Thursday, November 19, 2009

Behind the Scenes with Mark and Kelly!!!

Tune into Live with Regis and Kelly on Friday, November 20!! Mark Consuelos (Mateo) and Kelly Ripa (Hayley) will take us behind the scenes for the taping of the 40th Anniversary show and their first return to AMC since leaving back in 2002. For more info on the anniversary show, check out the PVB's previous story. Live is syndicated, check local listings for time and channel.

1 comment:

Cathie said...

I set my dvr so I wouldn't miss it. It was a little "inside" but I still enjoyed it.

But as "everyone is here" the Jan. 4 and 5 episodes will be, it will also be a bit of a downer because just as suddenly, they will all be gone.

MAYBE things will change?? The devil is gone!