Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Editorial Posted!!!!

A brand new Editorial is now posted! This week I'm talking about the Bianca and Reese's wedding, Greenlee's death and more!


Little Libby said...

Great editorial. Couldn't agree with you more.

Kathy said...

Thanks Libby :)

sandman said...

Greenlee will back she's just been found by a hermit in the woods and she has amnesia.Thats what I figure what happened.

Peaceole said...

Oh I predict Greens will be back. Lets just wait till some none working no paycheck time goes by and she realizes steady income is not so bad. Then we will learn that she did survive and was wisked away by Leo. Yeah Leo will return too.

Little Libby said...

If Greenlee comes back, I hope it's the "old"/"new" Greenlee. AMC's plan to boost the ratings with Rebecca's return didn't work (for me at least) and they could have kept Sabine for whole lot less money, I imagine.

Why don't the "suits" let us run things?

By the way, folks, I ran into Jeff Branson at the airport here in Las Vegas. Seems he has a home and girlfriend here. He was very pleasant and nice to me. Glad he found a spot on "The Guiding Light."

Cathie said...

It sure makes it easier to watch a week of shows in an hour when I have so much to FF through now.. ANYTHING Ryan to start.. David and Krystal, Kendall is about to join that list.

I didn't care for the character of Reese until everyone else started to blame everything on her and treat her so badly.

I am tired of hearing what a genius this new headwriter is. I don't like the pace (more than once I've felt like I've missed a big chunk of show with people I still care about). Let's see some "love in the afternoon" and remember that "all my children" means characters who are either related to or have relationships to each other, not a wedding with guests who seemed to only be there since it was their turn to be in the studio!