Friday, August 20, 2010

Michael B. Jordan to Another Hit Show!

Hot on the heels of a stellar, and I do mean STELLAR season on NBC's Friday Night Lights, the super hot Michael B. Jordan (ex-Reggie) has been cast on the NBC drama, Parenthood.  Michael will play a love interest for Sarah Ramos's character, Haddie.  Set to appear in two episodes at this time, if the romance blossoms, he could be signed on for more.  He will also return for the fifth season of Friday Night Lights.  And as an aside, if you don't watch Friday Night Lights, you should start.  It's one of the most amazing things on television.


tuckatangent said...

Omg! I'm so happy for Michael. I loved Reggie soo much. Parenthood is an awesome show, and he would fit in there great.

ivy said...

I loved him on Friday Night lights..and I'm glad he's on parenthood now too.

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