Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FLASHBACK: May 19, 2004

Six years ago today, Ryan and Greenlee entered into marriage that they called a business deal. Kendall and Ryan were on the outs and so were Kendall and Greenlee after Greenlee exposed Kendall's fake pregnancy in court. Kendall, trying to protect Bianca, had been getting help from Ryan by faking a pregnancy to throw everyone off Bianca's track. It was really Bianca who was pregnant after being raped by Kendall's husband, Michael Cambias.

Kendall was not absolutely positive she could trust Ryan, even though he went above and beyond for her, but her feelings for him were still there. So when Ryan and Greenlee rekindled their friendship, Kendall was not happy and she wanted to get Greenlee out of FUSION. Ryan to the rescue! Being Cambias heir, Ryan went to Greenlee with a proposal. If they marry, she will then have controlling interest in FUSION because Cambias now had controlling interest. Greenlee, who had been falling in love with Ryan, happily accepted!

On a beautiful spring day, Ryan and Greenlee were set to marry at a castle. It was a perfect fairy tale... until Kendall showed up in a wedding gown! Kendall decided she was going to marry Ryan, not Greenlee so she locked Greenlee in the turret of the castle and made her way to Ryan, asking him for forgiveness and telling him that she had already spoken to Greenlee and that Greenlee was ready to back out if Ryan truly wanted to marry Kendall instead. Ryan was actually in love with Kendall and believing that Greenlee was OK with the change, he agreed to marry Kendall instead and the two danced together before the said their vows.

Ahh but Kendall's plans were about to be ruined! Having brought Simone with her, she sent Simone off to call the pilot so they could leave before Ryan and
Greenlee got married. At least, that's what devious Kendall told Simone! But Simone heard Greenlee's screams from the turret and after much convincing, Greenlee finally got her to believe what Kendall was really up to! So they raced to the courtyard where the wedding was to take place. When Ryan heard what really happened to Greenlee, he was furious! Oblivious Kendall thought she was still going to marry Ryan so when Ryan told the Reverend it was Greenlee who he was marrying, Kendall threw a fit and attacked Greenlee!

As the women fought, Simone and Ryan tried to break them up. But it wasn't until they all fell into a pool that things got a point where Ryan could actually break them up. He grabbed Greenlee and carried her out of the pool, leaving Kendall there in shock that he had actually chosen Greenlee over her.

Simone took a dejected and wet Kendall home. Full of disbelieve about what happened, Simone tried to be comforting and listen as Kendall tried to come to grips with what she had done. Simone gave her these words of wisdom on how to get past it all, "Time and therapy, girlfriend. Time and therapy."

Ryan took Greenlee back to the turret to dry off and they discussed all that happened. Realizing they still wanted to get married, they headed back down to the courtyard after drying off and changing clothes. Luckily Greenlee brought a white halter top with her so she could marry in white! After Ryan found Reverend Lovejoy, the pair said their "I do's" But living happily ever after was not in the cards and another flashback, for another day!


Anonymous said...

Has it been 6 years already!? Wow! I remember these scenes like it was yesterday.

Keith said...

When the show was great. I miss it, hard to believe Cambius and everything was 6 years ago. Awesome Flashback!