Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rebecca Wins Skating with the Stars!!!!

After the shocking elimination of Jonny Mosley last week, it was truly anyone's game and nothing was certain.  But our girl prevailed and took home the trophy!   Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) won the first season (maybe the only season) of Skating with the Stars!  Her two biggest competitors throughout the season were Jonny and Brandon Michael Smith.  Brandon dropped out after a few weeks when he fell ill with a stomach virus.  So it looked like it was going to be a Rebecca/Jonny finale.  But underdog Bethany Frankel's fans saved her and on to the finale she went when Jonny and partner Brooke were eliminated.   From where I'm sitting, it was a no brainer of a outcome but after what happened to Jonny, a win for Rebecca was far from a sure thing even though she was by far the superior skater.  But win she did!!! Congratulations Rebecca and my hometown boy Fred Palascak. 

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