Tuesday, July 27, 2010

COMMENTARY: It's All David's Fault

David, David, David.  He is getting himself into a heap of trouble these days, some his own doing, some not so much.  But the bottom line is, if TPTB keep pinning every single thing that goes wrong in Pine Valley on David, he will end up being written into that proverbial corner that is very hard to get out of.  

Paybacks a bitch David, and so am I!

Let's break it down shall we?  David DID hire someone to sabotage Erica's plane so she couldn't get back to Pine Valley and Greenlee could take control of FUSION.  He did this.  We know he did this.  There is no justification for David on this one.  Did he mean to almost kill Erica?  No, of course not.  He wanted the plane grounded.  He didn't want her to get on it and crash!  Remember, he saves lives dammit, he doesn't take them, even though he's not a doctor anymore.  Still, he did hire someone to mess with the plane.   It was sloppy, especially for David.  He thinks of every scenario usually but he didn't think that Erica would insist on getting on the plane with no maintenance check.  Is it is his fault that Erica demanded to fly home?  No.  But it is his fault that the plane was not fully functional.   But in the end, there is an actual crime here.

Then there is Angie.  A young boy came into the ER after falling off his bike.  Angie just happens to be an infectious disease specialist.  Remember how she came back to Pine Valley? It was because Greenlee and Frankie (then known as Quenton) had a disease that no one could figure out.  Her expertise was needed so Joe called her for help.   So for Angie to see the signs that something else was wrong with this boy, other than his fall works for me.  

Angie Angie Angie... oh nothing, I just like saying that

What doesn't work for me is that she would try to treat him without taking proper precautions (such as mask and gloves).  Time was a factor, but no amount of budget cuts (David's fault) should hinder a doctor from protecting themselves from possible infections.  
I save lives dammit!
Angie treated the boy, and then did not immediately wash and sterilize her hands, and ended up touching her eye and giving herself the infection the boy was carrying.  David's fault?  Come on!  That's a bit of a stretch.  Sure he cut the budget but are they really trying to tell me that nowhere in the hospital was there one rubber glove?   Hey, go next door to Walgreen's people!  They sell them there.  I have to make this very clear, I love Angie and Jesse.  But Angie's insistence that Jesse will be furious because of David's involvement in her illness is probably the most ridiculous thing since Marissa, JR, Scott and Annie all living under the same roof.  Don't get me started!  But I'm sure somehow, some way the fact that Adam divorced Annie, that JR slept with her, that Scott is in love with her, and that Marissa is a mealy mouthed waste of space are all David's fault.

If you give me fake drugs, I'll help you in court, or may be do you on a poker table, your choice.
And what Liza? She's getting placebos from David that she can slip to Damon instead of his ADHD meds.  Not the smartest move for David, but a typical one.  David and drugs go hand in hand.  And when Liza ultimately confesses to what she's been doing, who do you think Tad and Jesse will immediately blame.  David, of course!  David the mad scientist behind the Libidozone fiasco.  Hmmm come to think of it, maybe he's been slipping it to Annie and that would explain why she's such a Chandler whore.   David?  Is this a new crime to add to you growing laundry list?   Oh shoot, maybe I should shut up.  I wouldn't want to give TPTB any more ideas on how to destroy one of the most complex and interesting characters they've ever had.   

And last but certainly not least, we have Ryan. 

Ryan, you're such a douchebag.  Takes one to know one Davey boy.
An argument in the park.  David is pissed because Ryan made arrangements with Greenlee to meet in the park.  Sure it had to do with Emma losing her Cinderella dress and Greenlee replacing it, but David's paranoia where Ryan concerned put all kinds of meaning on this get together.  Ryan is not interested in another go round with David.  David pulls the patented PV male move and grabs Ryan's arm.  Dang, I thought they only arm grabbed women on this show!  David's set a new precedent!   Anyway, Ryan is all, "get your hands off me Dave" and the argument escalates.  But then Ryan starts to clutch his head.  
Why do I bother?
David, still a doctor at heart, can see something is very wrong and asks him, albeit in a rather snotty tone, what is wrong with him.   And before we know it, Ryan is down on the ground.  David has that brief few seconds of "should I help him" and then kneels down to do just that.   This is when Greenlee

It's a long road for David.  And now that Greenlee is on the outs with him, that leaves no one in his corner.  David's eventual downfall with no chance to come back will be that no one is in his corner.  That he has no one to love, and no one loves him. Don't destroy David!  Pine Valley needs him!  Don't forget David's vulnerabilities.  It's those things... his desire to be loved and have a family, children, that make David the complex and interesting character he is.  Once those factors are gone, he's nothing but a one note baddie and that usually ends with being buried alive in a park or hanging on a hook, frozen in a meat locker.

In the words of Tim Gunn, let's make it work!


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Great commentary!!!!

Steve said...

Whats up with Ericas new house? They only showed it 3 times? lol man o man. They should rename wildwind "Cortlandt Manor"

Keith said...

I agree!

NuttyAboutSoaps said...

Over the years, David & Greenlee were a fascinating "what if" type of couple for many viewers. We all thought that, if given a chance, these two passionate characters could really be fabulous together.

Sad to say, but this storyline has been so badly written that David & Greenlee are actually embarrassing to watch. There's no chemistry between them and they are killing what used to be a lovely friendship. I can't believe that I ever thought this pairing would be hot.

Bad, bad writers! LOL

Steve said...

We need another crossover story. The Bianca/Babe baby switch was EPIC!

Trevor said...

Anyone notice how David touches Greenlee? It creeps me out. He grabs her face and body like a domestic violence waiting to happen. It all seems so harmful. What's up with that?