Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big Birthday Day!

March 5 is big on AMC birthdays! Celebrating his 83rd birthday today, is Ray MacDonnell.  AMC's Joe Martin will be back in Pine Valley this coming week!.

Also today, newlywed TC Warner celebrates her 34th birthday!!


And last but by no means least, Bill Timoney celebrates his 53rd birthday today!


Little Libby said...

I'm sure that Dr. Joe will only be on screen a few minutes and his dialogue will be: "Congratulations, Tad and nice to meet you Cara," but I'm so happy that he'll be back even for a short visit.

Now, TPTB: please find a way for Adam to be lured back from the East Coast for a LONG stay and please, bring Brook with him. Thank you.

David said...

I hope that Joe doesn't say "Nice to meet you Cara", since she was married to Joe's other son Jake!