Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Info on Soap Move to Internet

Maybe more info.  Who the heck knows.  DEADLINE.COM, the notorious site who broke the news that AMC and OLTL would be canceled before it was generally known, is now saying that Prospect Park is shopping the shows around to cable channels and getting some interest.  What does all this mean?  Who the heck knows anymore!  But I'd wager a guess that it means Prospect Park got in over their heads and didn't completely think through the extensive costs involved with delivering two soaps at the same quality they have now (which is what they promised to do).  Or maybe I'm just too cynical.  Stay tuned to the brand new soap... Where The Soaps Will Go for info as it comes in.


Buddy said...

Hi there,

Ravenbeauty was the first to report that AMC and OLTL were canceled -- months before it was announced. Just giving correct credit where it's due. I love your page and spoilers.

Kathy said...

I don't know who that is Buddy, I'm talking about announced in an official capacity.

Smooshiest said...

@Buddy: perhaps Ravenbeauty did say that AMC and OLTL were going to be cancelled, but she rarely has a source to back up what she says. Jamey Giddens, on the other hand, always can back up his sources, so I tend to believe what he says more.

sonja said...

As I recall, a whole bunch of people said that AMC and OLTL were going to be canceled, even a year or two before it happened. was the first to seem to have an actual source.

Whatever PP does, I'm behind them. Why? They're the only ones who can do it. And if they got in over their heads, well, they're trying to figure it out. I wish them all the best of luck doing it! I want my soap to go on!

Nathan said...

This might sound a bit out there, but part of me is wondering if this was all done on purpose. Wasn't it reported that ABC turned down other network's offers? So maybe Prospect Park was used as a go-between?

I mean, if JR can buy Cortlandt this way, doesn't that mean it happens in real life!!!