Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ryan and Erica... what do you think??

They've been on The View together. AP wrote an article about them. But what do you think about the potential pairing of Ryan and Erica? Me? I'm not willing to write it off before I even see it played out. I've heard a lot of negatives and a few positives about this storyline. Most people seem to object to the fact that Ryan is Kendall's lover. But that never stopped anyone. Back in the '80's, Tad took Liza's mother Marian to bed and it was probably one of the best storylines ever. At least IMO it was. And Kendall herself was seeing Zach's son Ethan when she married Zach!

The age difference? Not an issue with me. I have more of an issue of where the Annie/Adam thing is going than with Erica and Ryan. And in fact, this isn't Erica's first foray into the land of younger men. Back in 1991, as head of cosmetics company Enchantment, she hired a young Charlie Brent as her "Man of Enchantment." Before too long he was enchanting the boss lady. It turned out to be quite a little scandal because Charlie was the son of one of Erica's former husband's, Phil Brent.

How do you feel about the upcoming Ryan/Erica story?

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Thom said...

All I want is Annie to become Queen of the Manor... crazy as she is it would be a hoot and some much needed comic relief on AMC - Thanks Tad but your a little too goofy

sa30906 said...

This is nasty. Mother and daughter doing the same man. Not what I want to see on fantasy TV. Enough of this happens in real life.

Kathy said...

To me it's no different than a woman doing a father and a son (Kendall with Ethan and then Zach). Or Kendall again, doing two brothers (Ryan and Jonathan). Geez Kendall really is whore! LMAO

momuvsea said...

People forget that Kendall did Zach's son AND his brother before getting around to Zach! The part that bothers me is Spike. Grandma doing Daddy is just too much for me.

Deana said...

Ewwwwwwwwww! I know soaps are supposed to be shocking but this is just gross! His son is her grandson!!!! Yuck!!!!!