Thursday, November 6, 2008

Meet Brot!

Tomorrow, November 7, JR Martinez will make his AMC debut as Taylor's presumed dead fiancee, Brot Monroe. The story background is that Taylor believed Brot was killed in Iraq and he chose to let her continue believing it because of the extent of his injuries.

Martinez, a real life Iraq War veteran, was injured in Iraq in 2003 when the vehicle he was driving hit a landmine. He sustained severe burns to 40 percent of his body, spending 34 months in the hospital and undergoing 32 surgeries. He is now a national spokesman for the Coalition of Salute American's Heroes.

On today's show, AMC will feature other real life Iraq War veterans telling their own unscripted stories. It reminds me of the way AMC featured real life transgenders telling their stories, unscripted, to Zoe (Jeffrey Carlson).

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luvmedwn said...

Can someone please tell Brot that he has a fan who is just so hooked to him and think he is very attractive..