Monday, December 6, 2010

CASTING NEWS: Finn Wittrock Leaving AMC!!

So which is it?  SOD is reporting that Finn Wittrock (Damon) has decided not to renew his contract and  ABC Soaps in Depth is reporting that he has been let go.  Either way, I can't say this comes as too big a surprise as his airtime kept dwindling and Colby is getting more and more interested in Asher.   I guess that means I'll never get my Tad/Hillary reunion!  And darnit!  He's leaving just when he got the haircut I've been waiting for!   Finn should continue airing into January. 


Little Libby said...

I'm actually sad to hear this. He had grown on me and seemed perfect against Tad. I only wish it was his decision. Asher hasn't caught on for me.

Lois said...

NO! It took me awhile but now I like him. I really hate Asher.

brooklynbird said...

They are idiots. Finn is a very good actor and SO good looking, makes me want to do a little cradle-robbing. They just kept writing his character down to nothingness.

It's absolutely the writers fault; if he were to stay, there could be some interesting plot twists, like a recreation of the guy/girl/girl's mother menage situation (Tad/Liza/Marian).

Brian said...

Such a mistake. He has much more on screen presence than Asher. He looked the part of Tad's son and had great chemistry with most of the cast including Liza. Really shocks me to hear this.

Nathan said...

They did try to recreate the Liza/Tad/Marian storyline this past summer and it seemed to be met with no interest. I can't really blame DK & DS dropping the character; he wasn't theirs to begin with.

Can I say that I'm a little surprised that people are outraged a Chuck Pratt creation is leaving the screen?

As for Asher, if they did a recast with a more established daytime guy (Brandon Buddy maybe), that might work.

Jmac63 said...

Maybe they'll re-cast the character.
They need to hold on to as many Martins as possible on the show.