Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Sydney Penny!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to one of my faves, Sydney Penny (ex-Julia).  Sydney has been keeping busy with her recent guest starring role on Drop Dead Diva and begins airing on Days on August 30.  She celebrates her 40th birthday today!  I'd be so happy if Dr. Haywardstein saved Julia!


Brian said...

If AMC got Cady back to play Dixie after poisoning her with pancakes, I think they can get back Sydney. I'd really hope for her to return, but I don't see why. She has NO current ties to Pine Valley. Her husband was killed and her entire family lives in California. Too bad though, I really liked her character the first time around.

liveforlove said...

If they bring her back they have to bring back Noah or its almost pointless. : ( They're my all time fav couple!