Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday James Kiberd!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to James Kiberd!!!  AMC's dearly departed Uncle Porkchop celebrates his 61st birthday today. 


DStadtherr said...

Wow, 61 already! Where did the time go. I sure wish they'd bring "Trevor" back to AMC. I really liked his character. I think he could add a whole new twist.

david said...

I agree. I miss Uncle Porkchop, and I think Amanda needs some family in town. She's related to so many past characters (Hayley, Arlene, Trevor, Janet, Tim) that it's ridiculous she didnt have anyone be there for her wedding. I miss the glory days of Trevor and Natalie, they were fun. But I'll never forget how creeped out I was when Babe found Trevor's body in the freezer. I was creeped for weeks thinking about it!

JJ said...

Love me some Trevor..