Sunday, November 30, 2008

Soap Stars Take Pay Cut!

According to an article in Advertising Age magazine, AMC stars have all taken a hit to their salaries because of the failing automotive industry! What's the connection? Advertising dollars of course. With more and more local car dealers pulling their ads from television, in particular during soaps, the shows lose more and more money, causing these pay cuts. It's happening across the board at AMC and all the other soaps as well. The biggest stars at AMC are accepting these cuts, and that's good news to AMC viewers. In the wake of more and more budget cuts to soaps, Days of Our Lives let go of two of their top stars (Diedre Hall and Drake Hogestyn). Can you imagine AMC without Susan Lucci (Erica) or David Canary (Adam/Stuart) or Michael E. Knight (Tad)? I don't want to imagine it so I'm happy that our AMC stars are sticking with the show and the genre as a whole. LONG LIVE SOAPS!!!!

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rebecca said...

I'm glad they realize a cut salary is still a salary. Cant imagine PV without Erica, Adam and Tad