Friday, June 24, 2011

CASTING NEWS: Verla Grubbs Returns!!

Carol Burnett is bringing Verla Grubbs back to Pine Valley!!  As (the late great) Langley Wallingford's daughter, Verla has visited Pine Valley a few times through the years.  She returns in September for a few shows. Carol is probably the most famous AMC fan there is and she's always been very local about her love for the folks of Pine Valley.   Can't wait to see her again!


Anonymous said...

How cool!!

Wish Carol would vocalize her love of AMC to some network or other who appreciates the value of a great long-running soap opera. It should NOT HAVE BEEN CANCELLED (and for 'The Chew'?? excuse me!) Cheapskates over at ABC.

Bellesouth said...

That's so awesome. The guys at AMC are really pulling out all the stops to prepare for the farewell.