Monday, November 23, 2009

COMMENTARY: The Destruction of Aidan Devane

This commentary contains spoilers for this weeks shows.

As the news hit last week that Head Destroyer, Charles Pratt Jr. had been shown the door, a collective sigh was heard all around the Pine Valley universe. The poster child for all that is wrong with AMC has finally been given the boot. Thanksgiving came early for Pine Valley fans! It makes me feel hopeful for the future of this show that I love.

But, until that new day dawns, we still have his final destruction to deal with. Even if his ouster was immediate, that leaves us with roughly 3-4 weeks of his work yet
to air. And in there is the destruction of Jake and Amanda. The destruction of Aidan. The destruction (again) of Zach and Kendall. And too many other minor atrocities to get into. From my own point of view, I would say the most heinous of these crimes is the destruction of Aidan.

Why? Because everything Aidan has done of late is completely out of his character. Aidan has always been a stand up guy, on the side of good whether that good was only in his eyes. The things he's done have always been understandable, or at the very most a little questionable. Like when he went to stay at Oak Haven to keep an eye on Annie. He loved Annie and he did end up saving her from the evil that was Dr. Sinclair. But all his plotting to get Kendall? We're supposed to believe that Aidan suddenly realized he never stopped loving Kendall? That his love and marriage to Greenlee was nothing? That his love and protection of Annie was a pit stop on his way back to Kendall? Seriously? And being the cool special ops guy that he is, he has all kinds of things at his disposal to help him with his ultimate goal.... living
happily ever after with Kendall. HUH?

Aidan easily stole a laptop out of a police car that had one of those newfangled batteries that never runs out of power so that Kendall and Zach and communicate with each other. Apparently the cop computer wasn't equipped with a GPS, as you'd think they would be. He's got a friend who runs a boarding house who has no other tenants, conveniently, so he and Kendall can hide out there indefinitely. Said bordering house friend has all kinds of trick up her own tattooed sleeve. She knows how to intercept outgoing and incoming messages between Zach and Kendall so she and Aidan can rewrite their notes to each other. She also can get him, without any effort at all, mind altering drugs that make Kendall a horny nutball who keeps demanding Aidan kiss her but she keeps calling him Zach. And somehow Aidan was able to not only find the Kendall double that Zach hired to go to prison for her, but was able to bring her to the boarding house hang out and have her pose as Kendall in the heat of a passionate embrace with Aidan just in time for Zach to see them. A) How did Aidan know Zach would be peaking in the window at that exact time? And B) How the heck did he find FauxKendall?? I'm really perplexed by all of this.

The holes are huge and gaping and as Opal says, I can't wrap my hairdo around any
of it. That brings me to the question.. how can this be fixed? It's been suggested, by many, that with Pratt's ouster, the only real way to right all the wrongs is to start at the tornado and make it all a very bad dream, ala Dallas. And you know what, I'm down with that! In fact, I think it's a great idea. Think of it.... let's say Tad gets bashed in the head by a door, again, like he did in the last big tornado. While he's in a coma, he has all these really insane dreams about people he knows. He dreams that Babe is dead and that JR ends up marrying her never before heard of twin sister. He dreams that Kendall is injured during the tornado and goes into a coma and needs a heart transplant. He dreams that Josh goes insane, embezzles money from Zach and Zach kills him so Kendall can have his heart. He dreams Adam kills Stuart. He dreams Greenlee "dies" and dreams that David hides her away to aid her recovery. He dreams Aidan never stopped loving Kendall. He dreams Bianca found true love who thinks she might like dudes and kisses Zach, therefore nullifying Bianca and Reese's happy marriage. He dreams he himself is shot in the head. He dreams Jesse covered up a murder that he thinks his daughter in law committed. He dreams Brooke and Jack never disappeared from Pine Valley. Think about it. Tad's dream can wake us all up for this nightmare!


Anonymous said...

What a perfect way out of this horrendous situation that Pratt has left the show in. I could go for this. I didn't like Bobby's dream, but hey, I got over it and this would be the perfect solution to bring AMC back to where it was. You are so right about Adian. He is so out of character it disgusts me. But on the bright side, Pratt is finally gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish. It might take some time to get the show back on the straight and narrow but this is a huge first step. Please of please send this dream idea of yours in to Agnes Nixon :)

Little Libby said...

From your pen to Fron's ear! Yep! No problem with a dream. If we can have Josh "un-aborted", then a dream of the past works for me.

Kathy said...

Yes Little Libby! That would be even better, having Josh un-unaborted. That's is going back a bit far though. Way farther than the tornado. I really hated that whole thing. We have McTavish to thank for that huge blunder.

Sonja said...

The dream idea is a great one. I fear it might be too much to hope for. I'm not sure how they're going to get out of all this mess, but I guess that most of the characters he's currently destroying are characters (or the actors at least) who aren't making the move to LA. They can just continue to be pod people and then run off to their home planet. But I'd prefer the dream idea. :)

Lois said...

That is a fantastic idea!

Teebabe said...

I too would forgive the new writers if they went the dream route. I would love to see Jack & Erica waking up together, Tad & Dixie waking up together and Zach & Kendall waking up together, and each saying "What a bizarre dream" This way AMC can start with a clean slate.

Sandra said...

a dream would be a great way to rid the show of everything that partt has writen.

jojo said...

What an ingenious way out of one of the worst chapters in Pine Valley history..."it was just a dream, a very, very bad dream" !!! Please don't tell me that Aidan is leaving. I also heard that Slater is leaving too, is this true?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe most of the storylines they are throwing at us these days. Aidan is behaving like he has no scruples at all. Also the Amanda, Jake, David fiasco is ridiculous. Nobody would agree to this ridiculous arrangement. And nobody, not the two good doctors involved or anybody else has ever tested Trevor to prove paternity. Are they kidding? Amanda would go through all this without making sure David is the father and not JR? ridiculous.