Thursday, September 25, 2008

Susan Survives First Week on DWTS!!!

It was a little scary there for awhile, especially with the first elimination looming and Susan and Tony still on the chopping block. She seemed nervous and stiff on that first dance, the Cha Cha Cha. They only scored a 15. I have to say, I was really put off by Carrie Ann's comment to Susan that first night that she looks frail and should gain a few pounds. Susan is who she is. She is a tiny woman. This isn't new. I thought that comment was truly uncalled for. In the end, comedian Jeffrey Ross was voted off. Unfortunately, that means that Edyta Sliwinska was also out. She was Cameron Mathison's (Ryan) partner when he competed on Dancing with the Stars last fall.

But then Susan shined on her Quick Step! What a difference a day makes. She was terrific! And her scores reflected that. This time the score for
Susan and Tony was 22!! The second elimination this week was Ted McGinley and newcomer to DWTS, Inna Brayer. Every week the competition will get tougher so don't forget to call in and vote! The number to vote for Susan and Tony is (800) VOTE-4-11

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