chandler Chandler after four years.  Her final airdate has been announced as March 21.  It's pretty clear that Annie is going off the rails and will most like be occupying the room with a view next door to Janet from Another Planet.  Personally I haven't ever liked Annie all that much, but I'm totally down with seeing some Oak Haven hijinks between Tire Iron Annie and Crowbar Janet.   I hope we get some!  

Susan's Book!

As previously reported, Susan Lucci (Erica) has penned her memoir!   The book is being released on March 29!!!   Pre-order your copy at or Barnes and NobleThe book chronicles Susan's life before and during her time as Erica Kane.  If you're in the NYC area, you can see Susan speak about her new book at Book Revue located at 313 New York Ave, Huntington NY on March 30 at 7:00 pm.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cameron and Rebecca Appear on Castle!!

ABC will be airing a soap themed episode of the hit drama Castle tentatively scheduled for Monday, March 21 and appearing in that episode will be none other than Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) and Cameron Mathison (Ryan)!!  In the episode, which pays homage to star Nathan Fillion's soap roots by being called One Life to Lose, Rebecca will play soap starlet Mandy Bronson and Cameron plays Vince Bowers.  The story centers around the murder of the headwriter of the soap opera Temptation Lane after a fan blogs about her dissatisfaction with storylines (hmm, does that seem remotely far fetched to anyone??)!  Corbin Bernsen also stars as the soaps biggest star, Lance Buchanan (another nod to Fillion who played Joey Buchanan on OLTL).  Castle airs Monday nights on ABC at 10:00 pm EST.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Vasili Bogazianos!

Happy Birthday wishes to Vasili Bogazianos!!  Who could ever forget Benny Sago and how he called Phoebe, "Duchess."  Vasili celebrates his 66th birthday today and was most recently seen in the January 6 episode of The Mentalist.