Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Knight Rider Day!!!

Tune into NBC tonight at 8:00 pm EST for the season premiere of Knight Rider!! The series stars former AMC hottie, Justin Bruening in the lead role of Mike Tracer, the long lost son of Michael Knight formerly the lead character in the original Knight Rider. And just so we don't confuse the anything, because with these names, it's very easy to do... Michael Knight was played by David Hasselhoff. On AMC, Justin played Jamie Martin, Tad's son, who is portrayed by Michael E. Knight. Did I clear that up or confuse you more!?

Also today,
Justin Bruening celebrates his 29th birthday!


mileyfanmom said...

I think it is even funnier that Hasselhoff (Michael Knight) was the first husband of Catherine Hickland......the current wife of....Michael E Knight...(Tadd Martin)

simon said...

Knight Rider is a good show. All the episodes of this show are very interesting and i like to watch Knight Rider again and again.