Friday, November 5, 2010

All My Children on Modern Family!

Did you catch it this week??


sonja said...

I did catch it. It was pretty funny. As I recall, the daughter says, "On my God, is that Jesse?" I think she might be a bit young to remember a character from the 1980s! Also, I wonder if they knew there was going to be a character named Sonia? If so, they didn't get her storyline right. But it was definitely fun. I always loved it when they had Days of Our Lives characters on Friends.

David said...

They just made up the Sonia character, so Haley would think her mom was leaving Phil for the younger pizzaboy! AMC's Jesse also got a shoutout on OLTL that day, when John McBain called PVPD to have Jesse go check the Pine Cone Motel for Cole and Starr!