Monday, February 16, 2009

Looking for Hope in a Past Uncertain

Earlier this year, TC Warner (ex-Kelsey Jefferson) released a novel, Now Silence.

Now Silence is a historical fiction account of life in Santa Fe, New Mexico, during World War II. The plots jumps between scenes in the United States and Nagasaki, Japan, where the second atomic bomb was dropped. Warner illuminates not only the bravery of the American soldiers abroad, but those they left behind.

Warner's story also juxtaposes the atrocities against American POWs in Japan with the Japanese internment camps created by Americans in reaction to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The story came about from Warner's own childhood experiences. She had lived in Japan with her father, before moving to Santa Fe. She quickly recognized how both cities had been affected by the war.

Warner is also working on a film adaptation of her book, to be shot on location in Santa Fe, where she still resides. While not working behind the camera, she is completing her MBA.

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