Saturday, December 12, 2009

The View, Part V!!

No one crosses Canary!!! LOL

For details on seeing all 5 installments and the whole View dedicated to AMC, click here.

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TestaBlog said...

Gag! Under Doomberg, we've lost how many soaps? About 600 jobs in the entertainment industry have evaporated. Jobs that should have been covered by entertainment subsidy that is given to nighttime shows like Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty but not soaps.

Of course, equal blame should go to AFTRA for not bothering to fight for those shows. Where was the union when it came to fighting for subsidies for soaps? Nowhere according to's Nikki Fine.

After GL was canceled last year, shouldn't that have been a HUGE red flag?

Would those subsidies help to have maintained both AMC and ATWT in New York?