Monday, September 14, 2009

Non AMC Post - True Blood Season Finale!!

A lot of my PVB friends already know this about me, but in case you don't, I'm completely and totally obsessed with the HBO series, True Blood. Last season I loved the show. And then during the hiatus, I read the books and completely fell in love. With nine months to wait until the next season begins, I'm already getting twitchy for my Eric fix!

My love of vamps goes way back... way back to 1978 when I got my first taste in the Stephen King novel, 'Salem's Lot. That was the beginning of my obsession so don't go thinking I'm a bandwagon jumper here! This is a long time love affair, with True Blood the latest visual obsession and the Black Dagger Brotherhood books the latest reading obsession.

On a whole, I thought this season of TB was exceptional, although the MaryAnn story did go on too long and she had far too much airtime for my liking. Having read all the books, I actually enjoy that they don't follow them too closely. I like not knowing everything that is going to happen
and getting some great surprises along the way (like Lafayette not being killed off in the first season!). The show always leaves me hungry for more.

With some loose ends tied up on last nights season finale, it also left open some new doors. MaryAnn is dead and according to series creator Alan Ball, she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead! Good news! The town is back to normal, relatively speaking anyway. But who took Bill? What is going to happen with Jessica and Hoyt? How will Jason live with killing Eggs? Why is the Queen having Eric have Lafayette sell V? And most importantly, how I am going to be able to stand waiting nine months to find out!!!

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