Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spoilers for the Week of August 7!!

This weeks SPOILERS are now posted!  And it's a Zach attack week!  Greenlee sees Zach, Ryan sees Zach, Kendall sees Zach!!!  Tad and Dixie are reunited, so what happens to Cara?  Amanda and her mother share some bonding time.  And what the heck is JR doing coming on to Madison??


Little Libby said...

Thanks, Kathy... I was getting edgy! Hope your eyes are feeling better. And the spoilers? WOW!

TINA said...

All I have to say is hands down to Kate Collins. She has always been entertaining. Shes such a brilliant actress. I only hope the other actors on the show look up to her. Her body movement/hands/facial expressions is on POINT! My only beef with the show is why didnt they show how she started the fire? There could have been a good action sequence with Janet, Annie, Marian, Erica and Dixie all running away together from Oak Haven out of a burning building. Let me tell you! Greens and Leo had me going. I thought he was really there. I really liked when Greens woke up in the same spot and walked over to the table and found Zach! That had me screaming at the TV. Amazing, Amazing story telling. AMC IS BACK! I still dont know if I will follow it online. So I hope it finds a home on cable.