Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Picture This: Joey & Tad (1988)

Look what a difference twenty years can make!

Tad (Michael E. Knight, r.) certainly has not changed much, but check out little Joey, played by Michael Scalera for six years, longer than any other actor in the role.

Joey grew up in front of viewer's eyes, when all of a sudden at Thanksgiving 1988, the little boy grew up into a googly eyed teen played by Michael Brainard.

What is your favourite Joey/Tad moment?

I can tell you one thing, the Mikey Barlowe story definitely does not top my list.


Sonja said...

I have no idea who Joey is! I started watching AMC about 8 years ago, and I don't think this Joey character has even been mentioned since then! Who was he????

Laura Anne said...

Joey is now Jake. He randomly changed his name, but I am not sure how long ago.

AMCHistory said...

1996, Joey changes his name to Jake and slept with Liza before returning to PV a doctor.

Does anyone else find it funny, that all but three actors in a row who played Jake were named Michael (Scalera, Brainard, Lowry)?