Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sydney Penny Stars on Hallmark Original Tonight!

Tune into the Hallmark Channel tonight at 9:00 pm EST for The Wish ListSydney Penny (ex-Julia) stars as the sister of a woman (Jennifer Esposito) who decides she's tired of dating men who end up being far from Mr. Right so she makes a list of what she wants in a man.   You know, I could be very bitter about AMC killing off both halves of my favorite couple but I prefer to think that they are off somewhere together again, hidden and happy.  Long live Noah and Julia!

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David said...

I think they couls STILL bring Noah and Julia back from the dead. They could play that Noah faked his death so Julia could have a normal life, but then he found out that people other than Garrett Williams was still after him, and Julia's life was in danger so they had to fake Julia's death as well. Noah and Julia's return would not only bring much-needed "legacy" characters back to the show, but also add to the diversification of the show.