Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of September 14!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted! Erica and Ryan's fundraiser gets underway. There's lots of plotting, a drugging (and David doesn't do it!), accusations and one couple even manages to make love.

I'll be out of town next weekend so spoilers will not be posted. I'll be back in action for the week of Sept. 28!!!


It's me! said...

That picture of Erica with her arm on Ryan? Youch! She's in fabulous shape, but that picture makes her hand look clawlike.

ChrisM said...

Oh my god, it does look like a claw. That's creepy.

Little Libby said...

If we shake up all the women in Pine Valley, do you think we can get their brains to function?

sandman said...

The more people accuse Annie or try to trick her into confessing about killing Stewart the more I'm sure that she didn't do it.

To my mind there's only two people that could have done it and that's Emma or Adam.

Little Libby said...

And I don't think Emma could shoot the gun and cover her ears at the same time. "They" said the crime would be solved by Labor Day - what year? They just drag things on for so long that you loose interest.

But please - give us a break from "The Whining Kendall Show," please!!!!!!!!!!

sandman said...

Yes Kendal is supposed to be focusing on her innoccence not jealously stalking Liza.

Who else it tired of Ryan and his vendetta against Annie. Every time we see him he talks about her and how he's going to punish her.

How dumb do the people of Pine Valley think Annnie is that they can get her to confess by trying to trick her into confessing.

Hopefully this story will be resolved soon at least by Halloween at the earliest.

Cathie said...

You guys sure say a lot of the same things I've been thinking (and, I guess, saying). But, my favorite comment comes from sandman.. yes, let's get this over with! From what I've read, however, this is not likely.

Wondering where this week's spoilers are!

Kathy said...

Hey Cathie :) I was out of town and just now got back. I'll have new spoilers this coming weekend! THANKS!

(I did post that I wouldn't be around though!)