Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of March 29!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted! Don't write off Zach and Kendall just yet, there is more to come when they band together for their boy! Also this week, Adam is missing and then shows up, Annie has some disturbing dreams, and David is put the test!!

Happy Birthday Terri Ivens and Christopher Lawford!!!

Today we celebrate the birthdays of two former AMCers! Terri Ivens (ex-Simone) celebrates her 42nd birthday today.

And Christopher Lawford (ex-Charlie) celebrates his 54th birthday today!

Friday, March 27, 2009

CASTING NEWS - Tamara Braun out!

Hot on the heels of Eden Riegel's return, we have Tamara Braun's exit! And this is how it was meant to be all along. Through the months, we've been getting hints and looks at how the Bianca/Reese love story would play out. Now that Reese knows without a doubt that her heart belongs to Bianca, she wants everyone to know. And when Bianca returns it is only she that Reese needs to prove it to. They leave together for Paris in late April/early May to work on their damaged relationship together.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where Are They Now? Darlena Tejeiro (ex-Anita, 1995-97)

If you were watching this week's episode of CBS' How I Met Your Mother, you spotted Tejeiro as a Lucia the lunch room lady/faux-executive. The Cuban American Actress got to show off her native Spanish skills, something that was surprisingly in short supply during her run at All My Children.

Tejeiro was the only actually Hispanic actress among the Santos sisters. She remembers, "I tried not to make that an issue with anyone. It was kind of hard, but they were all actors. They would make me say a couple of things in Spanish, but not a lot."

Tejeiro's next project is the new JJ Abrams Star Trek feature film due out this summer.

For more on Anita Santos check out her QUICK GUIDE.

CASTING NEWS - Brittany Allen Joins AMC!

Not much is known yet about AMC newcomer Brittany Allen other than her name is Marissa and she meets Krystal in a massage parlor on April 21. Then the two end up arrested! Word has it there is a lot that will happen with Marissa come May. Brittany has previously been seen on M.V.P. as well as various movies.

CASTING NEWS: Bianca is Coming Home... Again!!

Eden Riegal
is set to return as Bianca on April 24! After a disastrous aftermath to a beautiful wedding, Bianca took her kids and ran back to Paris. But with Reese on the mend and a new determination to win back the love of her life, might she actually succeed??

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Sunday Surgery: It's the Extras that Matter! (

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Legend of Les

This week, Erica Kane confronted Police Chief Jesse Hubbard with a scar from his past when she compared David Hayward's actions to that of Les Baxter.

Les was Angie Hubbard's disapproving father, who could not look past Jesse's questionable street credentials to see that he made his daughter truly happy. Les was famous for his short fuse. An argument between Les and Frank Grant over Jesse got so heated that Frank suffered a fatal stroke.

I guess it is to no surprise that the Hubbard's named their son after Frank and not Les.

His most egregious offense was manipulating a vulnerable Angie into signing away her parental rights to her newborn son, Frankie. Eventually it was revealed that Les was "Mr. Big," a crime-lord responsible for a baby selling ring. Rookie police officer Jesse confronted Les in a sting, that left Les dead and his marriage in shambles.

Antonio Fargas portrayed the role of Les on a recurring basis from 1983-87.

The Show Will Go On!!!!

It may be later than it normal, and may not be where it was expected to be.... but the Daytime Emmy's will be broadcast on network TV!!!! The CW has decided to pick up the awards show with no home and will broadcast August 31 from the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. Things weren't looking good when, due to declining ratings, CBS decided not to broadcast the show this year. ABC didn't have room in their schedule and NBC has not been in the rotation for several years. And when Soapnet opted not to pick up the show, things looked even more bleek. But a big thank you goes out to the CW for stepping up to the plate!

Nominations will be announced on May 14 during the fourth hour of the Today Show on NBC.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Some say all roles on soap operas can be recast. In fact, Agnes Nixon had warned the original cast of All My Children that their contracts were interim until they had proven themselves in their role. Key characters like Anne Tyler and Kate Martin were recast multiple times in the first year. Nixon struck gold with long time cast members Judith Barcroft and Kay Campbell.

All My Children is revisiting this dangerous territory this spring when Jamie Lunar rolls on as Liza Colby, a role already with one failed recast under its belt. Marcy Walker defined the role of conniving, spoiled, rich girl Liza Colby in two stints that spanned just over two decades.

Lunar has the tough role of filling the shoes of one of Daytime's most popular actresses in a very popular role. Only time will tell whether Lunar can count herself amongst the program's finest, or forgettable. The following are just three recasts that left viewers scratching their heads:

Anne Tyler (from Judith Barcroft 1971-77, to Gwynn Gillis, 1979-81)
Though a recast herself, Judith Barcroft brought the character of Anne to the forefront. Barcroft was to the adult set of of Pine Valley citizens what Ruth Warrick (ex-Phoebe Tyler) was to its founders and what Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane) was to its younger set; the axis in which all the story lines revolved. After a memorable love triangle with Nick Davis and Paul Martin, Barcroft took Anne off the canvas with a dramatic fall into insanity after the death of the baby she had longed for, for so long. Co-star Bill Mooney (ex-Paul) said of Barcroft that, "She's an extremely skilled and inventive actor, and a gloriously beautiful woman. I think we have a very special chemistry together."

When Nixon decided to bring Anne back in 1979, the role was recast with Gwynn Gillis. Anne was now the spoiler in the blossoming relationship between Paul and Ellen Shepherd. After her reconciliation with Paul, it was clear that there was not any story left to be told for Anne. She was killed off in a car explosion meant for Paul. Frankly, Anne would have been better off left in Oak Haven.

Dr. Angie Baxter Hubbard (from Debbi Morgan 1982-90, 1993-97, 2008-present, to Saundra Quarterman 1990-91)
Debbi Morgan rocked the soap world when she announced she was leaving her flagship role of Angie Hubbard on #2 Soap Opera All My Children, for fledgling neophyte Generations. The character of Angie stood out for being a positive portrayal of an African American woman. She grew up in front of the audience's eyes from an virginal high school student into a successful doctor. It only made sense that Morgan wanted to explore the opportunities at Generations, a soap opera revolving around an intentionally racially diverse cast.

The decision to recast the role of Angie was even more surprising. By 1990, Angie was not involved in a major storyline or popular romantic pairing; her departure seemed rather imminent. Recast Saundra Quarterman failed to impress the audience. She was let go with very little fanfare less than a year into her run. Morgan would reclaim the role in 1993, and continues to portray the character to this day.

Del Hunkle Henry (Winsor Harmon 1994-95 to Alec Musser 2005-08)
Winsor Harmon did not have much time to make the role of town saint Dixie Cooney's never mentioned half-brother Del Henry his own. The Texan new-comer spent less than a year on the show before departing with on-screen love interest, Sarah Michell Gellar (ex-Kendall Hart). Harmon landed on his feet when he was cast as The Bold and the Beautiful's black sheep,Thorne Forrester.

In 2005, I Want to Be a Soap Star winner Alec Musser came on in the role of a very de-aged Del. What seemed like an idea opportunity to delve into the character's past relationships with the Cortlandt family or ex-fiance Kendall (then recast with Alicia Minshew), instead had viewers seeing Del as an all new character. By the end of 2005, Musser served to solely fill the "hunk factor" in Pine Valley, being dragged out for large ensemble scenes. After three years as a glorified under-five, Musser and Del disappeared into the land of "recurring players;" a move probably left unnoticed by most.

Let's not even get started about Ruth Martin...

New Role for Egglesfield!!!!

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Colin Egglesfield (ex-Josh) has landed a lead role in the pilot for the CW's new version of Melrose Place! He plays Auggie, a surfer dude who works as a sous chef by day with dreams of being in business for himself someday. They made the right choice. One of the things I remember about the old Melrose Place is that everyone was beautiful. Colin sure fits the bill!

Guest Spot for Budig!!!

Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee) has landed a guest starring spot on the CBS hit sitcom, How I Met Your Mother!! Set to air during one of the final shows of the season (actual airdate not available at this time), she will be playing love interest to Ted, played by Josh Radnor. How I Met Your Mother airs Monday's nights at 8:30 pm EST.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of March 22!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted! Don't miss a minute as Little A's custody hearing commences, one couple gets married, another sleeps together AGAIN, and someone gets punched!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Congratulations Aiden Turner!!!!

Aiden Turner, who plays AMC's hot PI, is going to be a daddy in real life! Aiden and wife Megan are expecting their first bundle of joy, a girl, late in the summer. Congratulations!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Highlights from across the Soap Blog Coalition.

Daytime fans will love this recent, candid Q&A that Walt Willey (Jackson, AMC) did with his fans. Learn his thoughts about his character's past, present, and future, as well as his comedy, family, and much more. (AMC Superposter)

For the first time an actress isn't No. 1 on the Daytime Confidential Top 20. Find out who is. (Daytime Confidential)

The terrible show that is General Hospital is slowing draining the Serial Drama girls of the will to blog, so they're skipping recaps in favor of completely serious and not-at-all-rigged polls. (Serial Drama)

10 Ways You Know You Have GPPD (Guza-style Post Partum Depression) instead of PPD. (The Scrubs Hub)

The biggest dish I heard all week? Jonathan Jackson was again approached to revive the Lucky character. (

Interview with longtime soap actress, Louise Shaffer, who transitioned to soap writer and is currently a novelist. Her book, "Serendipity", hits stores on March 24. (We Love Soaps)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Cornelius Smith Jr.!!!

Happy Birthday to Cornelius Smith Jr. (Frankie)!!! He celebrates his 27th birthday today!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Many Faces of Scott Chandler

This April Adam Mayfield takes over the role of legacy character Scott Parker Chandler. Scott's life has had as many twists and turns as he has recasts. Here is a look back into the life of one of Pine Valley's most troubled tikes:

The late Phillip Amelio (l.) was the first Scotty. His onscreen mother, Ellen Wheeler (r.), would go on to become Executive Producer of Guiding Light.

Phillip Amelio (1987-89): Little Scotty Parker's life was turned upside down when after the death of his father, Fred Parker, from complications from AIDS. Fred was a intravenous drug user. News of his death stirred Pine Valley because one of Fred's friends and fellow addicts was Mark Dalton, Erica Kane's brother. Scotty faced an uncertain future when his mother, Cindy Parker, was diagnosed with the virus as well.
While at the children's center at Pine Valley Hospital, Scotty befriended volunteer Stuart Chandler. Stuart and Cindy fell in love despite criticisms from the community and Stuart's family. When the couple married, Scotty had a new father in Stuart and he formally took on the Chandler name. Their happiness would be short lived as Cindy too would succumb to complications from AIDS.

Shane McDermott (r.) went on to become a successful real estate agent. Brian Gaskill (l.) last starred as Guiding Light's Dylan Lewis.

Shane McDermott (1995-96): A teenage Scott faced growing pains in his early days of high school. Always being seen as the "good guy," Scott had a hard time getting girls. He fostered an unrequited crush on best friend Anita Santos, while she only had eyes for his childhood friend Bobby Warner.
Scott got a part time job at WRCW, where he realized his passion for the entertainment industry.

The cabin scenes lead to some funny off screen moments for Daniel Cosgrove and company. Cosgrove currently stars as Guiding Light's Bill Lewis, Dylan's little brother.

Daniel Cosgrove (1996-98): Scott's first relationship was with runaway Laura Kirk. Scott tutored Laura to help her catch up with the rest of her class. But Laura was haunted by demons of her own past and could not commit to a relationship.
Liza Colby, Scott's uncle Adam's latest wife and his boss at WRCW, became especially protective of Scott. Liza could see that the gold diggers were circling now that Scott was about to come into his trust fund. The two main culprits were down-and-out-princess Gillian Andrassy and unlucky-in-love Kelsey Jefferson. Liza sent Kelsey packing for Buffalo, and arranged for Gillian to fall in love with con-man Ryan Lavery.
When Lee Hawkins came to Pine Valley claiming vengeance on the Chandler for the supposed death of his wife in Pigeon Hallow, Scott was sent away to California to attend film school.

Even Forbes March (r.) had no idea that Rebecca Budig would go on to achieve super couple status with storyline spoiler Leo duPres.

Forbes March (1999-2000): Scott did a lot of growing up in California. Namely, he lost his virginity to Pine Valley debutant Greenlee Smythe. Scott wanted to pursue a relationship with the virginal Becca Tyree, but Greenlee smeared his good name by showing her a tape of them having sex.
Scott tried to sabotage Becca's blooming romance with Leo duPres by setting up a website called "" where people could place bets on when Becca was going to loose her virginity. He put the site in Leo's name. Greenlee and Leo partnered to keep Becca and Scott apart, eventually falling in love themselves.
Scott was admitted to NYU's film school, and decided it was time to start his life anew, away from the lies and schemes of his hometown.

March went on to star as One Life to Live's Nash until 2008. He made it known after being written out that he was open to a return to All My Children.

If this is life in Pine Valley, is Scott sure he's ready to come home?
For a full look in Scott's life, check out his QUICK GUIDE entry.

CASTING NEWS - Liza Colby Returns, recast!!!

Actress Jamie Lunar has been recast as Liza Colby, TV Guide reports. With many credits to her name, most probably remember her as Lexi from Melrose Place. She is set to appear sometime in late April or early May and will return to Pine Valley with a new profession, lawyer, and reclaim her daughter Colby. Where has Liza been all this time? Well we'll find out and we'll also find out that she's secretly working for someone in Pine Valley! The role was previously played by soap legend Marcy Walker from 1981 -1984, and again from 1995-2004.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of March 15!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted and the action never slows down in Pine Valley. One non couple has sex. JR shows Amanda the curb. David is getting antsy. Zach is down and out. And Annie starts to face her demons.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

CASTING NEWS - Meredith Patterson Takes Recurring Role!

Meredith Patterson has taken on the recurring role of Francesca, Zach's manager at the casino. She has already began airing and will continue for the forseeable future. Meredith has various TV and film credits, including Boston Legal and in The Princess Diaries II. She's also appeared on Broadway in productions of White Christmas and 42nd Street Revival, among others.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photo and Coverage of ABC Broadway Cares Event!!!

PVB friend, photographer Linda Lenzi has once again come through with a gorgeous array of photos from Monday evenings ABC Daytime Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS event! Be sure to check out all her photos at!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CASTING NEWS - Thorsten Kaye to stay!

Things were getting hairy, and scary for Zach fans. Word came down that contract negotiations between him and AMC had stalled. But I am pleased to announce (via information on his official website) that Thorsten Kaye has decided to stick with AMC! The length of time has not yet been released.

CASTING NEWS - Scott Chandler Returns to Pine Valley!

Scott Chandler is returning to Pine Valley on April 9, this time played by actor Adam Mayfield. Last played by Forbes March (who went on to play Nash on OLTL), the character left back in 2000 to finish his studies at NYU. Stuart's adopted son is sure to spell more airtime for Stuart and hopefully Marian. Mayfield has previously been seen on the shows Boston Public and The Hughleys. Who do you suppose Scott's Pine Valley love interest will be.... Amanda? Randi? hmmm

Monday, March 9, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

TVGuide Canada's Nelson Branco posted a wishful casting blurb that I think we can all get behind:
Courting the Cortlandts
Like the rest of the country, AMC’s Cortlandts are dealing with financial woes. This week, Pine Valley’s former first family learn they’re completely broke. With Opal receiving increasing screen time, and her son, Petey, stealing the hearts of fans, now would be the perfect time to re-introduce Bobby Warner, played most memorably by the very chill Brian Gaskill (ex-Dylan, GL; ex-Rafe, Port Charles; ex-Oscar, B&B). Since Gaskill is in between gigs, now would be the perfect time to add a thirty-something hunk to the canvas and cement the Cortlandts as renewable resource. It wouldn’t hurt to give Pete a male role model, because as we all know, Adam Chandler isn’t going to win stand-in father of the year anytime soon.

Gaskill had this to say about Branco's Op-Ed:
"Yeah, that was a nice when I saw that [the casting couch]... who knows? I am always open to a return."
Let's hope the writers get a hint and bring more Cortlandts home. Dobermans and all.

Kelli Giddish on Life on Mars!!!

Kelli Giddish (ex-Di) will be guest starring on the March 11 episode of Life on Mars. It airs at 10 pm EST. on Wednesday night. The ABC drama has recently been canceled but the series will find closure before it's off the air.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of March 9!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted! Things sure never slow down in Pine Valley! One mogul leaves town and another goes broke!! One couple breaks up and another makes love!! Amanda's secret comes out and David couldn't be more pleased!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Bevvy of Birthdays!!!

March 5 is big on AMC birthdays! Celebrating his 81st birthday today, is Ray MacDonnell. AMC mainstay Joe Martin hasn't had much airtime lately, but I always enjoy it when he is on screen.

Also today, TC Warner celebrates her 32nd birthday. AMC's former Kelsey has been busy as bee lately! She just completed her MBA and the book she co-wrote, Now Silence, is available on

And last but by no means least, Bill Timoney celebrates his 51st birthday today! Catch up with AMC's loveable banker, Alfred Vanderpool in his in depth interview with the PVB!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations!

Even though there is no broadcast location yet for the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, the show will go on (come on Soapnet!!! Step up to the plate here!!!) Here are the AMC pre-nominations this year:

Outstanding Lead Actress: Bobbie Eakes (Krystal) and Debbi Morgan (Angie)

Outstanding Lead Actor: Darnell Williams (Jesse) and Thorsten Kaye (Zach)
Outstanding Supporting Actress: Alicia Minshew (Kendall) and Melissa Claire Egan (Annie)
Outstanding Supporting Actor: Vincent Irizarry (David) and Jacob Young (JR)
Outstanding Younger Actress: Brianne Moncrief (Colby) and Shannon Kane (Natalia)
Outstanding Younger Actor: Daniel Kennedy (Pete) and Cornelius Smith, Jr. (Frankie)

Please remember, these are pre-nominations. The actual nominations will be announced in late April. To get a full list of pre-noms for all the soaps, go to the Daytime Emmy Awards official site (then click Rulebook/Template)

Soap Stars on tour!!!

Be sure to check out the PVB About Town page. There are TONS of new star appearances listed and you may be surprised to find they are in your area! The Soap Opera Mania dates are now listed, as well as Walt Willey on tour and much much more.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cady McClain returns to ATWT!!!

Cady McClain (ex-Dixie) will be returning to ATWT in late May, in the role of Rosanna. She left the show in January of 2008. Dixie met her demise back in 2007 on AMC when she ingested poisoned pancakes that were meant for Babe. She appeared as a ghost for a short time in 2008 to help Tad reunite with their daughter Kate.

Happy Birthday Darnell Williams!!!

Happy birthday wishes go out to Darnell Williams! He celebrates his 54th birthday today!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of March 2!!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted. It's another action packed week in Pine Valley as Amanda hits rock bottom, JR falls off the wagon, someone meets with a terrible accident, one couple gets married, and Ryan and Kendall grow closer!!!

Happy Birthday Richard Shoberg and Denise Vasi!!!

We celebrate two more birthdays today! Richard Shoberg (ex-Tom) celebrates his 59th birthday today! And if you haven't read the PVB's recent interview with Richard, please check it out here!

Also celebrating a birthday today, Denise Vasi (Randi) celebrates her 28th!