Monday, August 31, 2009

Daytime Emmy AMC Fashions!!!

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tamara Braun Wins Emmy!!

Tamara Braun (ex-Reese) beat out both Alicia Minshew (Kendall) and Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama category. She won for her role of Ava on Days. Congrats Tamara!!!

Vincent Irizarry Wins Daytime Emmy!!!

Vincent Irizarry (David) won the first award of the night and the first AMC award of the night for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Beautiful speech and nice shout out to his fan club! Go Vincent!!!! He shared the award in a tie with Jeff Branson (ex-Jonathan, now GL)

Spoilers for the Week of August 31!!

In the words of Truvy from Steel Magnolia's, I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt! Seems like everyone in Pine Valley has gone nuts. Well everyone but poor JR who actually has a real problem. Check it out for yourself in this weeks spoilers. Randi and Frankie try to deal with losing Trevor. Amanda gets Trevor back only to lose him again. David is on the warpath. And Erica moves in with Zach???

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Agnes Nixon Blogs! launched last last week. Check out the beautiful page full of memories and photos of this daytime legend. Her photos are truly amazing. She also has videos and a blog! I can't wait to read more of her blogging and how she feels about the state of soaps, especially hers as well as all her wonderful memories!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This week from the Soap Blog Coalition!!!

Daytime Confidential's Jillian is dishing the latest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and offers a sneak peek at what's coming down the pipe this fall. (Daytime Confidential)

Michael Fairman handicaps the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards and gives the odds on who will and will not take home the big award. (Michael Fairman Soaps)

We have everything you need to know about Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson's AIDS Walk fundraising campaign - including how to win an autographed script, clothes off their back, and set tour for four. (Scrubs Hub)

All My Children this week has taught the Serial Drama girls that Baby Trevor is far wiser than any of his parental figures, and that Tad Martin may, in fact, be the biggest Zach/Kendall 'shipper of them all. (Serial Drama)

The Young and the Restless has been a favorite soap of Mary Montanari for a very long time, but as of late, more often than not, she finds herself fast forwarding through several convoluted plots. Please Y&R, give us a break and end some of these brutally boring storylines. (Soap Opera Examiner)

Will Twitter Save Daytime TV? Read The Wubqueen's non-scientific observations. (Wubs)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Congratulations Aiden and Megan!!!!

Big congrats to Aiden Turner (Aidan) and his wife Megan!!! They welcomed their new daughter, Ciella Larryn Turner into the world on Friday, August 21 at 12:20 am. The baby weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs, 13 oz!

Watch Out Liza! Your Baby Mama is Coming to PV!!

Sofia Black-D'Elia has been cast in the role of Bailey, the very young woman who gave her baby to Jake and he in turn gave to Liza. No first airdate has yet been announced. Sofia is a daytime newcomer who previously worked as a model.

Happy Birthday David Canary!!!!

Happiest of Birthday wishes go out to David Canary! He celebrates his 71st birthday today!!!!

Happy Birthday Cameron Mathison!!!

Happy birthday wishes go out to Cameron Mathison! The AMC hottie celebrates his 40th birthday today!

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Emmy Week!!!

Sunday, August 30 is Daytime Emmy day and AMC has lots of nominations this year to root for. Here is what our AMC nominees submitted for Emmy consideration.

Outstanding Lead Actor nominee Thorsten Kaye (Zach) submitted the show that aired April 24, 2008 - Zach tells Kendall how affected he is by her sleeping with Aidan and the two burn down the cabin she and Aidan slept together in.

Outstanding Lead Actress nominee Debbi Morgan (Angie) submitted the show that aired February 15, 2008 - Angie and Jesse see each other for the first time in 20 years. (one of my faves, they both should have been nominated for that!)

Outstanding Supporting Actress nominee Alicia Minshew (Kendall) submitted the show that aired April 14, 2008 - Kendall admits to Zach that she slept with Aidan, but he already knew.

Outstanding Supporting Actress nominee Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) submitted the show that aired September 15, 2008 - Annie blames herself for her miscarriage and is taunted by the ghost of Richie.

Outstanding Supporting Actor nominee Jacob Young (JR) submitted the show that aired October 23, 2008 - JR and Babe realize she is dying so he brings her to the hospital chapel where she dies in his arms.

Outstanding Supporting Actor nominee Vincent Irizarry (David) submitted the show that aired November 13, 2008 - David contemplates suicide after Babe's death and vows revenge on all the Chandlers while telling them he's changed his ways.

Outstanding Younger Actor nominee Cornelius Smith Jr. submitted the show that aired February 22, 2008 - Frankie tries to come to grips with the fact that his father may not be dead after all.

Outstanding Drama Series nominee All My Children submitted the show that aired October 17, 2008 - A tornado rips through Pine Valley destroying most everything in it's wake.

The Daytime Emmys air on the CW network at 8:00 pm EST. A pre-Emmy show will air from 7:00 - 8:00 pm, also on the CW and will be hosted by The Insider's Lara Spencer and Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier.

Eden's New Website!

Be sure to check out Eden Riegel's brand new website! is absolutely wonderful, full of new photos and tons of information. Eden has been tweeting about putting this website together herself (with a little help from her hubby Andrew). Great job to both!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of August 25!!

There's a lot to absorb this week in the spoilers!! The not surprising... Kendall acts like a spoiled child. Randi wants to hold on to Baby Trevor. Ryan argues with anyone and everyone. Marissa is annoyed with David. And the very surprising... David finds out some interesting information after holding a gun on Liza and someone in Pine Valley gets a very devastating diagnosis!

And don't forget to check the About Town page for all the latest AMC star appearances!

Peter Brouwer Cast as Shady Judge!!

The shady Judge Robinson, the judge that Adam has paid off, begins airing this week, played by actor Peter Brouwer. He's previously appeared on ATWT and most recently, OLTL as Beaver Calhoun.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This week from the Soap Blog Coalition!!!

The last few days on One Life to Live have been filled with hysterical one-liners, killer performances from the legacy actors, and generally great stuff all around. What else could be headed our way? (Daytime Confidential)

Has everyone in Pine Valley lost their minds!? Take a look at all the lunacy and tell us who you think is the nuttiest of them all! (Pine Valley Bulletin)

This week at The Scrubs Hub we're reflecting on the GH Murder Mystery! (Scrubs Hub)

Former GH and Night Shift star Antonio Sabato Jr. has his own VH1 dating show. In case you missed the series premiere, the Serial Drama girls tuned in and recapped it. Their verdict: cheesy, tawdry and more than a little addictive. (Serial Drama)

We all know Josh Lewis has always been a gift in Reva's life, but what he's done for Olivia in her time of need has been absolutely amazing. (Soap Opera Examiner)

The Wubqueen is back in the country and ready to dish! Get a great round-up of charity events, star news and of course, scoops and gossip. (Wubs)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who is More Out of Their Mind!?

Are the residents of Pine Valley drinking the funky Kool Aid? It seems like it when you have people who are generally sane acting like complete lunatics. I seriously think Oak Haven is going to run out of room if things keep up the way they are.

First we have Zach Slater and his lovely wife, Kendall Hart Slater. Zach
with his control issues and brilliant ideas, has decided that Kendall cannot go to jail. Instead he hired a Kendall look alike for loads and loads of money that he no longer has to serve Kendall's time for her while he tries to prove Annie is guilty of killing Stuart. Not proving Annie guilty isn't an option because that would mean that not only would Kendall have to live in a small room she never noticed in her own house, but the look alike would have to serve a minimum of 15 years.

Kendall's main beef here is that Zach is so busy trying to hide her and keep her safe that he has to do unsavory things like have dinner with Liza when she shows up unannounced. Kendall threw a 3 year old sized hissy when Liza went into the kitchen and Kendall popped out of hiding to taunt Zach with, "why are you having dinner with Liza and not me!?"
Oh.My.God. Are you serious Kendall?

But on the other hand, Kendall's didn't know about this plan and was actually drugged by Jesse and whisked away to said secret room at Casa Slater without her knowledge. Yes you heard me right. Jesse! Chief of Police Jesse, the most upstanding and honest cop ever right? WRONG. Not only is Jesse aiding and abetting Kendall, but he also covered up a murder that he thought Randi committed. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse... how the mighty have fallen!

That brings us to Randi. She bonked scuzzball DA Henry North over the head with a bookend when it was clear he wasn't going to take no
for an answer. She ran out but soon realized she was missing an earring so she went back to retrieve it so nothing could place her at the scene. At that point she wasn't really sure she killed North. What she didn't know was that his creepy, yet strangely intriguing wife Madison had gone into the room to finish him off. So when Randi came back, she found Henry dead. Jesse showed up, covered up the whole thing after Randi told him she was pregnant and then was supposed to just live with the idea she murdered someone.

And then there's Madison North. The jealous, jilted widow of the DA. She's got issues galore! Far too many to delve into but I think I've mentioned before that as someone who has committed murder, she should probably be keeping a lower profile. Yet she taunts Jesse, she taunts Randi, and she taunts Frankie any chance she can get. She seems to think she's untouchable but that is never ever the case. Somehow, somewhere this Stepford wife is going to to mess up. Her own arrogance will be her undoing.

As if that isn't bad enough, Randi then finds a baby, Amanda's
baby to be exact, abandoned on the steps of a church and she believes he is her key to redemption so she decides to keep him! Just how did Baby Trevor get on those steps? Well let me tell you, Opal thought that Jake and Amanda's plan to "adopt" Trevor was not a good one and instead convinced them that finding the baby would be the way to go. Social Services be damned, finders keepers losers weepers. Amanda would just get to keep the found baby. Problem is, Randi found him instead.

What else... Adam is going to marry Annie. JR and Scott both kissed Annie. JR wanted to prove she didn't really love Adam and Scott is just looking for some nookie anywhere he can get it. Liza thinks she has a shot at Zach. Marissa has the audacity to be pissed that JR didn't put her above his son when David offered to leave Little A alone if he leaves Marissa alone. All this and only Marian is in Oak Haven??? What is wrong with this picture?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Michael B. Jordan Cast on Friday Night Lights!!!!

Oh am I excited about this! FNL is one of my fave shows and they have just announced that Michael B. Jordan (ex-Reggie) has been cast as the bad boy of East Dillon High. According to EW's Ausiello Files, Jordan will be playing a junior at the high school and the team running back. If you watch the show, you know that the season ended with Coach Taylor leaving his job at Dillon High and going to work for rival, East Dillon. New episodes will begin airing in the Fall on Directv and then on NBC in January. In the meantime, you can catch Jordan on the new original series on The N Network, The Assistants, airing Friday nights at 8:30 pm.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of August 17!!!

This weeks spoilers are now up! It's a crazy week of crazy behavior as Randi decides she should keep the baby she found and Frankie agrees! Annie puts the moves on Scott. Kendall remains hidden after some close calls. And basically everyone is off their rocker on AMC this week!

Daytime Emmy Presenters Announced!!!

As previously reported, the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be held in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, August 30 and air on the CW network at 8:00 pm. A pre-Emmy show will air from 7:00 - 8:00 pm, also on the CW and will be hosted by The Insider's Lara Spencer and Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier.

Here is this year's list of presenters: Colin Egglesfield (ex-Josh), Melissa Claire Egan (Annie), Susan Lucci (Erica) and Cameron Mathison (Ryan) from AMC. Also presenting, from OLTL, Kristen Alderson and Brandon Buddy. From GH, Bradford Anderson, Anthony Geary, and Kirsten Storms. From B&B, Patrick Duffy, Ronn Moss and Katherine Kelly Lang. From ATWT, Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. From Y&R, two former AMCers, Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-Maggie) and Billy Miller (ex-Richie). From Days, another former AMCer, James Scott (ex-Ethan) and Jay Kenneth Johnson. And from GL, Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman.
(photo courtesy of Linda Lenzi)

Frons Speaks Out About the end of Guiding Light!

I can't decide what is the most appalling about this Wall Street Journal interview with Mr. Brian Scott Frons, President of Disney/ABC Daytime. I have to say his cavalier attitude about the end of a daytime institution is pretty damn appalling. Mr. Frons is just so out of touch with soap fans that reading his words gives me a headache. One thing is for sure, he has certainly not endeared himself to the legions of Guiding Light fans who are devastated by the end of their show. (Guiding Light filmed it's final show on Friday, August 14 to air September 18).

Yeah yeah, I understand soaps are a business. I understand when a part of that business is failing and for as long as GL has been, something has to be done. In this case, cutting it loose. What I'm talking about here is that soaps have been this mans bread and butter for many many years. How about some respect for the people who keep you employed! I can only imagine, if his words were being said about my beloved AMC how I would feel.

YaYa DaCosta Cast on Ugly Betty!!!

Former AMCer and America's Next Top Model runner up, YaYa DaCosta (Cassandra) has been cast on ABC's Ugly Betty as the daughter of Vanessa Williams character, Wilhelmina Slater. The character, Nico, was previously played by Jowharah Jones for three episodes back in 2006. This season the show moves to Fridays and YaYa begins airing on the October 9 season premiere.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Behind the Scenes at Melose with Colin!!

He may have survived an attempt at being aborted by his mother and had a mad scientist for an adopted father, but Colin Egglesfield made the role of Josh Madden someone I could root for. Despite being in a story that had zero plausibility, I found myself drawn to the character. OK, it helps that Colin is to die for gorgeous. But equally, he played the role of the walking talking fetus, as I liked to call him, with aplomb, never ever even hinting at how stupid even he must have thought it was to survive an abortion and be transplanted into another woman. He played it with grace, with palpable anguish and with an underlying anger that would eventually be his undoing.

But it didn't take long for
Colin to rebound after leaving AMC! As previously reported, he landed a role on one of the most anticipated shows this fall, the new Melrose Place!

plays the role of surfer dude/sous chef Auggie Kirkpatrick. Go with Colin behind the scenes of the making of Melrose Place! And let me just point out, Colin is as hot and funny as ever!!

The show premieres on Sept. 8 on the CW network at 9:00 pm EST.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This week from the Soap Blog Coalition!!!

Daytime fans you are in for a treat. Mimi Torchin, Mother of Soap Opera Journalism, returns to Daytime Confidential! This is a special interview you'll want to tune in for. (Daytime Confidential)

Robin and Patrick have some of the best dialogue on General Hospital, see which of the latest most memorable made our list (Scrubs Hub)

It's a day that ends in -y, so, naturally, Sam McCall is being threatened, Spinelli is babbling and General Hospital is inventing new levels of terrible. (Serial Drama)

Behind the scenes on a soap - how many tubes of lipstick does it take? Mary Montanari ponders the products from wardrobe to hair spray to makeup to set decor they must use on a soap opera. (Soap Opera Examiner)

In the latest installment of Damon L. Jacobs' lunch with Louise Sorel, the actress shares her experience working on Days of Our Lives, burying Carly alive, and a day in the life as a box of french fries. (We Love Soaps)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of August 10!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted. It's a week of scheming as Jake and Amanda scheme to keep Baby Trevor and he ends up missing in the process! David schemes to keep JR away from Marissa. But the biggest one is Zach as he schemes to keep Kendall from serving time by hiring a look alike to serve the time for her (played by Aryn Elaine Cole - left. Sorry for the small pic, that's the best I could find)!!

Marian Colby - Performer of the Week!

I'm sure I'm not the first one to say it this time (AMC totally copied my "Annie Nicole Smith" line this week! LOL), but it certainly bears repeating... Jennifer Bassey aka Marian Colby defined Performer of the Week this week. Her anger at losing the love of her life is understandable. Her grief, palpable. Her need for revenge, dangerous. Her utter sense of loss, heartbreaking. And her deep regret, unmistakable. Marian went through every emotion and Jennifer played them all with grace and total abandon. It was the performance of a lifetime in a lifetime full of amazing performances. If this was indeed Jennifer (and Marian's) swansong on AMC, what a way to go!

Susan Lucci and Erica Go to Kenya!

Susan Lucci (Erica) along with Anthony Geary and Kelly Monaco (of GH) headed to Kenya recently as part of the Daytime Gives Back, Feed the Children campaign. The stars went to some of the most poverty stricken areas to meet with the people who live there, learn about their lives and raise awareness of the dire circumstances they live in. The three stars took part in activities with the residents and helped give food to those in need.

Beginning on August 20, AMC will feature Erica on the same adventure. And on August 30, the Daytime Emmy broadcast will show footage of the stars on this humanitarian mission. The Emmy's air on the CW network beginning at 8:00 pm EST. Check out the Daytime Gives Back website for more information on this amazing effort.

As you watch this clip you can see how affected Susan was by her trip as she discusses it on Air America with Montel Williams.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Sydney Penny!!!

Birthday wishes today go out to Sydney Penny (ex-Julia), one of my all time AMC faves! Sydney celebrates her 38th birthday today :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This week from the Soap Blog Coalition!!!

The best argument the soap opera genre can make in favor of its own survival airs at 2pm EST on ABC/ 9pm EST and its name is One Life to Live. Luke Kerr makes the case for why One Life to Live deserves to be the last ABC soap standing. (Daytime Confidential)

Everyone's talking about it and so are we. Share your thoughts on the big news of the week... All My Children moves to LA! (Pine Valley Bulletin)

Come and see if you can put The Drake Family back together in our latest puzzle! (Scrubs Hub)

The Serial Drama girls are so desperate for General Hospital related entertainment that they have resorted to creating word games. This week, play The Jumble, GH style. (Serial Drama)

One Life to Live does Grey Gardens. A great "Sonny's Bio" to detail his long line of women, and General Hospital goes all out for a remote shoot. (Wubs)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pratt Falls Season Finale!

These girls never fail to deliver the laughs!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Following weeks of speculation, the cast and crew of AMC was informed today that they are moving production to Los Angeles in December and start shooting in LA on January 4. SOD broke the news after being scooped by Daytime Confidential last week. OLTL will move into AMC's vacated NYC studo. Both shows will be then begin filming in HD.

This news leads to tons of questions, that I'm doing my best to get answers to (and updating this item as new information comes in). But my first question is what will long time NY based actors do? Will they go or will we be losing Susan Lucci (Erica), David Canary (Adam), Michael E. Knight (Tad), Thorsten Kaye (Zach - who's significant other Susan Haskell is on OLTL and remaining in NY), Ray MacDonnell (Joe), Jill Larson (Opal) just to name a few. Will we going to lose all of these actors?? Is this the beginning of the end of AMC??

ABC released these statements: "
All My Children is one of the most recognizable brands in television, and we are committed to continue telling and enhancing the stories of the residents of Pine Valley," said Brian Frons, president of the Daytime division of the Disney/ABC Television Group. "The move to Los Angeles enables both 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' to dramatically improve the series production models and achieve significant efficiencies while enhancing each show. We had to examine every option on the table to combat the current economic realities, and rising costs of production, and we are doing it in a way that makes each of our shows stronger."

And: "I am so grateful for the wonderful commitment from ABC to 'All My Children,'" said Agnes Nixon, creator of both shows. "While I will miss being able to run over to the show ... it feels a little like I am sending one of my children off to be married. ... I am glad the network is making moves that will enable the team to continue telling stories about Pine Valley. ... There are many more secrets to be revealed."

(8/6 update) The lastest from SOD online says, "
A high-placed show source says to expect the returns of multiple L.A.-based AMC alums, "three-to-four big names, maybe more." Hints one high-profile alum, "I always said I would have stayed on the show forever if it was in L.A."

And tune into Live with Regis and Kelly tomorrow, Friday, August 7. Susan Lucci (Erica) will be a guest on the show!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam Mayfield!!!!

With my apologizes to Adam for being a day late... Happy Birthday wishes to Adam Mayfield! And a little advice to Scott Chandler... watch out for Annie!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of August 3!!!

Are you ready for this AMC fans... I mean it, are you ready? The spoilers for this week are now posted and it's some twisted stuff! Marian is toting a gun and taking aim for Kendall, but her aim is not so great. Jake and Amanda come up with yet another plan for her baby. Kendall confesses and is sentenced. And my gag reflex is getting a work out on this one... Adam proposes to Annie Nicole Smith!