Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flashback: Soap Opera Digest 1996

Long before Bailey and Damon came to Pine Valley, there was Kelsey Jefferson (TC Warner) and Bobby Warner (Brian Gaskill), two teenagers who became parents way too young. Just like baby Stuart Colby, Kelsey and Bobby put Sam up for adoption hoping that he would have the life that neither parent could provide (though Bobby had a trust fund and was heir to the Cortlandt Electronics fortune, and Kelsey came from a long line of doctors including her grandfather and father).

The December 6, 2009 issue of Soap Opera Digest had a flashback photo of the "engaged and underage," lovers. Warner took the opportunity to tell the PVB some of her memories from that storyline:
"Little Sammy was two twin girls (Meghan and Alison Tuma), and very happy little girls to say the least! It was very hard to capture a sad moment from the girls faces during the many phases of being passed from the Greys to me, and back to the Greys. Even when Kelsey would be listening to the walk-man and ignoring the child, they still were happy girls!

One time, when they were being passed back and forth at the airport scene when Kelsey fina
lly resided in giving Sammy back to the Greys and Bobby took Sam away - they cried! Each time they were in Brian's arms, they started to get cranky (they were tired that day... normally they were happy in Brian's arms).

If you remember in that scene, I wasn't holding the child. In the script, Kelsey was supposed to be holding the child. The girls cried each time in Brian's arms; we had to do our dialogue between cries.... That was tough! The Directors and Producers used the moment and went with it!
That scene helped win Warner a Soap Opera Digest Award, and garnered Eva LaRue (soon to be Maria Grey again) an Emmy Nomination for Best Supporting Actress for arguably the performance of her career so far.

For more on TC Warner and what she is up to now, join her Fan Club.

As for Kelsey, now that Scott Chandler (l. Daniel Cosgrove) is back in the Valley, wouldn't it be fun to see her come back and "claim" her "true love?"

Just saying.

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