Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of December 12!!!

Spoilers up!  This week is the week of Cara.  She and Jake come face to face.  Tad gives her a warning.  And she and Jake both have flashbacks of their relationship.  Also this week... Annie lashes out, Jack wants to set the date, Madison has to make a decision and Greenlee and Erica go toe to toe!

Thanks to all of those who inquired about my dad.  He's doing much better, I'm happy to report :)   He won't be home for some time, but he looks good and feels much better. 

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Jeannette1005 said...

So happy to hear that your Dad is doing better. That's always the best news. As for our soup, BETCHA that the babies is Frankies and not Ryan's. That is why the doctor tells her she is 3 months along. She got pregnant the night David "allegedly" died.