Friday, November 14, 2008

McKenzie Westmore Joins AMC!!!

alum, McKenzie Westmore will be joining the cast of AMC as Dr. Sinclair, Annie's psychiatrist. She begins airing on December 12. Looks like Annie is Oak Haven bound! I wonder if she'll run into Janet from Another Planet while she's there?


Carol said...

Does that mean Annie will be redeemed? I just hope she's better than Ryan's shrink was!

Peaceole said...

So how in the world is Annie and Aiden going to be redeemed? I found it interesting how Aiden pointed out to Greenlee that she kidnapped Kendall's baby.

Tiani said...

McKenzie Westmore is a great addition to AMC.

Nathan said...

Now that you mention Janet, I can see them making Annie into the new Janet. She'll be doing what she thinks is right, but that doesn't mean it actually IS right.

I look forward to this new female on the show. I didn't watch Passions but she seemingly got good praise for her part on it.