Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Close Call for Susan on DWTS!!!!

It was almost Susan's last dance as she found herself in the bottom two last night. But in the end Toni Braxton got the ax and Susan will dance another day! Susan's Hustle was technically all it should be, but she still falls back into a very tentative vibe. Let it all out Susan and bring Erica back to the dance floor!!

Call me crazy but to have Toni get the ax over Cloris Leachman seems like a big injustice. Cloris's entertainment value ended after the first day for this viewer, and the schtick has worn out it's welcome. It's time to send Cloris packing and let the real contenders duke it out!

Don't forget to vote for Susan and Tony at (800) VOTE 4 11!!!

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