Saturday, September 6, 2008

AMC FLASHBACK!!! September 6, 1978

Ahh Erica, she hasn't changed much in all these years. Back in 1978, after a bad break up with Nick Davis, Erica took up with former pro football player, Tom Cudahy, with the hope of making Nick jealous. When Erica decided to marry Tom soon after they started seeing each other, she secretly hoped the idea of her marrying another would bring Nick to his sense. Erica was overjoyed when Nick phoned her the day of the wedding, thinking he would propose to her. But he didn't, he was merely calling to tell her that he was sorry he couldn't attend her wedding.

Erica's mother Mona tried to talk her headstrong daughter out of marrying someone she doesn't love, and vowed to stop the wedding herself if she had to. But in the end, she kept quiet and Erica and Tom wed in a beautiful traditional ceremony.

After they wed, the couple went on a romantic honeymoon to St. Croix. It was one of daytime's first ever location shoots outside of the US.

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