Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Moving Commentary

So the news is out. Now we know who stays and who goes. I can honestly say there were really no surprises. There was definitely relief, but not many surprises. My worst fear was that longtime New Yorkers Susan Lucci, David Canary and Michael E. Knight would not be making the trip out west. Can you even imagine a Pine Valley without Erica, Adam or Tad? OK, to be fair we have experienced Pine Valley without Tad before, but really, I'd rather not.

I wasn't even surprised by the news that Ray MacDonnell would be retiring as Joe Martin. He isn't on enough to warrant uprooting his life and making that move. Hopefully he'll appear from time to time because it certainly would be sad to never see him again.

No I take back. I was surprised by one thing. Stephanie
Gatschet will remain on the show as Madison. I'm actually happy about this because I find the character strangely fascinating. But once she's found out to be the killer and doesn't have the Hubbard's to kick around anymore, what kind of story will she get? I guess we'll find out.

Which brings me to the Hubbard's.
And I can't even begin to express my joy that the they will remain in Pine Valley!! I'm an Angie and Jesse lover from way back and I'm overjoyed to have them back and staying. Just think of how many crimes Jesse can solve in the future. I mean the ones he didn't commit himself! Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are exquisite.

I'm thrilled that JR Martinez and Shannon Kane are coming along for the ride. Brot and Natalia are the new couple to watch for me.
They have a very easy chemistry and the love/hate thing they have going on right now works well for them. And of course, some of my other faves are coming along too... Vincent Irizarry as Deviously Devilishly Handsome David Hayward. Seriously, if Dr. Dave wasn't staying in Pine Valley, who would save all their lives dammit! Ricky Paull Goldin has become my very favorite incarnation of Jake Martin. Ricky has such an easy acting quality that I forget he's even acting! He has chemistry with everyone. I'm also very happy that Bobbie Eakes is staying with the AMC and look forward to what is next for Krystal. Quite frankly, I'm just happy all around with the outcome that could have been so much worse.

But the other side of the coin is sadness at who we will be losing. Aiden Turner has been my favorite AMC eye candy for some time now. It's unfortunate that he has been released from the show, someone who has always given his all especially when he was never given great storylines. Loyalty like that is to be rewarded, not discarded.

I hate that we are losing Thorsten Kaye (Zach) but it really comes as no surprise given his longtime companion and mother of his children will remain in NYC. And while Alicia Minshew (Kendall) will be on maternity leave while the move is happening, how long she will return for afterwards is yet unclear. Right now she will air into December, and will return after her maternity leave. But will she only be returning to tie up loose ends and finish story?

It's unfortunate that TPTB could never figure out what to do with someone as talented as Beth Ehlers (Taylor). Her romance with Jake fizzled. Her relationship with Brot ended. Her budding romance with Tad stopped before it even began and that was something I was all ready to get behind and root for. And then there's
Colby. I had a little trouble warming up to Brianne Moncrief at first. Replacing Ambyr Childers (ex-Colby) seemed so unnecessary. We got to watch that girl go from spoiled brat to mature young lady. And then BOOM, she was replaced. But I did warm up to her. And I loved her relationship with Pete. Which brings me to Pete. Recurring cast was not asked to make the move. But presumably, they can be asked to do a show at any time. In essence, that is what recurring means. So let's just not say right now that Jill Larson (Opal) and Daniel Kennedy (Pete) won't be back. Am I living in denial? Maybe. But I can't wrap my hairdo around never having Opal on again!

And although I'm sad to learn that Chrishell Stause has decided not to remain on contract with the show as Amanda once she moves to LA, this also wasn't a surprise. She announced back in June that she would only be staying until the end of the year. I love her and Jake, well not lately since Amanda has decided David isn't so bad after all and seems to be falling right into his web. But it is what it is. I
knew she was going and the move didn't change that. She stated she would like to remain on recurring, and hopefully that will work out for her.

I think it's a fair guess that the children of the cast will all be recast. This isn't new and happens quite frequently as kids are aged up. But out of all the kids, it will definitely be sad to lose, if indeed we do, Lucy Merriam. That child has brought Emma to life and given the material she has to work with, has been quite impressive besides being cute as a dickens!

All in all, I'm happy that my doom and gloom outlook for AMC's future is being proven premature.
So far anyway... come on, I have to remain partly gloomy, it's who I am!

So how do you feel about the move now?

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Thom said...

I'm very very sad to read that Amanda wont be staying on. I was so hoping with the move to LA she would stay on. Her and Jake are just awesome. Zach...well I really like him, but I can understand and the way that bitchy Kendall is being he has every excuse to dig out on her. Aidan...what a loss. I'm glad with you about Madison. She's a spit fire and I like her. What saddens me the most is that Petey and Opal might not be back. So sad. Pete is so good and they need to keep him at all costs. I'm so with you and the Hubbards. Since they first started on AMC I've always liked them. Excellent post my friend. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. One of the biggest things that AMC does, it's like with Taylor...they start her off excellent and then ruin her character. Sad...but a true fact :) Aloha

Little Libby said...

Really glad to see that J. R. Martinez (Brot) is moving with them. He's a great addition (even if he isn't a "professional" actor.)