Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of June 22!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted!! So what's the deal... is Annie really doing better or is she just as koo-koo nutty as before? Seems nutso to me! One couple calls it quits. Another is just starting to come together. And DA North's past with Randi is revealed. Plus, Amanda almost spills the beans and Liza gives "birth"!


Cathie said...

Okay, I know the "new writing style" is to speed through everything, but I think I must have lost something along the way..

Out of nowhere, Zach's father has this manuscript, and he swears he didn't kill Dixie, contacts Ryan who decides to ruin Zach/take over Cambias. He swears he didn't kill Dixie. Big (boring) story.

Flash forward to the attempts to kill Adam/Stuart's murder. Spoilers seem to suggest that Tad will eventually get back to looking for Dixie's murderer, but wondering why they are handling/not handling it this way..

Little Libby said...

Does the separation of Brot and Taylor mean we're going to loose one of the best things that have come to AMC in forever? Is this good-bye Brot?

Alison said...

Cant we have ONE happy couple on AMC???? You know, there are actually happy people in the world but never in Pine Valley!

Lets have some fun and happiness in Pine Valley for a change.

Too much murder and running around. Is that all the soap opera writers know how to write...murder and affairs???

Come on people!! Lets have some good times in Pine Valley for a change!!