Friday, June 12, 2009

Susan and Cameron on The View!!!

Susan Lucci and Cameron Mathison (Erica and Ryan) stop in on The View today and talk about their upcoming storyline.


Karen said...

Susan Lucci never dissappoints, she is always charming, hot, funny, and a little naughty, Love her!

Mykhal Jaems said...

I'm a huge fan of AMC.

I'm probably the only fan who hates Erica. I worked with a woman who reminds me of her. The world must revolve around them. They are the one and only voice of what's right, there is no other way to look at something.

And I've never liked Ryan either. I don't like his whisper voice, or his buggy eyes.

Sonja said...

Oh my god, they're going to do it. I'm actually quite excited now.

Little Libby said...

I actually can't think of a more disgusting and stupid story line. It seems the writers are determined to completely rework the "All" in "All My Children" to something so Jerry Springer that it insults me. That's my opinion.