Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spoilers for the Week of January 23!!

This weeks spoilers are up!  Secrets come out!!  Cara reveals her past to Jake and Tad while Asher finds out a big secret.  Brot and Natalia go public and Jack is concerned about the growing closeness between Caleb and Erica.  Annie is koo koo and soon everyone will know it.  And Damon leaves town (Finn Wittrock's last airdate is January 28).  And in case you haven't done it yet be sure to enter the latest PVB giveaway!! 


Little Libby said...

Just how lame is this UC Davis acceptance "twist." Just can't stand this whole "do over."

kanisha said...

Has anyone else noticed that ex-Bailey is on MTV's Skins? She is playing a teenage lesbian party girl.