Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spoilers for the Week of September 8!!!

The spoilers for the week of September 8 are now posted! Oh my, what an action filled week we are having on AMC!

Be sure to click on the comments and tell us what you think about all that is happening in Pine Valley this week!


Anonymous said...

No offense to any woman who loses a child, but Annie doesn't deserve to have Ryan's baby after everything that she's done. I really do hope she gets jail time, and not like Erica Kane jail time, when we get to see her every other episode. I mean jail time, bye bye time. I liked Annie when nuGreens was on the canvas, but now I hate her. She deserves every bad thing done to her, I know Richie should have died, but Annie should pay for all the hurt she has caused people, even Richie. She had him locked up under false pretenses and that was wrong. She can drop off the canvas for all I care, and as far as Josh, AMC is making a huge mistake. He is fine!

Ms Deeve said...

Wow... what a week we have in store!! What I don't get is that comment about Frankie's going back or not... seems to me if he's been re-deployed he has no choice, but this is Pine Valley LOL. Thanks Kathy for all your hard work!!

Kathy said...

I so agree about Josh! I didn't like how he came onto the show. What's done is done, they can't undo an unabortion now! LOL But I will miss MyJoshy. What a cutie!

I didn't get that whole thing either Ms. Deeve!! How do you say "nah, I'm not going to go this time" when you get re-deployment papers!