Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Susan's Mambo Shines!!

Although close to the chopping block again, Susan has made it past week seven of Dancing with the Stars. One thing did confuse me during the results show last night though. Host Tom Bergeron said that although the two couples were in danger of being eliminated, he said it didn't necessarily mean they were both in the bottom two. So if Susan wasn't in the bottom two, why not put the couple that was in the bottom other than Corky and Cloris on the chopping block instead of Susan?? I didn't get that.

Susan got raves from Carrie Ann and guest judge Michael Flatley for her Mambo. Bruno wasn't as complimentary but he still scored her well. It was during the "old skool hip hop" dance number that Susan stumbled quite a bit. I give her a lot of credit for going out and doing it. Cloris just stood on the stage and posed. It was well past Cloris's time to be eliminated and thankfully she was.

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Peaceole said...

I caught that same comment Tom made and honestly I did not appreciate it because it was obvious this was done for show. Which means they most likely thought Susan and Cloris were at war or she was close to leaving. They keep doing that to her. We need to vote like there is no tomorrow to keep her in. I have my suspicious anyway on those "phone" votes. I find it hard to believe Cloris made it this long.

But lets get out there and vote vote vote! Go Susan!