Saturday, August 7, 2010

Get to Know Trent Garrett!

The Daily Press, Hampton Roads, VA newspaper has an interview with AMC's newest cast member, Trent Garrett (Asher).  The model/turned actor debuts on AMC Friday, August 13 and will interact with Colby and Damon.  The question is, will he come between the young lovers?  I'd say that's a good bet!


David said...

I think that Asher will turn out to be Miguel, Adam's "lost" son. But since Caleb swears Adam stole Sonya from him, I'm suspecting AMC will do a switcheroo and make his Caleb's son, thus another Cortlandt for the show.

Lucien said...

TRENT GARRETT is a fine addition and a most handsome man of all the Soaps . hope his role in AMC Pine Valley develops greatly