Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Interview with Jacob Young!!

Check out the new interview Michael Fairman has with Jacob Young (ex-JR).  Jacob is very candid and voices a lot of the same concerns I know many AMC fans have (myself included) and discusses the show finale.  Click HERE for the On Air/On Soaps interview.


Nathan said...

I'm going to miss Junior. His storyline where he refused to take responsibility to putting Kendall in the coma was what hooked me on AMC a few years back. Since then, he was my favorite (moved to 1b when MCE took off with their pairing).

I don't have much desire to watch B&B but I'm glad the guy is still working. I keep waiting for the day that Y&R announces Ricky Paull Goldin is going to play a not-quite-dead Brad.

sonja said...

I feel confused about Fairman's comment that "Right now, they don’t know who is going to be producing and writing the show …" I thought that PP had signed on Lorraine Broderick as the head writer and Julie Hanan Carruthers quite a while ago.