Friday, July 30, 2010

All My New Children

There are a lot of kids on AMC... Trevor, Jenny, Kathy, AJ, Emma, Miranda, Gabrielle and soon Spike and Ian will be returning.  So who are all these kids?  Well here's what I can tell you.  Trevor is now being played by twin, Logan and Noah Ireland.  

Jenny is being played by Devon WoodsDevon has also been seen as Young Tara on Showtimes The United States of Tara.  

Kathy is being played by Dannika Northcott.  This young actress has a nice list of credits to her name, including recurring roles in ABC sitcom, In the Motherhood.

Miranda's new portrayer is Mackenzie Aladjem.  Mackenzie has appeared on Showtimes Nurse Jackie, as well as the now defunct soap, PassionsAerowyne J is the name of the new Gabrielle.

And the new Spike and Ian are.... Jake Vaughn as Spike and Britton Reeder as Ian.

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